Stop “Wildlife Services” From Cruelly Slaughtering Millions of Animals

Target: U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack 

Goal: Stop the unnecessary and sadistic persecution of predators, and implement humane solutions instead. 

Wildlife Services, a federal program managed by the USDA, has a vague and misleading title. The primary services they render include protecting farmers’ livestock from predators and airports from birds, and the former involves slaughtering millions of wild animals per year. The stated purpose of this agency is to promote the coexistence of wildlife and humans, however, its actions speak to the fact that it is solely serving the welfare of the members of the human population who see animals as a nuisance and lobby for their eradication.

According to the USDA, Wildlife Services spent $0 in 2020 on threatened and endangered species conservation. Currently, there is a full page on their website specifically dedicated to this endeavor, so one would assume that it is meant to be included in their budget and duties. In that same year, they killed 1.5 million wild animals. Based on these numbers, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that they are opting for the easy way out by killing animals rather than using more intelligent and creative solutions in order to foster a harmonious relationship.

Wildlife Services has repeatedly ignored requests for more transparency regarding their budget and how it is spent. Interestingly, the only expenditure available in WS’s Program Data Reports was the zero dollar amount listed above. What we do know is that they receive funding from both federal appropriations and cooperator-provided funds. This may lead one to wonder if the program is actually financially backed by members of industries who benefit from the elimination of certain predatory animals. It appears that Wildlife Services isn’t serving the wildlife at all and it is time for them to do the job they claim to and promote coexistence and conservation.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

We are making a call to action regarding the Wildlife Services Agency. The purpose of this organization, according to the USDA website, is to promote the successful coexistence of humans and wildlife. However, they killed 1.5 million wild animals in 2020 and, according to their own data, made zero efforts toward conservation. This information is just a sample of the evidence that their true focus is unevenly weighted to favor human interests.

It’s a fact that many wild animals can pose a danger to humans and their livelihood, but I think we can all agree that the number of animals that are destroyed is beyond excessive. We also take issue with the cruel and unnecessary methods used, namely the destruction of coyotes’ dens (252 in 2020) and the shooting of beavers (25,594 in 2020) rather than relocating them. It’s time to take a closer look at this agency and demand transparency in where their funding is coming from and who or what they are actually serving, because they are certainly doing a disservice to the wildlife of America.


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Photo Credit: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area


  1. “Stop the unnecessary and sadistic persecution of predators, and implement humane solutions instead”

  2. U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

    Stop the unnecessary and sadistic persecution of predators, and implement humane solutions instead.

  3. Allegedly this agency was supposed to create ways to mitigate wildlife and human interactions and lessen livestock predation. We now know that wildlife predation is actually really low and that ranchers do almost nothing to protect their animals from predators EXCEPT call in Wildlife Services to kill wildlife in horrible and cruel ways so ranchers don’t have to protect their animals. In reality it Wildlife Services exists to kill wildlife at the request of ranchers, period. And the more barbaric the killing method the better. This agency needs to be disbanded or actually work to help wildlife instead of just kill wildlife.

  4. Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal Abuse n Cruelty

  5. KILLING OFF Animals is unconscionably depraved, cruel and immoral — we NEED our beautiful Wild Animals — due to your horrific SLAUGHTER much damage will be done to our environment and Planet — kowtowing to Ranchers and other self-interests is immoral, cowardly, merciless & insane — STOP the MURDERS of our Wild Animals FOREVER — Let’s get some respect and standards.

  6. America is plagued with illegal hunting. Get rid of traps, snares, and all the other horrible ways to knowingly abuse animals. Wild animals, companion animals and wildlife are all made to suffer in this manner. For what? The Wildlife Service Agency is disgusting! Unacceptable. We pay these people to do all the harm they can to our animals? Like the BLM, this agency must answer to authority. We are in Climate Change and need animals to help us through. We need to share land with animals. Wolves and sharks keep the eco systems balanced yet this agency seems ignorant to that fact. We pay for professionals who are educated in their field and yet end up with sadistic criminals instead. I feel both agencies need to be investigated for neither is doing the job they are being paid to do. The US Fisheries are the next in line. Where is the protection these agencies pretend to offer? If at all possible they should be fired without references or pay and the positions filled with a new crop of educated professionals showing compassion and respect for animals and their care.

  7. Every form of wildlife on this earth must be protected fromthe cruel evil thrill killers/abusers. And it is well past time that these same evil punks are severely punished for their cruelty and removed from society forever.

  8. Dianne Hallman says:


  9. what would you expect from a government who treats humans just as poorly.

  10. The only good animal killer is a dead one.These vile animal murdering cretins must definately be exterminated!Back off bastards and leave the animals alone!!

  11. All government agencies are MORE than deceptive, using titles totally OPPOSITE to what they REALLY do and stand for. Time for government to GO. There’s no other way.

  12. The people that Biden has placed in charge do nothing to protect animals, I voted for him, but he is a complete disappointment, he lied, and said he would protect wolves, and he hasnt done anything to help these animals

  13. Every animal on this earth needs to be protected from the “thrill killing” punks who love doing it. The thrill killers should be forced to fight each other ..IN MY OPINION

  14. How can the US behave so ignorantly and uneducated towards such a keystone species?

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