Dogs Allegedly Doused in Rubbing Alcohol and Set on Fire Deserve Justice

Target: Bowie County, Texas District Attorney Jerry Rochelle

Goal: Give man prison time for allegedly pouring rubbing alcohol on dogs and setting them on fire.

Two dogs were allegedly set on fire to try and break them up during a fight. James Taylor was arrested on animal cruelty charges after reportedly admitting to the incident. He needs to spend time in prison if it is found he committed this act to better ensure other animals will not suffer because of his actions.

According to reports, a female pit bull walked up to Taylor while he and his brother were being questioned about a shoplifting incident. The dog allegedly had sores on her stomach and an open wound near the back of her right hip. Officers said Taylor admitted to throwing rubbing alcohol on his dog as well as another one before setting the pair on fire to try and break them up from a fight.

Taylor faces up to 10 years in prison for his alleged actions. Sign this petition to demand he be charged with the maximum penalty if it is discovered he harmed these helpless animals.


Dear District Attorney Rochelle,

James Taylor was brought up on animal cruelty charges shortly after authorities discovered he allegedly set his female pit bull on fire to try and stop her from fighting with another dog. He needs to receive a harsh punishment under the law if it is found he abused these dogs so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Officers reportedly discovered the dog was hurt when she walked up to Taylor while a deputy was talking to him about a potential shoplifting charge. It was then discovered that the pit bull allegedly had an open sore close to her back hip on the right side and that she also had injuries on her belly. Taylor reportedly told authorities that he had thrown rubbing alcohol on his pit bull and another dog and set them on fire a couple days prior because the animals were fighting.

Taylor was arrested and may spend 10 years in prison if he is convicted. For all these reasons, we demand you seek the toughest possible penalty for Taylor if he is found guilty of this shocking act of animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Cralton


  1. I really feel these men are more guilty of stupidity rather than cruelty. Although, they should face consequences for their actions. I’d like to know the whole story behind this incident. I think the headline was a bit sensationalized.

    • The exact issue of why he did it has nothing to do with it. The issue is that these two dogs were set on fire! If somebody set you on fire, you wouldn’t really care why they did it, would you? Why would you consider giving them any leniency?

  2. what a f*****king idiot….he has no brains….to set dogs on fire to break up a fight?????? God this world is becoming so full of hate and stupidity..

  3. James Taylor’s animal cruelty has earned him 10 years in prison and he must never be allowed to have pets/dogs/animals.

  4. All animal abusers, must have the death penalty implemented.

  5. Kinga Zamecki says:

    Please , leave him with me and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
    I will teach him a lesson.

  6. He should have the same thing done to him-get rid of this stupid scumbag. Jail is too good for him-free room and board…😡

  7. Do the same to the idiot that did this to the poor dogs

  8. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Texas is a POS state for animals. The governor won’t even make animal abuse a crime.

  9. They are cruel AND stupid- they deserve the same punishment they administered.

  10. If Texas allows humans to hurt animals in this cruelty ( setting animals on fire), then can you imagine what they allow humans to hurt other humans with.. make a animal cruelty law… Punishment in prison and thousands of dollars to pay tax payers to pay for this humans stupidity..

  11. Elease M. Bradford says:

    James Taylor is an idiot for setting the dogs on fire. There were other methods he could he could have used to break up the fight between the two dogs. He needs to be charged with animal cruelty and punished to the fullest extent of the law. I hope his dog is taken away from him. I wish the dogs a speedy recovery and I hope they get justice.

  12. Kill that freaking idiotic monster

  13. I would love to do the same to the subhuman. Better yet, remove him from the planet!

  14. Perhaps he needs to be set on fire himself and then ask what was the reason STUPID A—hole

  15. Tamara Taylor says:

    James Taylor is my son I admit he was wrong for doing what he did to the dog. Have any of yall ever tried to break up a pit fight? The dog Girl attacked my pit ripped her ear off I was the only person there I tried using the water hose to break them up that didn’t work I was terrified that girl was going to kill my dog james showed up and girl let go of my dog
    Like I said he was wrong for what he did but 10 years in prison that’s not right either My grandson father was murdered in tk and all they give that guy was 7 years im mean omg I don’t care what you say about me God’s knows that my son don’t deserve 10 years

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