Punish Financial Officer Who Allegedly Stole From Animal Shelter

Target: Shawn Sant, Prosecuting Attorney for Franklin County, Washington

Goal: Seek maximum penalty for chief financial officer (CFO) accused of stealing from an animal shelter.

Julie Chambers, the CFO of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, has been accused of stealing $300,000 dollars from the non-profit to buy herself a home and pay off credit cards. Chambers is currently facing two felony charges in Franklin County: first-degree theft and money laundering. Days later, dozens of reportedly neglected or abused dogs and cats were removed from the shelter.

The money Chambers allegedly stole was taken after a donation of $545,000 came from the estate of a retired railroad engineer. The money was meant for a new building; her defense lawyer claims that she was owed the money and therefore no crime was committed. She allegedly provided a boost of her own money when the non-profit was started, and therefore was owed the money when the organization had the funds to reimburse her. The shelter director told investigators that Chambers did not have permission to withdraw the funds.

Theft from an animal shelter of all places, stealing from animals who desperately need it, is an abuse of power. Sign below and demand that, if found guilty, Julia Chambers faces the maximum penalty possible.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Sant,

Julia Chambers, the CFO of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, is currently facing charges of first-degree theft and money laundering. The money that she allegedly stole was intended for malnourished and needy animals and her main defense directly contradicts the testimony of the shelter director.

Julia Chambers should face the maximum penalty possible if she is found guilty on both charges that she is accused of. Please, seek justice for these innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This woman was stealing from the animals, an unforgivable thing to do, and needs to be punished appropriately. Furthermore, SHE SHOULD BE MADE TO PAY BACK EVERY CENT AND MORE….

  2. Julia Chambers sounds like a horrible human being! How can anyone steal from those less fortunate is unconscionable

  3. This vile,mentally deranged,thieving bitch must be put to death!

  4. Five or ten years in jail will give her free room and board which is what she stole anyway.

  5. Take everything from her and then starve her. Take away from her what she took away from those animals!

  6. Linda L Cummings says:

    This is as low as anyone can go. Yalk about taking advantage of the weak!

  7. This vile stealing bitch, must be made to pay ack all the money she stole in addition to a fine of at leasdt $700,000 as well as a prison sentence of at least 30 years without parole!

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