Don’t Let Escaped Tiger Shot by Police Die in Vain


Target: Davit Usupashvili, Speaker of the House in Georgia (country)

Goal: Propose improved legislation regarding the safety and handling of zoo animals during natural disasters.

Massive flooding in the country of Georgia caused many animals at the Tbilisi zoo to escape, including a tiger who attacked and killed a man before the tiger was shot to death by police.

In the end, nearly half of the escaped zoo animals drowned in the floods or were later shot by police. Mindia Janelidze, Secretary of Georgia’s Crisis Management Council, put the blame on the administration of the zoo for mistaking whether or not all the escaped animals had been detained.

Now, people around the world are criticizing the government’s handling of the animals during these deadly floods. Some animal rights activists attest that some of the animals did not need to be shot.

Urge Davit Usupashvili, Speaker of the House in Georgia, to propose legislation that would ensure that this kind of horrific tragedy never happens again by creating a better protocol for dealing with animals like this beautiful tiger in a natural disaster.


Dear Davit Usupashvili,

Many animals at the Tbilisi zoo drowned or were murdered during the deadly floods that recently swept your nation. A beautiful tiger took the life of a man and then the life of the tiger was later taken.

These animals did not have to die because the zoo and the government didn’t have a better plan for a way to handle them. Not only were the lives of these animals effected, but human lives were effected as well. I urge you to propose legislation that would ensure a better handling of the lives and welfare of animals during natural disasters so these saddening incidents do not happen again.


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Photo credit: Keith Roper

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  1. None of the escaped animals should have been shot & killed obviously they had to be caught & were terrified but surely they couldve used tranquelizers to recapture safely instead of kill but most humans don’t think save animals they shoot first then its to late

  2. Although it is sad that the tiger paid (with his life) for the maladministration of the zoo, he is much better off dead than being held in a zoo as an innocent yet condemned prisoner (who committed no crime, except that he was born as an animal).

  3. This animal did not ask to be kidnapped and stolen from his family and home. If that is not egregious enough, they then stick him in a zoo to stagnate for the remainder of his miserable life. Why didn’t they tranquilizer him? Whatever happened to commen sense?

  4. Those poor animals didn’t ask to live in a zoo! They didn’t deserve to die because your country doesn’t know how to handle the animals you locked up in your zoo. Has your country never heard of tranquilizers? I can provide the definition if needed.

  5. These poor zoo animals were scared and running for their lives, to escape the flood waters. NO REASON they should have been shot and killed. Tranquilizer guns would have worked just fine. Shame on all of you who murdered these animals!!!

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    Shoot a few people instead or lock THEM up in zoos and see how they like it….

  7. Ravinder Sngh says:

    You lock them up. You are responsible for everything. Had they not been caught they would not have to pay with their lives. Why hold them responsible for sick and dirty actions oh humans. If humans were being saved then you should have thought of these innocent animals. We all are speaking for them We are their voice.

  8. We humans have choices — you could’ve TRANQUILIZED this beautiful tiger instead of killing him dead!

    Their lives have value — their lives are important!

  9. In Disasters you lot have not got a clue how to go about things, as always you are happy to shoot the animals. Change you job, sweep the streets that is about all you are good for.

  10. FABIANO GERARD says:


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