Penalize Lion Farmer Accused of Letting Big Cats Starve to Death

Target: Charl Terblanche, owner of Farm Olivia

Goal: Get justice for the deaths of 30 allegedly malnourished lions.

As massive fires sweep through the Free State area of South Africa, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SCPA) has been moving through the region, caring for injured animals. One area in particular was especially gruesome. Farm Olivia is a game reserve located outside of Bloemfontein, and when inspectors from the SCPA came to the farm they reportedly discovered 59 lions, tragically abused. The owner of the farm allegedly knew for 5 days that the animals were injured, and yet administered no medical treatment, nor did he call for help. The lions were reportedly discovered huddled together, unable to escape the flames not because of a fence or enclosure, but because they were too malnourished to move. Several of the cats were apparently too weak to stand, and were so famished that some turned on one of their own, killing and eating it. 

Vets from the SCPA treated the animals for days, but 30 of them were too weak and injured to save, and in the end had to be euthanized. The owner was not present for either the inspection or the euthanization, and inspectors say he laughed when presented with a warning and refuses to comply with any subsequent warnings or spend any money on his lions. You can also visit the Bloemfontein SPCA’s website and click on the donate button to help care for these animals. Use the reference ‘Lions.’

The alleged behavior at Farm Olivia is absolutely disgusting, and the horror the cats seem to have gone through is tragic. While a lawsuit has been leveled against the owner of the establishment, it is vital that he never be allowed to hurt animals again. Sign the petition to ensure that he does not profit from the abuse and mistreatment of these lions.


Dear Mr. Terblanche,

The recent allegations of animal abuse levied against you by the SCPA paint the image of a morally corrupt man profiteering off of the mistreatment and neglect of animals. Your apparent behavior is horrifying, even before the fires that burned and suffocated the cats that you own. You allegedly knew that these lions were suffering, and yet did not raise a finger to alleviate their pain in any way. You reportedly laughed at their pain, and now you must do the right thing by paying for their treatment, along with stepping down from ownership of Farm Olivia, a position that you so clearly are incapable of maintaining. 

Shame on you, Mr. Terblanche.


[Your Name Here]

Photo By: Bjørn Erik Pedersen


  1. He can laugh now but he won’t be laughing later… in the Bible God does not agree with man killing his creations and here’s a perfect example..

    Isaiah 66:3 KJV

    “He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog’s neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig’s blood; he who makes a memorial offering of frankincense, like one who blesses an idol. These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations

    Proverbs 12:10 KJV

    Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

    Esras 2 V61 Goodspeed Apocrypha

    And I will not grieve over the multitude of those who perish; for it is they who are now like a mist, and are similar to a flame and smoke — they are set on fire and burn hotly, and are extinguished.” Therefore there shall not be grief at their destruction, so much as joy over those to whom salvation is assured.” 

  2. Why is the go to solution to euthanize (murder) lions that are too weak to survive??!! The vets who murdered these lions are just as responsible to a great degree as the POS that starved these lions. STOP euthanizing before trying ALL OTHER OPTIONS!

    • I can’t speak for these particular vets but usually the people that work with the SPCA are usually very good to animals. It says they worked with them for days. I hate thinking of 30 lions being euthanized but I also don’t want 30 lions suffering either. I think we need to concentrate on the real villain in this story the owner. Who laughed about the situation. He needs to not only be able to never own any kind of animal again but he needs to be thrown in jail and someone throw away the key. I’m sure the vets did all they could and it was a heart breaking situation. I know when I’ve had to have one of my kitties euthanized it’s done when there is no other alternative and they are suffering. As much as I want them with me if they are suffering I have to make the hard decision but the right one…to put them out of pain regardless of how much it hurts me.

  3. And of course lock up that POS for LIFE w/o parole and stick him in gen pop or execute him.

  4. patricia schwartzman says:

    Mr. Terblanche –
    What a despicable son of a bich you are – hope the devil will take you with him when the final day of your miserable existence arrives.
    Too bad you are so far away, otherwise you’d be dead by now.
    We would all take care of you! You don’t deserve to be alive.

  5. gabriela valerio says:

    That barbaric piece of scum should have died instead of the poor cats …

  6. Maria del Carmen Marquez says:

    But unfortunately the ‘devil’ spared him!

  7. It’s time to euthanize this a-hole.

  8. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    You are a despicable POS. You should be put in a cage in the middle of your farm and just left there, ignored like the animals you turned your back on. Let’s see how long you’ll laugh then. Sickening.

  9. Animal abusers globally must be put to death!

  10. Muriel Servaege says:

    Despicable. How can people do that???

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