Dog Reportedly Found Hairless and ‘Screaming in Pain’ Deserves Justice

Target: Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman
Goal: Prosecute owners of dog reportedly found hairless and “screaming in pain.”

A dog named Lindy was reportedly found starving, hairless, and “screaming in pain,” while being beaten by a disabled child with a stick. The parents of the child reportedly owned the dog and allowed this, along with even more horrific terrors to be inflicted upon this innocent animal.

A Good Samaritan apparently witnessed the abuse of Lindy and filed a complaint with SPCA East Texas, which immediately began an investigation. At the completion of their investigation, the SPCA, along with local police, moved to seize Lindy, as well as a 3-month-old puppy also living at the house.

Lindy was provided medical care, where it was discovered that she was also apparently suffering from both scabies mites and demodex mites. These reported infestations were so unbearably uncomfortable that Lindy scratched deep wounds throughout her body, which exposed her to secondary bacterial and yeast infections. As a result, Lindy had apparently lost all of her hair and built up thick crusts covering her body head to tail.

Although Lindy is on the slow road to recovery, her previous owners have not yet faced justice.


Dear District Attorney Jacob Putman,

An innocent dog named Lindy was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. A passerby apparently saw a special needs child beating Lindy with a stick while the poor creature cried out in pain.

Upon investigation, it was reportedly discovered that Lindy was severely malnourished and thoroughly infested with scabies and demodex mites. Due to these infestations, Lindy had apparently scratched wounds across her body which had resulted in secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Ultimately, Lindy appears to have lost all of her hair and thick crusts covered her body from head to tail.

While there are few details publicly available about Lindy’s former owners, if it is found that they are responsible for this terrible abuse, please see to it that they are prosecuted fully.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: SPCA East Texas


  1. Raymond Stevens says:

    The fucking scumbag breeders and their filthy, psycho spawn should be beaten and starved.

  2. Poor poor lil’Lindy, No dog deserves to be treated with such cruelty!
    And what happened to the other lil’dog tbat was found??

  3. Damn people like this don’t deserve to live -and how pathetic that they created a monster of a kid! God bless the poor pups but thank Heaven they were taken away from this abuse. The creeps should never be allowed to own any other animals….!

  4. Some people should be sterilized – these losers are a perfect example.
    Incompetent breeders – shouldn’t be allowed to have ANY animals EVER. OR CHILDREN.

  5. Joyce Stoffers says:

    No other animals for this family! And prosecute by having pay garnished with $ to go to animal welfare orgs.

  6. This is absolutely heartbreaking!!! WTF is wrong with these people … I pray for the recovery of this beautiful fur baby and that she finds a forever loving home as well as the other puppy in that hell house

  7. Ultimately the results depend on the prosecutor/DA who generally accept or offer a plea deal, easy for them and counts as a win for them. PROSECUTORS/DA’S NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS AND MAKE SURE THESE SCUM FACE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES!

  8. Jan Leonardy says:

    The disabled child may have learned this behavior from being hit themselves or witnessing parents hitting the poor dog. I hope someone reports this to child protective services in Texas.

  9. Thank goodness this poor dog and a puppy were rescued from these two monsters. They are so hateful allowing their monster of a child to hurt that poor dog! Please do not allow this low life family to have anymore fur babies.

  10. Poor baby!!!

    due to an alcoholic mother?
    And where in hell were these caring parents while this beating was going on?
    Thank you caring person for rescuing both dogs.
    I hope the police and who ever is trying this case gets the child looked at by a child psychiatrist.

  12. Karen Harper I know there are a lot of criminals but for heavens sake lets get these lazy attorneys off their asses and try working to protect the poor animals who have few of us to speak for them.

  13. Tracey Aquino says:

    Yeah, that shitty kid needs a foot up his ass. I don’t give a fuck if he’s “disabled”. Apparently, he’s not that disabled if he can give a poor dog repeat blows. What a fucked-up, worthless family.

  14. Our Texas Governor needs to get involved! The morons subhumans owner should be maid to pay all medical expenses as a result of their negligence and the disabled child should be taken by CPS. These subhuman should be made pay dog support!

  15. How sad, how maddening is to read something like that.
    I think whole family needs therapy and I wish with whole my heart that they never be permitted to own an animal.

  16. I am truly out of words for these pieces of crap who get an animal and then treat it like crap. My heart breaks because I know there are other animals who are going through neglect, abuse, torture and not being able to call out for help, especially by these dumb ass laws. These lawmakers are dumb as dirt and can’t seem to get it in their feeble minds to do something to protect animals. Why do petitions have to be signed to get help. Since I can’t get my hands on those fools, I pray that KARMA quickly kick each and every one of them in their asses.


  18. Evelyn Ball says:

    Fucking worthless parents and their brat need to be culled.

  19. Forget about prosecuting these worthless bastards. I’ve got a perfect solution. It’s a win/win all around. Stick a .45 to the back of their heads and pull the trigger. You’ll never have to worry about the mother-fuckers hurting another animal. And the cost of the ammo to get rid of these bastards. Less than a dollar. But this answer is to simple and too final for dumb and bleeding heart fucks to understand. This is a perfect solution but most people that want something done to these bastards don’t have the balls to want to really solve the problem. Just keep telling the justice system to fine them or give them a short amount of jail time, which usually doesn’t happen and things are never gonna change but I guess it makes some people feel good that they recommended some pussy sentence for the perpetrator. He just pays his fine and gets probation and then goes right out and hurts and tortures another animal. One bullet to the head to turn these animal torturers into worm food and the problem will be solved permanently.

    • My thoughts entirely.
      Although maybe a little too quick. These waste of space bastards and their fucking kid need to be shown the error of their ways with the same treatment. This is the only way these asswipes understand.

      Only hope that a vigilante group will find these worthless pieces of shit and beat the wankers to death slowly.

      And no, I am not all talk’ as I would be first in line to show these callous bastards what pain is all about. Unfortunately I am thousands of miles away. We do not want tossers like this on our planet.
      Need to all be terminated and the so -called useless laws need changing and fast. Power to all animal rights people everywhere.

      Jonny W.

  20. Bonnie McDaniel says:

    This is awful! I blame the parents!!! Punish THEM! And TEACH the kid!

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