Two Dozen Dogs Apparently Discovered Without Food or Water and Trained to Fight Deserve Justice

Target: Randy McGinley, Interim District Attorney for Newton County, GA

Goal: Seek full charges against man allegedly found with multiple malnourished dogs on his property.

Two dozen dogs were discovered living in reportedly deplorable conditions in Georgia. According to authorities, the dogs had little to no access to food or water. Four apparently were not even able to be rehomed because their circumstances left them too aggressive. The owner of the property, Leon Cecil Conley III, claimed he had the dogs for protection. His history seemingly indicates otherwise.

In 2006, Conley was reportedly convicted of several counts of cruelty to animals. Similar to the current case, investigators at the time reported animals who appeared severely neglected. One of the prior charges and convictions also involved dog-fighting. This time, Conley faces 16 counts of animal cruelty. He cannot be allowed to escape serious consequences once again if he is found guilty.

Sign the petition below to demand the county prosecute this alleged repeat offender to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. McGinley,

The legal system is supposed to get it right the first time to discourage recidivism. Why, then, is a man with apparent prior convictions for animal cruelty once again in front of the courts looking at 20-plus new charges? Leon Cecil Conley III may be a poster example of the system’s failures.

If the accusations against him are found true, over 20 dogs endured severe starvation and dehydration because of Conley. Some of these animals were reportedly so traumatized by their experiences that they cannot even be adopted. Fifteen years ago, Conley was reportedly convicted of almost the same offense, with dog-fighting charges added at that time. He should have never been allowed near another animal, and his punishment should have more adequately addressed his alleged offenses.

Please do not make the same mistake again. Pursue maximum charges against Mr. Conley and prosecute this case with vigilance.


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Photo Credit: Sainandini Mishna


  1. Please put these disgusting monsters behind bars! Those poor innocent dogs don’t deserve any of the torture they endured…. the humans that did this to them deserve jail!

  2. Jacqueline - says:

    Please do everything to put them behind Bars for years!!! There are too many of these dogfighting stories. They are not being punished enough!

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This man was CONVICTED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY in 2006, and he was allowed to get MORE ANIMALS? This is why ANYONE who has been convicted of animal cruelty be BANNED from EVER purchasing, owning, caring for or working with ANY animals ever again. Seize ALL animals in his “care,” send them to a RESCUE, not a city or county animal control, and PROSECUTE AND SENTENCE him with jail time for these abuses.

  4. The justice system failed these innocent helpless animals once before. It CANNOT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!MAX FELONY SENTENCE FOR EACH ANIMAL found on his property. This evil human will never quit harming animals. Unless the justice system does the right thing and LOCK MR.CONLEY aka (heartless monster) AWAY FOR DECADES!! To bad he cannot get the death penalty because he doesn’t deserve to live.

  5. Julia Edinger says:

    “This man was CONVICTED OF ANIMAL CRUELTY in 2006, and he was allowed to get MORE ANIMALS? This is why ANYONE who has been convicted of animal cruelty be BANNED from EVER purchasing, owning, caring for or working with ANY animals ever again. Seize ALL animals in his “care,” send them to a RESCUE, not a city or county animal control, and PROSECUTE AND SENTENCE him with jail time for these abuses.”
    Although I wouldn’t call him a man,,,,totally deserves the name “EVIL DEMON”……

  6. Throw this disgusting waste of flesh in prison for the rest of his worthless life. No animal should ever have to suffer the pain and barbaric torture that dog fighters put them through. Dog fighters deserve the death penalty!!

  7. How was he allowed to have more animals after the first case?! This is insane he deserves to spend his life behind bars.

  8. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard must be charged with 24 counts of severe animal cruelty charges (1 charge for each dog). He must serve 15 years in prison with no early parole (this is the 2nd time he’s abused animals), must pay a $600,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, breeding, working with, or going near any animals ever again. Enough is enough. He must not get away with this again. No dogs seized are to be given back to him ever. I wish there was the death penalty. That bastard deserves to be executed

  9. Wenn dieses Monster schon mal verurteilt wegen Tierquälerei war wie kann man so einem Monster dann erlauben wieder Tiere zu halten?
    Sperrt dieses Monster für immer weg ohne Nahrung und Wasser der Rest erledigt sich dann von selbst. Was ist das für eine Justiz die sind mitschuldig das so etwas andauernd passiert!

  10. Pamela+Hengst says:

    A convicted animal abuser is free to obtain, neglect, and fight more dogs?! Disgusting. I am very thankful the precious dogs were rescued, now make Conley pay the price for his horrible abuse. This is your chance to get it right: put Conley in prison. And if he ever gets out bar him from contact with any dog, any animal at all.

  11. The BASTARD should be without food neither water for a month!


  13. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human sadistic psychopaths. Animal violence and neglect shall be treated as any human violence and neglect. These animals deserve justice – just like YOU and ME! This monster must be forbidden from ever coming near animals again!
    MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY for ALL animal abusers!

  14. STOP THIS NOW!! I am so sick of states being lenient to humans who don’t deserve it! Animals abused don’t deserve this. NO MORE ANIMALS FOR THIS MAN WHO DOESN’T CARE A THING ABOUT HIS DOGS! Prison for YEARS, so he doesn’t have anymore dogs.

  15. I hope ALL DOGS landed in loving homes — Arrest ABUSER-Leon Conley & throw away the key — mentally unstable — do NOT let IDIOT-Conley get away with horrors — He WILL repeat if NOT stopped — think of torment, suffering of vulnerable Dogs who are always at our mercy — ensure PSYCHO-Conley never again adopts — ensure he comes nowhere near Animals — he’s dangerous to Animals.

  16. This lowlife with multiple charges needs to be permanently banned from ever having any animals of any kind. He does not deserve a dogs forgiveness and love.

  17. Put this useless asshole in prison and leave him there. He serves NO purpose in this world.

  18. An eye for an eye, should and must be the punishment to all these subhumans that profit, abuse, neglect and force these poor animals to do the unthinkable!!! All dog fighters promoters and expectators should be thrown inside lions den, only than these MF will feel the horror and pain these innocent animals went through!!!!

  19. This cruel maggot should be euthanized.

  20. I agree with all the above statements. Animal abusers need to be jailed. And, this person has already been arrested for cruelty. Georgia needs better laws to stop these atrocities.

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