Dog Reportedly Found Hairless and ‘Screaming in Pain’ Deserves Justice

Target: Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman
Goal: Prosecute owners of dog reportedly found hairless and “screaming in pain.”

A dog named Lindy was reportedly found starving, hairless, and “screaming in pain,” while being beaten by a disabled child with a stick. The parents of the child reportedly owned the dog and allowed this, along with even more horrific terrors to be inflicted upon this innocent animal.

A Good Samaritan apparently witnessed the abuse of Lindy and filed a complaint with SPCA East Texas, which immediately began an investigation. At the completion of their investigation, the SPCA, along with local police, moved to seize Lindy, as well as a 3-month-old puppy also living at the house.

Lindy was provided medical care, where it was discovered that she was also apparently suffering from both scabies mites and demodex mites. These reported infestations were so unbearably uncomfortable that Lindy scratched deep wounds throughout her body, which exposed her to secondary bacterial and yeast infections. As a result, Lindy had apparently lost all of her hair and built up thick crusts covering her body head to tail.

Although Lindy is on the slow road to recovery, her previous owners have not yet faced justice.


Dear District Attorney Jacob Putman,

An innocent dog named Lindy was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. A passerby apparently saw a special needs child beating Lindy with a stick while the poor creature cried out in pain.

Upon investigation, it was reportedly discovered that Lindy was severely malnourished and thoroughly infested with scabies and demodex mites. Due to these infestations, Lindy had apparently scratched wounds across her body which had resulted in secondary bacterial and yeast infections. Ultimately, Lindy appears to have lost all of her hair and thick crusts covered her body from head to tail.

While there are few details publicly available about Lindy’s former owners, if it is found that they are responsible for this terrible abuse, please see to it that they are prosecuted fully.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: SPCA East Texas


  1. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Are there any updates on this?

  2. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Why are the identities of these ass bags protected?

  3. Naila Johnston says:

    Absolutely heinous! Death to these parents now!! Suffer a thousand torturous deaths! Take your kid with you!!

  4. That poor dog those people need to be whipped with a leather whip .Rotten assholes .It amazes me people are such mean idiots they heard the dog crying and did nothing .Throw there asses in jail .How long are we going to let this happen .We need to get laws changed to protect defenseless animals from serial killers like this .

  5. Just kill these heartless motherfuckers! They deserve to be tortured and killed! All animal abusers deserve slow painful deaths!

  6. CRIMES against ANIMALS MUST be taken SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST be SEVERE — Thank you to GOOD SAMARITAN — thank God both DOGS rescued in time — It’s beyond depravedly cruel to TORTURE Dogs — heartbreaking to KNOW that this Family of PSYCHOS own Animals — ENSURE the IDIOTS never again ADOPT or come anywhere NEAR Animals — Hold IDIOTS accountable — MAKE Family PAY for unconscionable, torturous, horrific crimes against Dogs.

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