Dog Reportedly Dead From Bleeding, Maggot-Infested Neck Wounds Deserves Justice

Target: Wayne County, New York District Attorney Michael D. Calarco

Goal: Give man just legal sentence for allegedly failing to get his dog veterinary care when he was suffering from severely infected neck wounds.

A dog was allegedly found profusely bleeding from open neck wounds that were filled with maggots and flies. Calan Lopinto was charged with Failure to Provide Proper Sustenance to his dog after the animal was discovered.

Although attempts were made to save the dog, he eventually had to be euthanized because the wounds were not able to successfully heal. Officers reported that although Lopinto was aware that his dog was suffering, he did not try to seek veterinary help. It is therefore not known exactly how long the dog was in pain before he was found by authorities.

Lopinto is scheduled to go back to court on a future date. Sign this petition to demand he receive the toughest legal sentence possible if it is found this poor dog suffered and died due to his neglect.


Dear District Attorney Calarco,

Calan Lopinto was brought up on animal cruelty charges after authorities said his dog had been found with open bleeding sores filled with maggots and flies in his neck. It is important that this man spend time in prison if he is found guilty to make it less likely other animals will suffer under his care.

The dog was immediately taken to Lyons Veterinary Clinic after authorities located him. However, his wounds were so bad, clinic staff were unable to save him. According to reports, the dog could have gotten the help he needed if Lopinto would have gotten the animal medical care right away. However, he likely died because Lopinto allegedly failed to find him the medical care he desperately needed.

Lopinto is currently awaiting trial to determine if he is responsible for his dog’s suffering and death. For all these reasons, we demand you seek the strictest punishment possible for Lopinto if it is discovered he is responsible for this animal’s fate.


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Photo Credit: Hebrew Matio


  1. Lopinto is DEFINITELY responsible for the well being of this innocent dog! He MUST be put in PRISON! This is a crime against a sentient living being! Lopinto is a disgusting person with no morals! NEVER allow him to have any animals again

  2. All animal abusing scumbags internationally,must have the mandatory death penalty performed on them.

  3. Calan Lopinto should be facing felony charges. Why is he not?

  4. hang the worthless scumbag

  5. Debra+Simons says:

    The original wounds probably came from a horribly tight collar stuck into the skin of this dog if they were on the neck but whatever he deserves the exact same punishment and pain he inflicted on this poor suffering helpless innocent animal and then he deserves to be removed from this planet because as far as I’m concerned this should be a capital punishment crime. Disgusting human monster

    • Regardless of the cause of the wound, cleaning it alone would have worked wonders. There are inexpensive products that he could have used to clean it and prevent infection from setting in. Plain soap and water could have worked too. He didn’t care about this baby enough to even try to do such a small thing to help it! There are groups pushing to change the laws regarding how animals are classified and treated but unfortunately not enough people in power that care enough to back or promote change.

  6. I am so sick of signing petitions and nothing seems to get any better for these abused animals. Judges need to know they are as much to blame for letting these people go free with a slap on the wrist. The whole system sucks.

  7. O would I love to meet this s o b.
    Breathing my air.

  8. Julia Edinger says:

    I AGREE !!

    “ Erin Ryan December 6, 2021 at 4:20 am
    Lopinto is DEFINITELY responsible for the well being of this innocent dog! He MUST be put in PRISON! This is a crime against a sentient living being! Lopinto is a disgusting person with no morals! NEVER allow him to have any animals again….”

  9. He is totally responsible for the death of this baby & should pay the vet bill also & should never have a pet again. Only after he goes to jail

  10. WTF is wrong with people! I’m sure if he had a neck wound this PIECE OF SHIT would be crying please help me! Please lock this asshole up and loose the key!

  11. Michelle Stewart says:

    People that treat animals like that deserve to be shot dead. Since that won’t happen, he must spend 8 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $400,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. That bastard is guilty.

  12. This person as he is a hateful individual who does not deserve to have an animal and to leave it to die in such an atrocious manner should never have the name “human being” but he should be put in prison for the rest of his natural life. He should certainly not be allowed to own another animal and to stop him, he should be tattooed on his forehead for everyone to see and to stop him from every having another animal to torture.

  13. Make this subhuman pay for all the medical expense for his dog he didn’t want to pay to treat. Then slit his neck and let the maggots have at him. He doesn’t deserve to live

  14. eleanor+dunkavich says:

    throw the scum bag in jail for good

  15. This man should be imprisoned, he caused unnecessary suffering to this innocent dog! He should be banned from ever keeping an animal of any kind and if it was up to me I’d like to slit his neck not enough to kill him but place maggots in him and let them breed with NO treatment!

  16. He probably put that wound there!
    Lock this loser up and throw away the key!!

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    A young living being had to die because of the failure and neglect of an irresponsible pet owner who knew the dog was suffering but did nothing, said nothing, or asked for help. What a pathetic piece of human flesh. I would like to think that Calan Lopinto will receive harsh punishment for this avoidable death of this dog but given the leniency going on in this pathetic Country right now where criminals are allowed to commit crimes and dangerous inmates are being released on the streets, it is unlikely Justice will be served.

  18. Those BASTARDS don’t deserve to be alive.

  19. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang him!!

  20. Margaret Burlingham says:

    Having done rescue of neglected and abused dog, I can say that either this dog deliberately had an e-collar (battery operated to vibrate, make a tone, or shock) left on his neck tightly and it overheated, making skin raw and infected, or a prong collar placed around dog’s neck 24/7 too tightly and yanked on the end of a tether line or leash by owner or energetic dog, or dog was tethered with a tight rope around its neck and all these scenarios are abusive and illegal. The owner should NEVER be allowed around animals or own another pet ever again. Judges: do your job and slam this criminal with the maximum jail time and penalties.

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