German Shepherd Apparently Brutally Beaten by Owner on Video Deserves Justice

Target: Henrico County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Shannon L. Taylor

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly beating dog and do not allow him to own pets.

Thomas Edward Grant was arrested on two counts of animal cruelty after he allegedly beat his German shepherd named Ginger. It is important he receive the maximum penalty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer if he is found guilty of this horrible crime.

Police said they discovered video evidence of the event after neighbors posted footage on social media. According to reports, the dog can be heard yelping loudly while the episode is taking place. Reports also indicate that authorities had previously been called to Grant’s home for similar accusations.

Grant is currently being held without bond, and Ginger as well as a cat were removed from his home. Grant may get his animals back if the current charges are dropped. Sign this petition to demand Grant be given the most time behind bars possible and to further insist he no longer be legally allowed to own animals if he is found guilty of these unthinkable acts.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Taylor,

Authorities arrested Thomas Edward Grant after it was reported he repeatedly beat his German shepherd. Grant should not receive any mercy under the law if he is found guilty of such vile animal cruelty.

Neighbors said they witnessed Grant hit Ginger on many occasions. However, evidence was needed, likely because of Grant not being arrested for similar alleged tragedies. One of his neighbors, Kennon Joyner, therefore taped Grant while he was reportedly hitting and kicking Ginger and then posted the video on social media.

The dog was temporarily placed at the Henrico County Police Animal Shelter. However, if Grant’s case is not taken seriously, he may be given permission to take Ginger and his cat home and not be required to pay fines or spend time in jail. I therefore demand you seek the toughest sentence possible for Grant and that you further tell the judge he should not be legally allowed to have pets if he is found guilty of this needless abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jacub Halun


  1. Roslyn Pollinger says:

    Put this abuser away and take all animals from him. This has to stop!!!

    • Anyone know what’s happened ginger and her feline sibling? So sad they are sitting in a shelter because of this abuser..any info on fostering?

  2. He needs to go straight to prison for 50 years

  3. Thomas Edward Grant deserves Jail time and should Never be allowed bear animals again. If the case is dismissed or given a lesser sentance then the judge should lose his seat because he/ she allows the laws to be broken. Animal abuse should be taken as seriusly as human abuse. These psychopathic abusers have no place in this world amongst us!

  4. Carol Tenerow says:

    The mother f***er need the most severe punishment you can give him. He is a piece of shit and should be beat in the same manner this gorgeous pup had to endure!!! There is no place in this earth for animal abusers!!!!!

    • Katrina Daniel says:

      Hope someone can post his address, his job, his employer’s, his family member’s Thomas Edward Grant can be recognized for his contribution.

  5. Kim Anderson says:

    I will gladly adopt the dog. He is not entitled to get her back.

  6. Celeste Nieves says:

    This is why animal abuse laws need to be more strongly enforced- this sub human should suffer jail time and never be allowed the privilege of owning a pet again. Torture and beating that animal cannot be dismissed.

  7. Rosemary Ferguson says:

    Fucking disgusting and evil…do not allow this evil piece of shit to own any animals and throw his worthless ass in jail

  8. Why would this scum bag ever be able to own an animal again??
    Death sentence!!!!

  9. Cornelia Woods says:

    Please do the right thing and convict this man and take away his existing animals and NEVER allow him to own more. This is atrocious and he should be held accountable for his actions.

  10. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    Some people do not deserve animals, and that is certainly the case in this witnessed chronic abuser’s case. This monster deserves to be charged with felony animal abuse and prosecuted to the max,to include mandatory and extensive jail time, and by no means ever allowed to be around another animal, with a lifetime ban implemented!

  11. Pamela+Hengst says:

    I am so glad Ginger and a cat were rescued from his abusive monster!! Thomas Grant is too mean and ignorant to ever be around, let alone own, any animals. He is guilty and really should go to jail. What a jerk! He certainly must NOT get Ginger and the cat returned to him. Make him pay!!

  12. This guy doesn’t deserve to own animals, he’s just unfit and that’s all there is to it. When he’s found guilty, one stipulation has to be that he has a lifetime ban on owning any other animals. Dirty rat needs to be locked up for a long time!

  13. What is wrong with us – he could get his animals back!!!!!! He deserves a prison term and no animals ever. There’s already been multiple accusations???? Let’s stand up for the animals for a change.


  15. All nations are too soft on these pshycos.
    Just do the eye for an eye. I so hope they get a bullet.

  16. President Trump signed into law- animal abuse is a felony.He should be stopped of ever owning A animal.

  17. Just find him and f…. him!!!

  18. What a sick fucking bastard.This POS needs to be locked up for good, What other sick acts has he done in the past that the public does not know about. He probably abuses women also.

  19. Barb Garrison says:

    This guy is mentally ill, he’s a sadist, and he must never have any pets, ever!!! If these two animals go back to him, he will kill them!!!

  20. Cathy McIntyre says:

    This piece of shit needs beaten to a pulp and then finished with a couple of bullets through the head – no more risk of animal cruelty by him. However we know that unfortunately this won’t happen so meantime he should be given maximum sentence and never allowed near an animal again. Maybe fellow prisoners might be animal lovers and they will deal with him.

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