Ban Wild Cat Hunters for Life


Target: Jake Albrecht, Chair, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and William G. Kane, Chair, Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Goal: Permanently revoke hunting licenses from hunters found guilty of breaking the law

Two hunting guides have been capturing and wounding mountain lions and bobcats, then bringing them across state lines to provide easy hunting for their clients. While these men have plead guilty to these counts and are awaiting sentencing, measures need to be taken so that they never have the ability to hunt again.

Christopher W. Loncarich and his lead assistant Nicholaus J. Rodgers have both plead guilty to felony conspiracy charges of transporting wildlife taken or possessed in violation of state laws. Primarily operating on the Western Colorado and Eastern Utah borders, they offer their clients six day hunt excursions in the Bookcliffs Mountains. Loncarich had previously been praised for providing his clients the ability to kill two cats within such a reasonable hunt schedule.

To make the hunt easier for clients, these men have been trapping bobcats and mountain lions, disabling the animal by shooting them in the leg or attaching a leghold trap, then releasing the cats just prior to the hunting excursion.

Both of these men have plead guilty to felony charges under a plea agreement and are awaiting sentencing. Normally conviction on such a felony can result in five years in prison or a maximum fine of $250,000. Since the men have been working within a plea agreement, it is doubtful they will receive maximum sentencing.

No matter what punishment these men receive, under no circumstances should they ever be allowed to hunt again. The wildlife commissions overseeing hunting licenses in the states in which they were operating need to immediately and permanently revoke any licensing issued to these men.


Dear Mr. Albrecht and Mr. Kane,

Christopher W. Loncarich and Nicholaus J. Rodgers have both plead guilty to The Lacey Act in conjunction with their actions of trapping and wounding bobcats and mountain lions only to release them for the benefit of their clients’ hunting excursions.

Their blatant disregard for your state laws and regulations related to hunting are obvious. This coupled with their abuse of wildlife for gain of profit shows they cannot be trusted to ever hunt in good faith within your jurisdiction again.

You must immediately and permanently revoke any licensing for hunts issued to these men. They have proven by their actions they do not deserve this consideration.


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Photo credit: ForestWander via Wikipedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    These bastards should have a leghold trap attached to their balls and be made to run so they can be pursued and shot….

    • Cecily Colloby, I love your idea! Sounds like a real plan to me. And the men who come here to hunt crippled animals are a bunch of whimpy POS! But they’ll go home and tell the biggest tale you ever heard about how they hunted down these dangerous animals. The men responsable for maiming these poor animals need to go to jail for a whlie to think about what they’ve done. All across America we have these canned huntswhere the animals are so tame they’ll walk right up to you but the Big Bad Hunters keep coming. acting like their so tough. It makes me sick to my stomache and the hunters killing these doped up or maimed animals should pay a large fine for killing them!

  2. Emily March says:

    A fine bunch of bloodthirsty cowards, like hunters everywhere… But this is particularly vicious!

  3. Holly prince says:

    Court system weak, we need vigilantes to deal with animal abusers, that would be real justice.

  4. KatWrangler says:

    A bunch of Real Men. They have to go out, injure an animal so it can be “hunted and killed” by other Real Men. Wow. Scumbags all the way.

    I still would like to see ALL these POSs put out into the wild with no weapons, and get to see how the true hunters do it. A win-win situation for animals, and humans 🙂

  5. Stan Benton says:

    These sleazes should rot in prison for many years (but I’m certain that won’t happen). But there should at least be some procedure to ensure that they cannot be granted hunting licenses in any state ever again.

  6. Let me hunt the hunters and see how they like it!!!!!!????!!!!!!


  8. Sickening, then they will claim self righteousness and think God put these beautiful animals on earth just for idiots to maim an hunt? Weak, sinister and unlawful. This is disgusting

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