Dogs Apparently Left to Suffer With Infections in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Heather L. Adams, District Attorney of Lancaster County, PA

Goal: Punish man accused of keeping dogs with numerous infected wounds in unsafe kennels.

A Pennsylvania clan has allegedly made animal cruelty a family business, all under the not-so-watchful eye of regional authorities. The Esh family’s brushes with potential animal welfare violations date back 25 years and three generations. The latest visit from the state’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) resulted in the seizure of over a dozen dogs, the possible seizure of four dozen more, and animal cruelty charges for Daniel Esh, his wife Verna, and their son Omar.

In the recent incident, inspectors found several dogs on the family’s premises reportedly suffering from numerous infections everywhere from the ears to the paws. The living conditions for these animals were also apparently abysmal. Just a few months prior, Daniel Esh had been prohibited from having any dogs for a year because of previous charges. In fact, over the years this family (including Daniel Esh’s parents) has earned 40-plus citations for animal welfare issues.

What have all of these charges cost the Eshes?  Apparently, the answer is a couple of thousand dollars in fines and not a day in jail. The family has reportedly even operated several kennels simply by changing the kennels’ names when they are shut down. Despite the clear pattern of seeming abuse, the individuals have allegedly talked and pled their way out of any serious or lasting repercussions.

While Daniel and Verna Esh have already had their day in court, their son’s hearing is still upcoming and represents the last opportunity to hold this family to account. Sign the petition below to demand prosecutors seek nothing less than the maximum punishment for this man if he is deemed guilty.


Dear Ms. Adams,

Serial criminals typically operate unhindered because they commit their atrocities in secret and are able to evade capture. In your jurisdiction, however, three alleged serial criminals have reportedly done their worst in full daylight and with the knowledge of authorities. For two-and-a-half decades, the Esh family has faced accusations of animal cruelty no less than 40 times. With every new accusation, these people pledge to change their ways and pay off a paltry sum, the apparent price for continued alleged criminal activity.

This disgrace and utter failure of the legal system must stop now. Omar Esh’s day in court is soon to come. Make accountability and enforcement matter this time. Prosecute with vigilance and seek the strongest possible penalty in the event of a conviction or guilty plea.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Eva Holderegger


  1. How can authorities turn a blind eye to this abuse? Laws must be changed and these people must go to jail. Such cruel and torture must stop.

  2. Nadine brundage says:

    Why is this cruelty allowed to continue and why no significant consequences? Letting these low life’s off with a slap on the wrist only encourages other evil assholes to do the same.

    • I agree. And if prison space is an issue, release non-violent offenders of marijuana possession and replace them with these scumbags. Give them mandatory minimums with no early release or parole. Make them serve 10 years on a first offense and maybe we’ll start seeing a dramatic reductioñ in cases of neglect and abuse.

      • This is the problem, these pizel continue to get off because the punishment is almost nothing, then they plea it down to a fine and the poor, defenseless domesticated animals suffer more indefinitely! They need to make the punishment for these crimes punishable with serious mandatory time, serious fines of $10,000 per offense and no plea bargaining then maybe just maybe they’ll stop treating our companions like chattel!!!

      • Robert I agree with your comment.
        If prison space is an issue, release non-violent offenders of marijuana possession and replace them with these scumbags. Give them mandatory minimums with no early release or parole. Make them serve 10 years on a first offense and maybe we’ll start seeing a dramatic reductioñ in cases of neglect and abuse.

    • 100% agree. Until govt and state laws taking animal abuse seriously this will continue to happen. Pure evil.

  3. Sick of it. LAWS MUST CHANGE! Animal abuse is rampant, and authorities turn a blind eye to it so often. The perps that are responsible for this kind of cruelty should be locked up under a FELONY.

  4. Sherri Robertson says:

    You have the power, we have the voice to defend the voiceless! It’s time to take a stand and stop this cruelty from the Esh’s to never have access to an animal again!

  5. Barbara Garrison says:

    What scumbags!!! How long will authorities slap their wrists, and do nothing? Animals have been suffering and dying for decades- where are the police? For the love of God, do your damn job, or get out of the way and let someone else take care of business.

  6. Help the animals put the human a—holes behind bars till they die

  7. What the heck does it take? The courts and so called authorities are idiots and being laughed at by the abusers.

  8. Therese Kutscheid says:

    Unbelievable, why does that horrible family come always away with the slap on the wrist?
    If they would be put in the jail for period of time and treated like they treat their dogs, maybe they would be ‘cured’
    They should be not permitted to own an animal for the rest of their life, and there should be regular control checking up on them

  9. If lawmakers and justice departments do not start putting in severe punishment, long jail sentences…then they are JUST AS GUILTY!!!

  10. Michelle Stewart says:

    All those bastards must be severely charged. Each person must be sentenced to 8 years in prison with no early parole, the whole family must pay a $400,000 fine, they all must be banned for life from owning, working with, breeding, selling, and going near any animals ever again. All the animals must be seized immediately and never given back.

  11. So, these abusers get slapped on the wrists & are able to go back & continue the the same hellish abuse with new dogs?
    They don’t get fined or punished enough & then what? As a reward they are able to restart this hell. How do they get these animals & why do they continue to abuse these animals? Nobody continues to followup on these pieces of crap? A family thing? This is sick & demented.
    What kind of animal protectors are there in that city. How can this just be repeated & repeated? Makes me sick.
    There is a special place in hell for animal abusers.

  12. Kathleen Scherman says:

    This is the kind of BS Justice that makes people go out and do the job the police and all local authorities are NOT DOING! Because, their animals it doesn’t matter?? ALL Those animals that the Esh family have abused, and neglected, killed and lord knows what else to these poor babies!! Give these animals the justice they deserve!!! End this abusive business and put these sick SOB TO DEATH!!!!!

  13. Justice for the animals makes me sick! I wish the horrible family the worst to come. Animal abusers deserve DEATH!

  14. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I shake my head in disgust when it comes to this case. Laws on the books. Handfuls of violations over the years. Continued cruelty to animals. And yet for decades these abuses continue from the same family? How is this even possible? This is one of those instances when the system of law has contributed to the suffering, pain, and even death of animals due to its failures and lack of enforcement. This family should have lost all rights years ago from ever owning another animal. Period!

  15. Indifference of the Authorities against animal abuse must be changed by ESTABLISHING NEW LAWS harshly punishing SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS tormenting innocent and defenseless animals.
    Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS of human PSYCHOPATHS! ANIMAL VIOLENCE shall be treated as any human violence. Animals deserve JUSTICE – just like YOU and ME!!!!
    This family from HELL must be HARSHLY PUNISHED and NEVER be allowed to own animals again!



  18. Lancaster PA has long been widely known as the county of animal cruelty due to the huge numbers of amish puppy mills, lack of animal welfare laws and their tolerance of animal abuse. Dogs have been imprisoned and tortured there for years.

  19. If we don’t start cracking down hard on animal abusers like these then we need mental help. These people should never be allowed to be even close to an animal again, much less wait a year until they can once again own one. Good thing I am not a judge; animal abusers would not get off anywhere close to easy in my court.

  20. These people should NEVER be allowed the privilege of owning ANY animals going forward. >:(

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