Animals Reportedly Left in Filthy Conditions at “Pet Hotel” Deserve Justice

Target: Best Friends Pet Hotel Indianapolis

Goal: Stop alleged cruel animal abuse through neglect and inattention at “pet hotel.” 

A pet hotel in Indianapolis is currently under investigation after accusations of animal neglect. This comes after several pet owners were reportedly locked out of the Best Friends Pet Hotel for hours, waiting to reunite with their pets. While it is not uncommon for pets to be left alone overnight, the pet hotel is responsible for having a caretaker during the day, something they allegedly failed to do. While several families have complained of neglect after boarding their pets at the hotel for vacations, one man in particular protested after leaving a camera with his dog Bella and noticing the footage appeared to show food being spilled and left on the ground for long periods of time, that she wasn’t let out when she should be, and that by the end there were feces on her blankets and she was whining in distress. After four and a half hours he was reportedly able to get Bella back, as were other pet owners waiting at the same time. After the news broke of Bella’s alleged abuse, other pet owners came forward with their own suspected mistreatments, primarily a lack of food and care for the dogs left at the hotel.

While the investigation into the mistreatment allegedly caused by Best Friends Pet Hotel is still ongoing, being led by Indianapolis Animal Care Services, it is important that these pet owners know they are not alone. Animal mistreatment cannot, and will not, be tolerated.

Sign the petition below to let Best Friends Pet Hotel know that they must change their practices now.


Dear Best Friends Pet Hotel,

The recent allegations of animal neglect, along with the attached investigation by the IACS, appears to show that there is an element of mismanagement at your Indianapolis branch that cannot be ignored. These accusations, which include not following owners’ requests, not providing enough food, leaving animals in unsanitary conditions involving urine and feces, and leaving animals in buildings without supervision or care, suggest not only a lack of regard required to care for our “best friends,” but a gross negligence that must not be allowed to continue.

You claim that nothing is more important to you than the animals in your care, but actions speak far louder than words. Please, be better, and make sure that you are truly caring for our best friends. Pet owners want to know that their pets are in good hands.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This “hotel” won’t change. Just revoke their license and close them down. Make sure the owners don’t open another hellhole with a new name. This is why I NEVER board my dog.

  2. I agree with Czerny. I m sure pet owners trusted this pet hotel. I am also confident owners paid a good price to these owners to take care of their pets while they were away. This facility needs to be closed. They are betraying their clients and building a horrible reputation. The best advertisement is word of mouth. Let’s hope the reverse is also true t put this type od criminal put of business. Are there no inspections? No regulations? No oversight agencies? I feel this is full outright abuse of animals in their care. They knowingly did not give the quality care they were being paid to give. I feel they need to lose their business license and not be allowed to reopen under another name. Don’t give them permission to harm pets and bilk customers.

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