Keep Crucial Protections for Panthers

Florida Panther Kittens

Target: Nick Wiley, Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Goal: Do not change the conservation status of Florida panthers.

Despite there being only approximately 250 Florida panthers left in the wild, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission wants to take them off of the endangered species list. If this happens, these animals will likely soon be extinct.

Florida panthers are struggling in the wild as a result of several issues, including development, road projects, fracking and human encroachment. In addition, several panthers are killed by motorists each year. Twenty-five Florida panthers were killed by cars in the last year alone. Unless we go backwards in time, none of these things will stop anytime soon.

Just as bad, the state wants to change the conservation status of the animal in order to get the legal go-ahead to shoot them if they are seen as being a nuance to either people or livestock. Since people are already shooting Florida panthers illegally, making it legal to shoot them is certainly not going to help improve their numbers.

Sign this petition and tell the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that with so few Florida panthers left, these animals still need the strongest protections. If we don’t do everything we can to help them today, they will likely be a memory tomorrow.


Dear Director Wiley,

Since there are only around 250 Florida panthers left in the wild, their numbers are still too low to take them off of the endangered species list. Doing this will likely quickly drive them to extinction.

Florida panthers are dying every day because of things like road construction, development, and their homes being mutilated due to it now being legal to frack near the everglades. Furthermore, 25 Florida panthers were killed by motor vehicles last year, which is a significant amount when you consider how there are so few left. Since people are unlikely to stop these activities anytime soon, the Florida panthers’ numbers will continue to dwindle as a consequence.

In addition, removing them from the endangered species list for the purpose of being able to legally shoot the ones considered to be pests makes no sense, as this will only make it so even more people will kill them than if this action were to remain illegal. Allowing people to do so is also a bad strategic move since scientists have concluded there is currently only one breeding population in existence.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to keep the Florida Panther on the endangered species list. Moving them up to a threatened species will likely only ensure that they will soon be wiped out.


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Photo Credit: Michaelstone428

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  1. I thought it was the job of fisheries & wildlife to protect any animal from extinction not allow & support them from being slaughtered.What right does anyone have to wipe out any species NONE yet the panthers,wolves,bears etc are all going to be extinct if they’re not protected,I’d sack the lot of them & get actual animal lovers to do the job of saving all animals & this planet

  2. Stephanie Stone says:

    What kind of sick advertising ploy is Animal Petitions playing at by putting at the top of its page “APOS Combination Trophy Hunts?” Most of us animal lovers do not appreciate advertising for hunting whilst we sign petitions to save animals’ lives!! Ironic: “Humans defending animals from other humans.”


  4. keep the Panthers under strong protection , how you people get your positions in what ever industry is beyond me when a lot of you have not a clue, a bin man does not take a lot of working out such a simple job you should try it.

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