Don’t Rehome Imperative Emotional Support Animal

Target: Village of Canajoharie, New York Mayor Jeff Baker

Goal: Allow man with disability to keep legally registered emotional support pig.

Wyverne Flatt’s emotional support pig, Ellie, is a major contributor in helping him to overcome severe anxiety issues. However, the Village of Canajoharie, New York is trying to force him to get rid of her, even though doing so is discriminatory under the Fair and Equal Housing Act. It is important that Ellie stay with her owner to better ensure people with disabilities will continue to be treated equally under the law.

Flatt’s pig has helped him get through losing family members as well as a painful divorce. Ellie sits with Flatt each day when he gets home from work and keeps him company while he watches tv or walks around the house. Although the village claims Ellie is only a livestock / farm animal, she is legally registered as an emotional support pet. Under the Fair and Equal Housing Act, any type of pet can be used as a support animal as long as the owner can prove they suffer from a legitimate disability. However, Flatt currently has until mid-December to rehome Ellie.

Studies have shown that pigs have a level of attachment to their owners. Therefore, rehoming Ellie would be difficult for both her and Flatt. Sign this petition to demand Flatt be legally allowed to keep his emotional support pig in the hopes that this unique family will be able to stay together.


Dear Mayor Baker,

Your town is demanding Wyverne Flatt get rid of his emotional support pig, Ellie. Not only is Ellie registered as an emotional support pet, but any animal can legally qualify as a support animal under the Fair and Equal Housing Act. Not allowing Ellie to keep his support animal is breaking the law, because you are clearly discriminating against a man who has been medically diagnosed with a disability.

Flatt suffers from severe anxiety as a result of going through a difficult divorce and having to deal with more than one family member passing away. He has presented you with a doctor’s note in relation to his condition, legally registered Ellie as an emotional support animal, and has kept her up to date on all vaccinations. He always keeps Ellie by his side, a clear indication that this animal is not running around the area being a nuisance. Since Flatt has proven he is a responsible pet owner, and, most importantly, since forcing Flatt to get rid of his emotional support animal is clearly discrimination under the Fair and Equal Housing Act, all legal proceedings against him need to stop immediately.

For these reasons, I demand you stop discriminating against Flatt and allow him to keep his emotional support pig, Ellie.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Patrick+Butler says:

    How could you be so cruel to this man and his support pig, Ellie! Try to have compassion for a person with disabilities…shame on you!!!

  2. Sounds like a bunch of busy-body KARENS sticking their noses in someone else’s business.

  3. people have lost all sense of compassion and empathy. we have become a society of mummies who worry more about likes on twitter and facebook than we do about any living thing. it is truly a disgrace and i hate to see 10 years into the future what this will all become. This man and his pet are bonded, just as any person with another pet or human and should be left in peace. that pig hurts no one and helps someone. so stop being a bunch of selfish idiots and leave the man and his pet alone..

  4. sherri stewart says:

    He Should Have The Right To Have His Lifetime Friend . Pigs Are Just As Sweet As Dogs,Cats Or Any Other Pet People Own Especially Ones That,s Special Like His .Life Is Short These Days And People Need Any Kind Of Comfort They Can Get These Days .

  5. SUE! That should stop them cold! Yes, this pig is his friend. I know because my kitties are my friends!

  6. How on God’s name can you even consider taking away a man’s life support? What is wrong with your community that you and others in it can be so cruel? It makes no matter if the support animal is a pig, Ellie is calm, compassionate and knows she is good for him. Ellie is a living being who seems to have much more of a conscience than you do! Make Ellie the Mayor and all will be right in your community.

  7. This man has every right to keep his pet Ellie the pig living with him!

  8. Mr Flatt is clearly being harassed unduly so, because there is nothing wrong with him having his lifelong pet emotional pig Ellie.

  9. 63000 dollars and counting of tax payer money. Shameful.

    Money hungry lawyer spends minutes on paperwork. Deplorable.

    Law abiding citizen harassed and is out of pocket his essential living money. Terrifying

    Shame on you Mr. Mayor

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