Dog Reportedly Shot to Death By Police Officer Deserves Justice

Target: Inkster Police Chief William T. Riley

Goal: Fire the officer who allegedly shot an innocent pet.

A man in Michigan called the police after a fight broke out at a local gas station. Little did he know that the phone call would end with the alleged murder of an innocent dog. As soon as the cop arrived on the scene the caller’s pup, Moose, approached the police vehicle in a friendly way, his body language loose and his tail wagging. The officer reportedly shot Moose four times. Conveniently, the officer’s body camera stopped working right before the incident, but someone who had been filming in the area caught the whole ordeal on video.

Cops kill between 25 and 30 dogs every day in the United States. Shockingly this number is likely an underestimate as police are not required to report animals they shoot on the job. The Department of Justice recently declared the number of dog deaths at the hands of police officers an epidemic. Yet as families are left dealing with the trauma of the horrific loss of their pets, officers almost never suffer any consequences.

This problem is directly related to police murders of civilians. This problem is directly related to police murders of civilians. Time and again, the American public is told that officers’ job is to serve and protect, yet what cops do in our communities is terrorize our neighbors and our pets. This trigger-happy officer who would apparently rather shoot first and ask questions later is a clear danger to the community.

It is time to begin holding officers accountable for their abuse against animals. Sign now and demand that this Inkster, Michigan police officer should be fired for reportedly slaughtering Moose.


Dear Chief Riley,

An officer in your department was apparently filmed shooting a non-violent, unthreatening dog owned by a citizen who reported a fight at a gas station. He reportedly shot the dog, Moose, four times, and his body camera happened to stop working just before the incident, which means that he would not have been caught if he wasn’t filmed by a bystander.

This is entirely unacceptable. There is a reckoning that must happen when it comes to the way police officers interact with the public, and that starts with you and officers like you. When an officer kills a citizen or their pet it breaks the trust that the public puts in law enforcement. This is a relationship that has been fraying for a long time, and it is only going to get worse unless the powers that be reconcile with the community. That must start with firing the officer who allegedly slaughtered Moose in the streets.

Please, make this death right and begin to restore the communities trust in you.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This repulsive vile,mentally deranged scumbag, must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death for this vile evil cretin is essential!

  2. Yvette Lantz says:

    This breaks my heart as if shooting a animal especially a family pet isn’t important to enough. What else has this trigger happy idiot cop done. Makes me wonder. I don’t trust the police either.
    They need to fire cops that do stuff like this,it doesn’t make no sence at all. RIP MOOSE. I feel so sorry for his family. Praying.

  3. Andrea Smith says:


  4. Another innocent death with the officers body cam turned off. Thank goodness for bystanders and cell phones. I hope some sort of consequences for this trigger happy cop but I doubt it.

  5. Turning your body cam OFF should be INSTANT TERMINATION. How many times does he actually do this!!!?? He should be charged and convicted of animal cruelty! It’s bad ones LIKE HIM who make us lose faith in police and the court system

  6. Wow, so you’re killing animals now for no reason? Cameras turned on should be mandatory! All times, so there’s no more “accidents”. This is bull. He needs to be fired. Hope their were witnesses & gets his ass kicked to the curb, along with others like him. Too many bad cops getting away bc they think they can do whatever they want. Blue backs blue really means blues back abusive blues.

  7. Cops killing innocent dogs give a very bad reputation for the U.S. I live in Europe and constantly sign protest lists concerning horrific and unpardonable violence inflicted on defenseless animals in the United States.
    This cop is a mentally deranged sadistic psychopath and shall be fired from his position on an immediate basis, and put in a mental hospital! Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human sadists. Animal violence shall be treated as any human violence. This dog deserves justice – just like You and Me. This brainless lowlife cop deserves many years behind bars. Death penalty should also be considered! He should also be forbidden from coming near animals ever again.

  8. Moose was murdered. Period. Fire that cop. Dog killer!
    Godspeed sweet baby

  9. Any cop who turns off their body cam knows what they’re doing is wrong. This should be grounds for instant termination and no chance of working in law enforcement again.

  10. Simone Duguay says:

    More I know some humans, MORE I love my pets Wake up officer WAKE UP

  11. What a worthless sack of shot. This is why I don’t trust any cops.

  12. Horrific. A real, sad reflection of the kind of inhumane lowlifes that get jobs in positions of authority where both animals and humans are at their mercy.

  13. If this officer is so afraid of a friendly tail wagging dog that he has to shoot it rather than ask someone to contain the dog he needs to be in another line of work, he is NOT fit for law enforcement or much else. He is disgusting and DISPICABLE as he has no concern for the public or their feelings. That dog and all others that are Innocents shot by idiots with guns need to have Justice.

  14. Barbara Garrison says:

    The officer shut off his body cam before shooting the dog to death. Proves he wanted the dog dead, and didn’t want to get caught on camera. He had no justifiable reason to murder this innocent dog. Why are officers like this walking around with weapons? They should be in prison.

  15. Jacqueline - Fire the POS!!!! says:

    FIRE the POS!!! Just cause he wears a badge and has a gun you can shoot an innocent dog and he’s a criminal by turning off his body cam on purpose but somebody caught at all! You’re done!!

  16. I normally back the blue …but this officer needs to be fired and no longer allowed…thank God someone else videoed the incident to show the lair that this officer is…you as tje officer in charge needs to take immediate charge and do something about this killing a poor defenseless animal…actually he should also be charged with animal cruelty…this is inapproiate violence towards a pet whom someone loved …so for once do something that is right to do …the same thing happened with a officer in arkansas he lost his job and faced animal cruelty but that baby lived …the same should happened to this person

  17. This trigger happy creep needs to be fired! I get so sick of hearing how cops are shooting innocent dogs for no reason. And his camera conviently turning off before he shoots the dog. What a load of bull. I’m glad someone captured it on video. My heart goes out to the dog’s family.

  18. Aaron Knight says:

    Suck out the eardrums on that motherfucking putrid piece of shit. I pray that this scumbag will die a violent death. My heart breaks for the poor pup.

  19. Sometimes, there are officers that do good deeds toward their fellow man and animals. Then you have a cop like this that seemingly enjoys killing innocent animals that come up to them wagging their tails and wanting to be friendly. They kill them for nothing. And there goes all the good will that people feel about cops. Then, instead of praising and taking up for cops, they just start despising them. And the good cops out there don’t seem to understand why people start to hate all cops.

  20. The vile and evil lowlife psychopathic animal murdering evil Cop who deliberately and heinously shot precious Moose to death must be brought to Justice and jailed for life.How many innocent and helpless defenceless Dogs has this monster Cop tortured to death?
    This evil lowlife Cop bastard deserves the Death Penalty. This monster Cop will continue deliberately and heinously torture and murder innocent and helples dogs like innocent Moose and other innocent animals this monster Cop enjoys torturing and murdering.
    It is a lowlife psychopathic monster Cop animal torturer and murderer and must be eradicated from the planet.
    RIP precious Moose. Bless your precious and innocent SOUL. An innocent and helpless dog named Moose whose innocent life has been taken.
    Kill the vile and evil Cop before this evil monster bastard tortures and murders another innocent sentient being. kill the COP.

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