Dog Reportedly Found Hairless and ‘Screaming in Pain’ Deserves Justice

Target: Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman
Goal: Prosecute owners of dog reportedly found hairless and “screaming in pain.”

A dog named Lindy was reportedly found starving, hairless, and “screaming in pain,” while being beaten by a disabled child with a stick. The parents of the child reportedly owned the dog and allowed this, along with even more horrific terrors to be inflicted upon this innocent animal.

A Good Samaritan apparently witnessed the abuse of Lindy and filed a complaint with SPCA East Texas, which immediately began an investigation. At the completion of their investigation, the SPCA, along with local police, moved to seize Lindy, as well as a 3-month-old puppy also living at the house.

Lindy was provided medical care, where it was discovered that she was also apparently suffering from both scabies mites and demodex mites. These reported infestations were so unbearably uncomfortable that Lindy scratched deep wounds throughout her body, which exposed her to secondary bacterial and yeast infections. As a result, Lindy had apparently lost all of her hair and built up thick crusts covering her body head to tail.

Although Lindy is on the slow road to recovery, her previous owners have not yet faced justice.


Dear District Attorney Jacob Putman,

An innocent dog named Lindy was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. A passerby apparently saw a special needs child beating Lindy with a stick while the poor creature cried out in pain.

Upon investigation, it was reportedly discovered that Lindy was severely malnourished and thoroughly infested with scabies and demodex mites. Due to these infestations, Lindy had apparently scratched wounds across her body which had resulted in secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Ultimately, Lindy appears to have lost all of her hair and thick crusts covered her body from head to tail.

While there are few details publicly available about Lindy’s former owners, if it is found that they are responsible for this terrible abuse, please see to it that they are prosecuted fully.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: SPCA East Texas


  1. Somebody
    beat the living shit out of these bastards !!! Unbelievable how cruel they deserve nothing but a cement cell and I hope they all get what they have coming to them!! And OMG the have an Off Spring!! The boy obviously has issues who wouldn’t with asshole as parents!!!! Make sure they never.. ever Own another animal and take everything they have to pay for this dog’s recovery ❤️‍🩹!!! Sick they belong 6 feet under!!!!

    • These monsters need to be held accountable!! What evil, vile monster allows this kind of torture and abuse to any living being!!?!?
      It’s time we implement strong, harsh penalties for these horrible abusers!!! NOW! TIMES UP PPL!

      The child is probably abused as well to even think of and consider hitting and beating an animal!!!! Utterly appalling, despicable and unacceptable!

    • I so totally agree with you! Freaking sick people!

  2. These human monsters should never be allowed to have children or any pet in their care. Please charge these horrific abusers and hopefully they will be jailed…..for a long long time.

    • Diane johnson says:

      I agree with you Darlene!! They should not have any children nor pets. Jacob you need to do the right thing…it starts with the justice system.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn the parents ignored the disabled child’s behavior because it kept the child from bothering them. I hope social services/child welfare is also contacted. The parents are obviously short on empathy and kindness and must be punished for the animal abuse and investigated for potential child abuse.

  4. Special needs is no excuse for animal cruelty

  5. Maybe I missed it – but I certainly how they took the 3 month puppy away from Lindy’s abusers!!!!!

  6. May karma rain down so heavily on them it will be like a landslide of one trouble, followed by another and another until they have been repaid in kind and buried in misery! The supposed parents or adults are not fit to raise anyone or any creature. They should be locked away in cages themselves!

  7. These kind of monsters have no place in this world. I hope they all burn in hell for eternity for the mistreatment of this poor defenseless little angel. I can’t believe how horrible some shit bags like these can be. Just because you can speak and walk upright does not make you a human being…. Please punish these monsters to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Sweetondogs says:

      Totally agree. These vile monsters deserve some social justice. If anyone finds out what their names are, please post it on here. I would personally like to contact these pieces of shit and show them what it’s like to get beat until ur screaming in pain!!

  8. Those parents need a good bashing as well as that child, it’s a shame shame they bred a shitful little child, glad the dogs are safe now, I hope the whole fkn family gets washed away in flood

  9. To say this is an extremely dysfunctional family is way too mild to describe these people. My main concern is for the poor dogs especially Lindy who was literally left to rot. Give them a punishment they’ll never forget.

  10. Beat the living shit out of all of these bastards including the kid. Sorry I’m not buying that a disabled child would do this without reprimand only in the case where the parents are unsuitable to obviously have a child or a pet. Make sure that these assholes never have another animal in their lifetime. No animal deserves this type of abuse OMG it is tragic beyond belief.

  11. These people are nothing short of barbarians and not only do all animals need to be removed from them, but can we talk for a minute about this disabled child? This is a house of horrors that really needs a serious intervention. Don’t let these craven lunatics around any innocent beings!

  12. Beat and starve these sick monsters

  13. Jaime Perez says:

    That is beyond disgusting! How can people be so cruel and heartless to an innocent animal? And mentally disabled is NO excuse for heinous treatment either. These people are sick and should all be in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

  14. Yeah… this family is proof that some people shouldn’t breed.

  15. These sscumbag animal abusers require instigation of the death penalty and nothing less.

  16. The parents should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and neglect. The incompetent parents should not be allowed to raise their child if this is what they allow, just because the child has a disability does not mean he/she can beat a dog.

  17. A disabled child beating the dog? What in the hell is wrong with our society ? No compassion for animals I bet the child did not get any sympathy either!
    Raising monsters of tomorrow ! Sad sad situation to say the least !
    I hope the child will be taken and placed with responsible foster parents !

  18. This fucking hicks should die. The kid should of been aborted. Fucking cunts

  19. And then people wonder why I try to avoid humans as much as possible. From personal experience and decades of observation, I think the majority of humans are evil, hateful creatures. And when poor, innocent animals try to defend themselves, they get murdered without regard. I hope every single ignorant piece of 💩 human who knowingly neglects and intentionally hurts an innocent animal pays in a very painful way.

    • Sweetondogs says:

      I feel the exact same way. I always say and u people can see why I can’t stand humans and put all my time and energy into defenseless animals. Fuck evil ass humans!

  20. Saddists – no doubt about it – they are a risk to public

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