Do Not Criminalize Undercover Footage of Animal Cruelty


Target: North Carolina Governor, Pat McCrory

Goal: Don’t imprison animal rights activists for exposing illegal cruelty and abuse via video footage.

North Carolina, among other states, may ban undercover video footage of animal cruelty in the workplace. Such a law would eliminate any chance at exposing the truth and enable businesses to perform any and all forms of animal cruelty without regulation. This is a dangerous and unnecessary law. Urge North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to disallow a ban on videotaping suspicious activities.

As consumers, the public has a right to know where their food comes from and the exact process used. Banning video footage of illegal and suspicious activities in the workplace will only put animal abusers at ease knowing they no longer risk being exposed. Rather than punishing those committing acts of animal abuse, this would put animal rights activists at risk of being fined and receiving jail time.

The idea of using tax dollars to put animal rights activists in jail is simply absurd and would significantly contribute to the number of non-violent offenders in jail. It eliminates the essential freedom of those working for the greater good by enabling violence and manipulation on the part of mass producers.

Please sign this petition to ask North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory to not pass legislation designed to criminalize undercover footage and severely limit the rights of animal activists.


Dear Governor McCrory,

North Carolina is in the process of potentially eliminating the rights of animal protection activists and severely contributing to a growing epidemic of animal abuse. This is a poor use of resources and poses many threats to both animals and the public that consumes animal products.

Consumers deserve and expect to know how their food came to be. Criminalizing undercover video footage of animal cruelty is in direct opposition of this right and would inevitably decrease the level of trust between businesses and consumers. In a society in which the public is already skeptical of several businesses and factories, this will only exacerbate the problem and lead to more issues in the future.

In addition, placing animal rights activists in jail is a poor use of tax dollars that will produce no long-term benefits. These non-violent offenders are simply trying to expose the truth and protect one another.

This bill does nothing to protect the consumer and everything to enable businesses and factories to perform illegal activities. Please reconsider this initiative and vow to protect the public from deceitful tactics and unnecessary limitations on freedom.


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Photo Credit: Mercy For Animals

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  1. I’ll bet PETA has their foot in the door on this one. They’re losing supporters because people are finding out what animal killing scum they really are.

  2. You can bet PETA is howling and trying to pass this one. They don’t want anyone to know how cruel, heartless and down right evil they are.

    • Kathy Williams says:

      I’m not PETA’s biggest fan, by any means. But here’s the thing: They do contribute to fighting against animal abuse. And with all of the types of cruelty going on, it’s gonna take every drop in the bucket to get anything accomplished. So please stay focused on who the real villains are – better yet: let’s concentrate on trying to help the victims.
      In the meantime, just don’t donate your hard earned dollars to PETA; your money would be better spent at a local organization.

      • You are correcdt Kathy. Local animal shelters…the no kill variety would benefit immensely from donations. I too have a problem with PETA, but they seem to excel when it comes to animal fur and meat trade. They have a problem maintaining their cats and dogs and I find that deplorable that they should put pets on the bottom of their list. With no kill coalition on the rise…it will get addressed.

  3. If this goes ahead then those who allow it are as guilty of animal abuse as the abusers. Pat McCrory is an animal abuser and so are all of them who support criminalising the good people who expose cruelty.

  4. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    This has already passed, McCrory’s veto was overriden of course. Note to self: never visit NC again.

    • Kathy Williams says:

      Personally, I am sick to death of passively signing petition after petition. What’s the point, when politicians already know what they are going to do and don’t give a damn about their constituents? What difference does our voice make when the umpteen ordinances, regulations, laws that are supposed to protect animals aren’t even adequately enforced by the umpteen government agencies established to do so?
      And now, one by one by one, each state will pass Ag-Gag laws – effectively eliminating any NGOs’ oversight…the only genuine guardians the animals ever had.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Totally agree with David-anyone allowing this is just as guilty as the abusers themselves…

  6. kay allan says:

    god bless these people is all i can say

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