Pit Bulls Shot and Killed By Suspected Dog-Fighting Operation Deserve Justice


Target: Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Goal: Prosecute case involving three pit bulls who were killed and discarded in a reservoir by a supposed dogfighting ring.

Pennsylvania’s Eaton Reservoir became the scene of a horrific act of animal cruelty. Visitors discovered three deceased dogs floating in the water. Each of the animals had gunshot wounds. Worse yet, they are suspected victims of a dog-fighting operation.

In addition to the gunshot injuries, the pit bulls were reportedly marred by multiple other wounds consistent with dog-fighting. Authorities even suspect more victims may be yet undiscovered. While no persons of interest have been identified, state police promise to file multiple charges in the event of an arrest.

Sign the petition below to urge the legal system do its job for these innocents taken by brutality.


Dear Attorney General Shapiro,

Three innocent dogs were shot, killed, and dumped like garbage into the Eaton Reservoir. More disturbing still, the injuries on these dogs suggest the crimes committed against them were long-term. Dog-fighting has an unfortunate history in Eaton, and if this horrific act has arisen once again, it should be targeted and eliminated with vigilance.

Every day the perpetrator or perpetrators of these crimes remain at large is a day more living beings could suffer and endure the ultimate act of cruelty. Please join with local authorities in vowing the strongest possible charges when a suspect is apprehended.

Prosecute this brutal act to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Joestultz


  1. Please search your community thoroughly! You MUST find and rescue the innocent dogs and other animals used in the heinous act of dog fighting! There are living beings out there that need your help NOW! Please arrest the SADISTS involved and put them in PRISON!

  2. Carol Williams says:

    I wish sometimes they could treat some of these people that do these poor animal’s to the same type of abuse.

  3. Thwese evil,mentally deranged dog killing cretins must have the death penalty performed on themselves. I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure!! A slow and awgonisng death is essential!

  4. These evil scumbags must be exterminated.

  5. Felony max sentence for all 3 dogs is a must. No more sklaps on the wrists for these cruel evil monster who are pure evil

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