Two Dozen Dogs Apparently Discovered Without Food or Water and Trained to Fight Deserve Justice

Target: Randy McGinley, Interim District Attorney for Newton County, GA

Goal: Seek full charges against man allegedly found with multiple malnourished dogs on his property.

Two dozen dogs were discovered living in reportedly deplorable conditions in Georgia. According to authorities, the dogs had little to no access to food or water. Four apparently were not even able to be rehomed because their circumstances left them too aggressive. The owner of the property, Leon Cecil Conley III, claimed he had the dogs for protection. His history seemingly indicates otherwise.

In 2006, Conley was reportedly convicted of several counts of cruelty to animals. Similar to the current case, investigators at the time reported animals who appeared severely neglected. One of the prior charges and convictions also involved dog-fighting. This time, Conley faces 16 counts of animal cruelty. He cannot be allowed to escape serious consequences once again if he is found guilty.

Sign the petition below to demand the county prosecute this alleged repeat offender to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. McGinley,

The legal system is supposed to get it right the first time to discourage recidivism. Why, then, is a man with apparent prior convictions for animal cruelty once again in front of the courts looking at 20-plus new charges? Leon Cecil Conley III may be a poster example of the system’s failures.

If the accusations against him are found true, over 20 dogs endured severe starvation and dehydration because of Conley. Some of these animals were reportedly so traumatized by their experiences that they cannot even be adopted. Fifteen years ago, Conley was reportedly convicted of almost the same offense, with dog-fighting charges added at that time. He should have never been allowed near another animal, and his punishment should have more adequately addressed his alleged offenses.

Please do not make the same mistake again. Pursue maximum charges against Mr. Conley and prosecute this case with vigilance.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sainandini Mishna


  1. Allison Nichols says:

    The sheriff and the officer that attacked the innocent guy doing a story on the Newton co sheriff’s office need to be charged in there assult charges.

  2. Why are you allowing this poor excuse for a human being to still have animals? What is wrong with YOU? I DEMAND Conley go to PRISON NOW! Stop the ongoing torture, abuse, & cruelty to sentient beings & DO YOUR JOB!

  3. Shelly Blazich says:


  4. Instigation of the death penalty for this severe dog abusing evil cretin is essential.

  5. Vivian Vetere says:

    This pos NEEDS to be punished. Don’t let this fall through the cracks. Second offence!!!

  6. eleanor+dunkavich says:

    put this creep in jail horrible person

  7. THIS MAN IS A DEPRAVED SADISTIC MONSTER~!~!!!~ Should NEVER be allowed any animal again and put this POS… In PRISON!!!!

  8. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Ok, so we know his name and what county he is in based on the sheriff. I’m sure he can be located and served some real justice. Street style.

  9. Why was he even allowed to have animals again? It’s not brain surgery,. You abuse an animal, you no longer are permitted to have ANY. I am in a world of idiots.

  10. I want him punished so he never has access to any dogs ever again and he faces the maximum consequences for the harm he has done to all the dogs that were in his posession

  11. Execute Conley!

  12. What in the f..know are u people doing?? Why was he about to start up this fighting ring again after being charged in 2006??? Do you people not care about what theses dogs are going through?? Get off ur asses & do something this time!!!

  13. This piece of shit needs to die a long painful death!!!

  14. Diane Berger says:

    This is bulcrap hope there going to JAIL . Treat Gods gift like this make sure to do the same starve them and throw the key away please v.👍🙏❤️

  15. Do we REALLY need to sign a petition to get you to do your job??? If you had done it the first time around and thrown this loser in jail when he was first convicted, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Animal cruelty is a federal felony, and it’s time states took it seriously. Lock this SOB away and throw away the key. Better yet, put him in a cell with an animal lover and let justice be done. And never let him near another animal again in his miserable life!

  16. This is a horrible excuse of a man.There is no excuse for how he treated these poor dogs. Please make a huge example of him and show everyone this will not be tolerated. Give me 5 mins alone with him I guarantee he would never abuse a animal again!

  17. How did the authorities not know that this person had more dogs
    He is a menace and should be in jail

  18. Once an animal abuser always an animal cruelty abuser. Because he was let off so easily knowing he will get off again he continued his cruelty. This time he must serve prison time or back on he goes. He is habitual!!

  19. eleanor+dunkavich says:

    I hope this scum bag gets it up his rear but good lock this piece of garbage up for good

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