Stop Torturing Animals in Labs for Testing

Target: FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock

Goal: Urge the FDA to end animal testing in the U.S.

Imagine a syringe being forced down your throat to inject a chemical into your stomach, or being restrained and forced to breathe sickening vapors for hours. That’s the cruel reality of animal testing for millions of mice, rabbits, dogs, and other animals worldwide.

Animal testing has been used for decades in scientific research, despite its unreliable nature. Dozens of species are used in testing, with at least 115 million animals used every year, though that number is likely a substantial underestimate. Testing on animals has historically helped in some cases, but does not provide great evidence or results overall. Nine out of 10 times results that seem safe when used on animals do not work on humans.

The types of testing used on animals include forced chemical exposure; exposure to drugs, chemicals, or infectious disease that cause pain or death, genetic manipulation; short or prolonged periods of physical restraint; food and water deprivation; infliction of wounds, burns, and other injuries to study healing; infliction of pain to study its physiology and treatment; electric shock or forced swimming; and killing by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, neck-breaking, decapitation, or other means.

It is time for scientists to move to other, more accurate forms of testing, like human-genome sequencing or computational biology. However, animal testing is viewed as the default method, and old habits die hard. Call on the FDA to end the suffering of millions and stop animal testing.


Dear Commissioner Woodcock,

Animal testing has repeatedly been shown to be unreliable, especially when viewed next to more accurate and current methods such as human-genome sequencing or computational biology. Not only is it unreliable, with only 1 out of 10 results of animal testing working for humans, but it is dangerous as well.

Well over 100 million animals and dozens of species are used in aggressive forms of testing every year. These forms of testing range from periods of physical restraint to chemical exposure and death through various means. It is past time to let this archaic form of testing end, and move to test methods of the 21st century.

Please, end animal testing today.


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  1. These tests are carried out by sociopaths. Who else would subject another living being to tests so horrific and cruel and completely unnecessary. The people who take care of the animals have absolutely no regard for their welfare. What kind of person could hear and see these innocent creatures being tortured (like concentration camp prisoners), screaming in agony, and then continue with their lives. These tests are being done year after year after year after year with the SAME RESULTS. THESE TORTURES MUST BE STOPPED NOW.

  2. This is government sanctioned CRUELTY and it MUST STOP! I feel so ashamed and embarrassed that my government is torturing innocent living creatures. Anyone who can actually commit this type of abuse towards sentient beings is a SADIST and should not be receiving a paycheck but should be in PRISON! Something is so wrong with this picture

  3. Horrific….
    Where is Europe now???????

  4. This is just so sickening that there are no words.

    It is unconscionable! How heartless can humans be for the “sake of science”? What utter BS! Stop this draconian utter rubbish now!

    • Janice+Suter says:

      Exactly!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!! In this day and age there are more effective ways to test products without torturing animals!!

  5. This petition is a JOKE!!! This crap will never stop.

    • Maybe Gilda, but still we must fight for animal rights, by any means. This is one of the worst crimes commited by human kind, as long as it exists, we shall never know peace. How dare we complain when so much pain is inflicted to innocent beings for our stupid sake .If this is how we do to save ourselves, then we dont deserve to be saved.

      Stop this horror now !

    • Christina Craig says:

      You’ll certainly wait a long time to get rid of psychopaths, and progress against their depredations is slow, but it has been constant over centuries, and we should never reduce the pressure.

  6. Stop practices that create terror and agony in the helpless and innocent.

  7. We must respect all Life!

  8. Stop killing and using innocent animals they have the much right to live! Why don’t you use pedophiles, murderers, sex Offenders, gang members, that at are sitting in prison and death row. Put them through hell and let them feel the pain

  9. We already know that testing on animals does not correlate back to humans so what the eff????? STOP NOW!!!

  10. I say use the prisoners on death row, rapist, child pedophiles, murderers!

  11. Animal testing is a job for sadistic psychopaths and pseudo-scientists. We live in 2021 and there are other new cutting-edge technologies than animal-testing which is a relic from the Dark Ages. SHAME on you, SADISTS, PSYCHOPATHS and TORTURERS. You are NOT researchers but mentally-deranged sick individuals who need a psychiatric help!!!

  12. It would be nice to have an address or contact as to where to send this latter. I have been on searching and can’t find anything.


  14. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    Use humans is the only answer…. animals are not the answer to these test only humans can accurately help… hate humans so use the…only love animals and plants


  16. Maybe if the same tests were used on the “scientists” they would have a different view of their methods. In addition there are a lot of abusive criminals that could be used in testing – more accurate results and justice served at the exact same time.

  17. Use the miscreants in jail and those on death row.

  18. maybe someone should start doing similar tests on fauci and family. lets see how they respond to these needless tortures whose research has gone on for decades with zero results. while primates are similar to us they are also very different. how do you conduct aids research on an animal that won’t contract it. if there are any applications available to do research on slouchi, i would like to apply for the job. the man is a souless scumbag and make no mistake he is currently working on human guinea pigs as we speak. his covid abomination is seeing to that.

  19. Janette+Lands says:

    Oh Lord please stop it. I am now 60 and have been signing petitions against it all my life. Give us something to justify the title Humanity and Man Kind.

  20. This no longer a necessary torture to do to all animals. Science has come a long way . I always think these are people who really don’t care what they do for a job.

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