Save Bobcats from Fur Farm


Target: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP)

Goal: Stop the proposed construction of a bobcat fur farm in Montana

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is considering allowing a fur farm to be built near Roy, Montana. This fur farm would breed bobcats in captivity and then sell them to the fur industry to be slaughtered for clothing. The fur industry practices horrible cruelty on animals and must be stopped.

The Schultz Fur Farm would keep bobcats in tiny cages where they would barely be able to take a few steps in either direction. This confinement is intensely cruel to any animal, but especially to animals that roam many miles in the wild. The territory of a bobcat is usually over 20 square miles. They explore this large swath of land to find food and raise their offspring.

Many people object to trapping animals in the wild for fur and prefer fur farms instead as it is commonly believed that animals are treated more humanely on fur farms. This is a misconception that the fur industry has worked hard to promote. Animals on fur farms live their entire lives in small wire cages and can never roam free. Often the cages are stuffed with multiple animals. Studies have demonstrated that up to 85 percent of animals on fur farms develop behavioral abnormalities. This includes many things such as head-bobbing, rocking back and forth, self-mutilation, and cannibalizing their cagemates. On a fur farm in North Dakota, bobcats were found to have killed their own young. Anxiety, fear, boredom, and the inability to satisfy their instinctual needs make these captive animals start to go insane.

When they are killed for their pelts, it is done so in a crude and cheap fashion. According to the journal Animal Issues, “commonly-employed techniques include homemade gas chambers, such as a box hooked up to a tractor exhaust pipe; lethal injection of various chemicals that kill through paralysis, which can result in immobilized animals being skinned alive; and neck breaking.” Another common technique is death through electrocution by sticking metal rods into the mouth and anus of the animal and shocking them to death. There is no humane euthanasia-type killing on fur farms.

All of this occurs simply so people can wear the fur of an animal to increase their social status. Please help save bobcats by stopping this proposed bobcat fur farm from becoming a reality.


Dear Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks,

Schultz Fur Farm is perpetuating the major issue of horrible animal cruelty by breeding captive bobcats and selling them to the fur industry to be slaughtered. Fur farms practice and promote the torture and killing of animals for money. This is utterly inhumane and is in direct contrast to the FWP’s mission to provide for the “stewardship of fish, wildlife, parks, and recreational resources of Montana”.

Studies have shown that up to 85 percent of animals on fur farms develop behavioral abnormalities which can range from head-bobbing and tail-biting to self-mutilation and eating their fellow cagemates or even their own young. Keeping animals in small wire cages their entire lives until they are ready to die so people can wear their pelts is inexcusable and unconscionable.

Please deny a permit to the Schultz Fur Farm and save the bobcats.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Summer M. Tribble via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. WTF is the matter it people?? Fur farms should be banned and people wearing fur should then have some of their skin cut off so they understand what it is like to have a poor animal suffer for their greed, and then maybe there won’t be fur wearing w@nkers in this world any more!

  2. Michaele Kustudic says:

    The wearing or other use of the fur and skins of non-human animals should be legally banned, period. It may have been necessary for humans to wear fur to keep their bodies warm when they lived in the far north, and when no synthetic alternatives were available to them. Here and now, there is no excuse whatsoever. Please ban all fur farms, and all exploitation of non-human animals for their fur and/or skins. (And that goes for leather, too. We can live perfectly satisfactory lives without exploiting any other species for its skin.)

  3. The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is considering allowing a fur farm to be built near Roy, Montana??? Aren’t you suppose to protect animals ??????

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