Horse Who Suddenly Died Following Alleged Animal Cruelty Deserves Justice

Target: Michael G. Roehrig Prosecuting Attorney of Monroe County, MI

Goal: Bring animal cruelty charges, if applicable, against stabling business accused of providing substandard care for deceased horse.

An Irish Stallion fell ill and died shortly after being transported to Monroe County, Michigan. The horse was 23 years old. While these circumstances may not seem out of the norm at first glance, the horse’s caretaker believes animal cruelty may have played a hand in this tragedy.

The caretaker told authorities that she moved to the region with about two dozen horses, intending to buy a stabling business. The deceased horse had been housed at this facility, and the horse’s apparently abrupt health deterioration shortly thereafter compelled the woman to seek a medical investigation. If this business, which stakes its reputation on sheltering and caring for horses, had any involvement in the death, consequences should come.

Sign the petition below to urge local legal authorities to pursue this case to the fullest extent.


Dear Mr. Roehrig,

An Ash Township stabling business recently came under scrutiny when an animal cruelty complaint was filed. If the accusations and suspicions have any merit, this business may have played a role in the death of an Irish Stallion horse. Authorities are investigating the case.

If charges are filed, please prosecute this case with vigilance and send a decisive message that any form of animal cruelty will not be tolerated.


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Photo Credit: Barbara Olsen


  1. Horses don’t just suddenly die for no reason at all they’re normally very healthy animals I believe this woman is guilty of foul Play I’d slap the handcuffs on her put her under the spotlight slap around a few times till she speaks the truth and then I throw her in jail and throw away the key… That horse’s life was worth much more than hers any day

  2. Please investigate to the fullest! This sounds suspicious! Please find Justice for this poor innocent horse

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