Puppies Reportedly Dead After Being Ripped Away From Their Mother Deserve Justice

Target: Oneida County, New York District Attorney Scott D. McNamara

Goal: Sentence man who allegedly ripped puppies away from their mother and failed to provide them with proper care.

Three puppies allegedly died after Emmanuel Lilley abruptly took them away from their mother. It is important Lilley be penalized under the law if he is found guilty to make it less likely other animals will suffer or die under his care.

Lilley was caring for his ex-girlfriend’s dog when she gave birth to two puppies. According to reports, Lilley took the puppies to his home, and one died shortly afterwards. Instead of making appropriate arrangements for the other two, he allegedly called police and said that the animals had been left in a shoe box and abandoned on his doorstep. Police arrived at Lilley’s home a little past 1 a.m. and were therefore unable to immediately find the puppies proper care. Although officers later found someone who claimed they could care for them, the animals did not survive long enough to be reunited with their mother.

If Lilley had contacted authorities immediately after finding the puppies, rather than apparently taking them away from their mother and lying to police about how he obtained them, these innocent animals may have survived. Sign this petition to demand he be justly punished under the law if he is found guilty of abusing these dogs and lying to police.


Dear District Attorney McNamara,

Emmanuel Lilley allegedly took three puppies away from their mother shortly after she gave birth, which may have caused them to die early deaths. He should be given a harsh legal sentence if it is found he is responsible for the fate of these animals.

Reports state that Lilley was taking care of his ex-girlfriend’s adult female dog when the animal gave birth. Although he claimed that he took the puppies back to his house to care for them, one of the animals died shortly after that point. Lilley then allegedly decided to falsify a police report by telling authorities that an unknown person had abandoned the other two animals outside his front door. Since police responded to his reported call at a late hour, they were not able to find the animals the care they needed that night. Although they eventually were able to place the puppies under Ashley Wright’s care after she reached out to authorities about their state, the animals’ health continued to decline. The officers also located the puppies’ mother, but the young animals died before they could be reunited with her.

Since it is likely that these puppies died because they were suddenly taken away from their mother and not relinquished to someone who could properly care for them, Lilley should be penalized under the law. We demand that you seek a tough punishment for him if he is found guilty of committing animal cruelty and falsifying a police report.


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  2. Raynesha+McGhee-Reed says:

    This Sadistic POS Needs 2 Be Rotting in the Slammer 4 such Horrific Animal Cruelty & it’s breaking my heart when the poor puppies died.

  3. People like him should never own any Animals…..he’s probably Danger around Humans……he’s one of many Sicko’s that live in this World…..👍🇬🇧🤓

  4. Marcia Leaser says:

    Animals have rights and should never be treated in humanely

  5. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m sorry to hear what happened to these fur babies. Emmanuel Lilley should be punished for causing the deaths of these innocent puppies through his carelessness and irresponsibility. The puppies were taken from their mother too soon and not properly weaned. This was probably traumatic for the puppies mother also. RIP fur babies and I hope you get justice.

  6. This piece of shit needs to be prosecuted to the fullest for what he has done. He needs to sit in jail for a while. There needs to be higher penalties for abusing animals and just maybe this would stop.

  7. Prosecute this monster Emmanuel Lilley to the fullest. What a vile, despicable murderer of innocent babies.

  8. Samina+Araf says:

    I would like to rip this scums heart out and see how he lives without it!!! Evil scum of the earth rot in hell!!!

  9. Carol Smith says:

    How can anyone be that cruel and stupid

  10. Sub-human nefarious scum deserve capital punishment. There’s ZERO EXCUSE for abuse, EVER!!!

  11. steven+abbott says:

    This is not a single count, stop sweeping things under the rug.

  12. Emmanuel Lilley
    Emmanuel Lilley
    Emmanuel Lilley


  13. This vile,severe puppy abusing/killing,mentally deranged,evil cretin, requires instigation of the death penalty.I am ready,willing and able to help with this procedure!! OH YESSS!!!!

  14. I am sick of people being so careless! I wish that mother dog and her puppies could have been surrendered to a no-kill rescue or a good foster home. That guy deserves the electric chair.

  15. This happened in my county. It was covered on tv and in the paper; both featured the two then-surviving puppies with the police who recovered them from their abductor. I believe Lilley and the mother dog’s owner should both be charged in this horrific case of animal abuse. Also, the Wright woman apparently was deceitful regarding her caretaking ability for the newborns and should be entered in the animal abuser log. In the past, there had been a sickening instance of a buggy-driving religious local who beat his driven horse to death with a baseball bat. Also, the Utica police quite recently walked away from a couple of addicts living in their VW behind a locked apartment building legally vacated of occupants because of health, etc.,violations who had nursing kittens and their two parents living in a shopping cart outside and a boa constrictor living in their former apartment. We who are animal advocates receive no follow-up on such cases from those who should prosecute such crimes; calls made to the SPCA abuse hotline regarding the Utica incident were not returned to this caller, but by a volunteer who was not at all helpful. Just a sorry, shameful situation.

  16. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bastard is guilty. He must serve 9 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $300,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, breeding, working with, or going near any animals ever again. The mom dog must be seized from him immediately and never given back

  17. Jane Todaro says:

    This guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and never allowed near an animal ever again!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH SOME PEOPLE???????!!!!!!!!

  18. A lot of people want to do a lot of things to this person, such as fine him, put him in jail, don’t let him be around animals anymore but very, very few of them want to solve this guy’s problem forever. Simply hunt the mother-fucker down and put a bullet in his head and if he’s still breathing, keep putting bullets into his head until he quits breathing. And if this were to happen, we’d never have to hear another story about this worthless cocksucker ever hurting or killing another animal.

  19. This horrible person should be executed! We do NOT WANT people like him living among the general population.

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