Dog Reportedly Dead From Bleeding, Maggot-Infested Neck Wounds Deserves Justice

Target: Wayne County, New York District Attorney Michael D. Calarco

Goal: Give man just legal sentence for allegedly failing to get his dog veterinary care when he was suffering from severely infected neck wounds.

A dog was allegedly found profusely bleeding from open neck wounds that were filled with maggots and flies. Calan Lopinto was charged with Failure to Provide Proper Sustenance to his dog after the animal was discovered.

Although attempts were made to save the dog, he eventually had to be euthanized because the wounds were not able to successfully heal. Officers reported that although Lopinto was aware that his dog was suffering, he did not try to seek veterinary help. It is therefore not known exactly how long the dog was in pain before he was found by authorities.

Lopinto is scheduled to go back to court on a future date. Sign this petition to demand he receive the toughest legal sentence possible if it is found this poor dog suffered and died due to his neglect.


Dear District Attorney Calarco,

Calan Lopinto was brought up on animal cruelty charges after authorities said his dog had been found with open bleeding sores filled with maggots and flies in his neck. It is important that this man spend time in prison if he is found guilty to make it less likely other animals will suffer under his care.

The dog was immediately taken to Lyons Veterinary Clinic after authorities located him. However, his wounds were so bad, clinic staff were unable to save him. According to reports, the dog could have gotten the help he needed if Lopinto would have gotten the animal medical care right away. However, he likely died because Lopinto allegedly failed to find him the medical care he desperately needed.

Lopinto is currently awaiting trial to determine if he is responsible for his dog’s suffering and death. For all these reasons, we demand you seek the strictest punishment possible for Lopinto if it is discovered he is responsible for this animal’s fate.


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Photo Credit: Hebrew Matio


  1. His cruel evil owner should be beaten to a pulp and refused medical intervention.. He is a menace to animals and humans – IN MY OPINION

    • I second that

    • Maggie Penson says:

      every time I see a post on terrible animal cruelty, 9 times out of 10 it is in the States. It really is time they tightened up the penalties handed out to these evil bastxxxxds that perpetrate this hideous crimes against innocent animals.

      • Naila Johnston says:

        Heinous cruelties! Those responsible should receive the death penalty!! Murder is murder!! Be it animal or human!!
        Death penalty!!
        This makes me enraged!!

  2. This POS needs to be sliced in the neck and left for dead in a rat den.

  3. June Caldwell says:

    Need harsher penalties. If you have a heart that beats, go something!

  4. Cut his hands off then set fire to him. Evil malicious moron

  5. I wish there were some way the Judge could immediately slap this Lopinto monster into jail and leave him there. He doesn’t deserve to be out in society. RIP poor pup; I know God is holding you in his lap right now.

  6. Hang the bastard up by his family jewels, then cut him enough to where he’ll bleed but won’t die right away. Just enough to where he wished he was dead then let him rot. He had no sympathy towards that innocent dog so I sure wouldn’t have any for him. R.I.P sweet furbaby 🐾🐾

  7. Someday Lopinto will be sitting in Satan’s lap roasting in hell.

  8. An for an eye is the way it should be!!

  9. Cheryl+Miller says:

    Give this idiot non caring loser the harshest punishment possible!!! Please never ever allow him to own animals!!!!
    That poor dog must of suffered immensely!!


  11. Pamela+Hengst says:

    I truly wish the stupid owner would suffer the same fate as his precious dog. Arrest him, put him in prison, make him also pay a huge fine. No contact with any animal ever again. The guy is worthless, stupid, cruel.

  12. Maria Bertrand says:

    Poor sweet little angel …I know you went straight to heaven. I am so sorry and sad.

    District Attorney Michael D. Calarco::
    Throw the book at Lopinto. I hope he dies a tortured death where ever he is. No torture is too great! Deny him care! The law had better do it’s job giving this little dog his JUSTICE!! YOU CANNOT LET THIS GO WITHOUT MAXIUM CHARGES PLUS!

  13. I don’t know why this type of evil are not punished. It is a fellony. What is the problem. They did they get there rights taken away. We should not be signing these petitions when it is a federal felony.

  14. Owner should be put to death but first cut him all up and put maggots inside his wounds

  15. I can’t stop crying what a son of a bitch. I hope he is beaten severely in jail and left in a heap of maggots. What a hateful piece of shit.

  16. There cannot be any justifiable reason or any excuse to cause such immense suffering ultimately resulting in death to any animal let alone your own.Whatever the initial cause of the wound which may have actually been caused by abuse, failure to provide medical treatment undebiably resulted in severe suffering that was prolonged. Maggots do not appear immediately but only to one that has been left for dead.He belongs in prison after receiving a substantial fine.

  17. Do exactly to him what he did to the pup..

  18. Calan Lopinto Is a monster. In addition to any any all punishments the court can dole out (and hopefully they’re hefty), please BAN HIM FOR LIFE from owning or having any animal in his care. Let’s prevent further animal torture and abuse from this truly awful person.

  19. This is heart breaking as are all acts of abuse and neglect. The national consciousness needs to be raised. Every American should stand up. Protest, volunteer, donate. For one week, at least, a year all Americans should abstain from eating meat. We have National cheese day, tree day, etc. time to step up everybody and put an end to the scourge of abuse. We are a great country. Let’s lead the way and show the world by example.

  20. This idiot needs his neck cut open. Maybe i could find some bleach for it!!!

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