Dogs Apparently Abandoned and Left to Die in Woods Deserve Justice

Target: Acting Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecuting Attorney Cary Shill

Goal: Give woman prison sentence for allegedly deserting her dogs in the woods without food or water.

Five dogs were allegedly dumped in the woods and left to die by their owner, Jodi Wozniak. She needs to be brought to justice if she is found guilty of this crime, to better ensure she will not be able to harm more animals.

According to reports, some of the dogs had been abandoned in their kennels without access to food or water. Others were found tied up to trees. The land owner claimed that Wozniak had deserted the dogs at least 15 hours prior to when they were found. The dogs still technically belong to her because she refused to surrender them to the shelter. They have, instead, been placed on a protective hold. When this happens the animal in question is usually held for a while before either being adopted out, sold, or euthanized. However, sometimes owners are allowed to take seized animals home.

Wozniak was indicted on five counts of animal cruelty and several other charges. Sign this petition to demand Wozniak be suitably punished under the law if it is found she committed these actions and to further insist that she not be legally allowed to regain custody of the dogs she allegedly abandoned.


Dear Acting Prosecuting Attorney Shill,

Jodi Wozniak was indicted on five counts of animal cruelty after officers stated she left her dogs stranded in the woods without anything to eat or drink. It is important that she receive a fitting legal sentence to make it less likely other animals will suffer under her care.

Reports state that some of the dogs were tethered to trees, while others had been left to starve in their kennels. According to Wozniak’s former landlord, the dogs had been discarded for over half a day before they were discovered.

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter currently has the dogs on a protective hold, although there is still a chance Wozniak could once again be given custody of her animals. For these reasons, we demand you seek the strictest punishment for Wozniak possible and that you further insist she be denied the chance to take her animals home if she is found guilty of displaying such mistreatment.


[Your Name Here]

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  2. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I wonder how she treats her kids if (God forbid) she ever breeds herself and makes biological Mini-Me’s. Will she also drag them into the woods and tie them to trees to die, because they irritated her or cost her money that she would rather spend on buying expensive clothes and shoes or filling her fat cakehole?

  3. Reply meant for Eva Cantu

  4. Raynesha+McGhee-Reed says:

    This Rotten Cunt Should be Rotting in Hell 4 this Horrible animal Cruelty!!!!


  6. This piece of shit needs to be put in jail for a long time and have to do service when they get out.

  7. There’s ZERO EXCUSE for abuse! Abusers need to face capital punishment. PERIOD.

  8. This lowlife piece of garbage needs like for like punishment. She needs to be put in a large dog kennel and left in the woods for 24 hours. Same as what she did to the dogs. After 24 hours she needs to be tied up a tree for another 24 hours. No food or water, she will…darn… Survive. Then a hefty fine and jail time,. THEN she needs to be PERMANENTLY banned from ever having anymore animals,

  9. This woman should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and never allowed near an animal ever again!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rhondelia Iskander says:

    I hope these precious dogs get a loving home. They don’t deserve to be euthanized and punished because their owner abandoned them tied to trees and in kennels to die.

  11. Laurie Miskell says:

    POS, Karma is coming for you…

  12. What do you mean IF she’s found guilty!??
    She obviously IS!
    The dogs deserve a better life without her!
    How come the crazy Jodì’s are all in Florida???

  13. American+Girl says:

    Tie this inbred hillbilly cunt to a tree with no food or water then shoot the bitch to wound her & leave her there to fester and bleed out. Let’s hope this cunt has never bred!

  14. She was arrested yesterday for not going to court. What I don’t understand is she has more dogs living in a flee infested RV.

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