Stop Inserting Catheters Into Imprisoned Bears’ Gallbladders to Harvest Bile

Target: Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, President of Vietnam

Goal: End the practice of bear bile farming in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Vietnamese government announced plans to phase out bear bile farming in 2005. While commendable steps have been taken and bear farming in Vietnam is slowly coming towards an end, the country’s most prominent city shows almost zero progress. Hanoi remains the country’s #1 bile bear farming hotspot, with 159 bears on 30 farms – accounting for 49% of the total bile bears in Vietnam as of 2021.

Bear bile is a traditional Asian medicine that may have positive effects but also has readily available cruelty-free alternatives. The bears used for harvesting bile are kept in tiny cages and repeatedly put through the painful process of bile extraction from their gallbladders, with techniques ranging from permanent catheters to a hole in the gallbladder that is repeatedly re-opened. The cages the bears are kept in are tiny–they are called ‘crush cages’ and bears who grow up in them have bodies contorted to fit the tightness. They are often missing teeth from trying to gnaw their way out.

It’s time for the Hanoi government to end bear farming for good. Sign the petition below and call on the Hanoi government to: take decisive action to end the practice of bear farming in the country’s capital, set a precedent of zero tolerance for the rest of the country in dealing with the bear farming situation, and close all bear farms by 2025 and ensure the transfer of all remaining bears to rescue centers and sanctuaries.


Dear Mr. President,

As Vietnam continues to phase out bear bile farming, it is important to make sure that the act reaches completion. Hanoi has not reduced its bear farming at the same rate as the rest of the country, with hundreds of bears still kept on farms, in tiny painful cages. Bear bile has readily available cruelty-free alternatives, and so the torment of these animals is completely unnecessary.

Crush cages torture these beasts, and they live out their lives in pain. It is time for your government to end bear farming, setting a precedent of zero tolerance throughout the country, and close all bear farms by 2025, transferring all surviving bears to rescue centers.

Please, end the torment of these animals in Hanoi and the rest of the country.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Peter Halasz


  1. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    This is the same piece of shit country that during the Vietnam war strapped bombs to children and sent them into American camps. They care about nothing. Should have wiped them out in the 70s.

    • Denise Alvarado says:

      If you could have such an ugly attitude towards humans it’s easy to see how humans can so easily torture animals. You sound worse than the people you are attacking!

      • Pamela Chattergoon says:

        You’re the only person defending this. The difference is that even though there are dog fighting and puppy mills in our country, the government doesn’t think its ok. It is illegal. You must be as ignorant as they are over there.

      • Pamela Chattergoon says:

        My attitude doesn’t cause people to torture animals. Psychopaths have existed for centuries. Read all the comments here. Most are like mine.

      • That’s right…stand up for the enemy. 🙄

      • I would think that by your comment you are just as bad as the bastards who inflict this torture on innocent animals.
        I’m bloody sure that you would soon change your tune if it was about to happen to you!
        Yes, cruelty and torture has been going on throughout the world from the year dot!!
        But in this supposedly civilised world it should not be happening.
        As I have said in previous comment, these sick fuckers really need a taste of their own medicine.
        Most humans can fight back, to some degree anyway.
        These innocent bears have no choice.
        So get real and stop defending the bloody perps!!

  2. Kimberly Hagerty says:


  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Tôi ước gì Hoa Kỳ đã tiêu diệt hoàn toàn kẻ ác Việt Nam bằng bom napalm của họ vào những năm 1970, bởi vì người Việt Nam là một trong những dân tộc ngu dốt, thấp hèn, xấu xa và độc ác nhất trên Trái đất. Chúng tôi sẽ khá giả hơn nhiều nếu không có họ

  4. Cathy McIntyre says:

    This practice has been going on for so long, generation after generation. You despair when you realise that another generation think that this is acceptable (of course not everyone) – it must stop!!! So many abuses of animals – why?

  5. It’s not just wrong to insert tubes into them – it’s totally wrong to put them in cages in the first place! Vile people!

  6. VIETNAM is MORAL FILTH! Tormenting wild animals is ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME, and those responsible for the shocking mistreatment of bears should be JAILED for LIFE!! Human psychopathic scum. Vietnam is the lowest of the low! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME on Vietnam.

    • I agree but not jail them, simply give the fuckers the same treatment then painfully terminate the sick bastards. These shitbags are not wanted on our planet and definitely would not be missed.
      Jonny W.

      • Dawn Neymeiyer says:

        Release the bears & put the captors in the exact same cage. Just like those bears, there will be NO RELEASE, NO HOPE & NO HELP.

        USE THEM FOR BLOOD DONATION, TRANSPLANTS & EXPERIMENTS. It’s simply a life for a life…. right?

  7. Julia Edinger says:


  8. Diese ganze verdammte Drecks Pack müsste man ausrotten ihr Monster.

  9. DISGUSTING AND EVIL that VIETNAM does this! This is beyond cruel and needs to stop!!!

  10. These sick bastards have been doing this for years.
    And the brainless idiots who buy this so-called medicine to supposedly give them more strength or bigger dicks, tits whatever, are the ones keeping this torturous trade going!
    But this Country could not give a shit as long as they are making money at someone or something else’s expense.
    Their ‘Mickey Mouse government needs to get it’s arse in gear and actually do something to stop this unnecessary torture continuing.
    Will they do it? Of course they fucking won’t! Too much trouble and they are only animals so the pricks do not care a toss.
    Hopefully our petitions will help- eventually. But that is not helping the bears right now!
    These bear farms need raiding by groups of ‘hard guys’ and take out these sick tossers who can do this to living animals. The fuckers need the same treatment whilst strapped down to a bench! Power to any vigilante group who has the strength to terminate these arrogant psychotic wankers.
    And yes, I really am angry that this barbaric torture is still allowed to go on in a supposedly civilised world.
    Jonny W.

    • How RIGHT you are — we MUST keep fighting and fighting and writing and signing — continue to CONFRONT the Govt and People about these HORRORS — until they STOP — permanently.

  11. this is inhumane and unnecessary

  12. When will the Vietnamese stop this sick, cruel, ignorant, and demented practice. They should be ASHAMED of this! And they keep these bears some 30 years locked in a small cage. How horrific. If they treat animals like this, how do they even consider themselves civilized? It is a DISGRACE!

  13. What a shameful, sadistic, depraved bunch of Humans to engage in such a cruel trade – I’d be ASHAMED — there’s NO Sanity, NO compassion, NO morals — it’s time for the Govt to DO THE RIGHT THING, as is expected from respectable, moral, rational Leaders — let’s enlighten the world that “bear bile” does us NO GOOD whatsoever — there is NO UPSIDE to this vile, vicious business — it’s a money-making scheme conjured up by SADISTIC IDIOTS.

  14. So sick and cruel in many ways.

    The traditional medicine is Garbage, does not work!!

  15. American+Girl says:

    Most if not all of the Asian countries are sick, vile inbred fucks in how they treat God’s creatures. Karma is a bitch and it will come home to haunt them 1,000X over. They are filth personified!

  16. Animal abusers most definately, require extermination.

    • Dawn Neymeiyer says:

      YES! We should hold them captive & demand retribution by using them (without consent of course) for any & every valuable body part for transplants, blood, etc.
      At least THAT is a worthy cause!

  17. Boycott all Vietnamese products in shops… that’s one way you can do your bit.

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