Demand That Department Store Return to Being Fur Free

Target: Dickson Poon, Chairman of Harvey Nichols

Goal: Keep previous promise to keep real fur products off store shelves

After nearly ten years of fur-free sales, UK department store Harvey Nichols will be returning fur products to its shelves. Fall collections include clothing made from the fur of raccoons, rabbits, foxes, and coyotes. Previously a leader in humane clothing sales, the company will be going back on its decade-old pledge of compassion and kindness to animals.

In 2004, the English retail giant made a promise to customers that it would no longer be using real furs in its clothing. After the director’s board reviewed the fur policy, it was decided that Harvey Nichols would switch to compassionate faux-fur alternatives. The company’s new fashion director, Paula Reed, recently reintroduced fur to the shelves, despite a staggering 95% of Britons being against real fur. Ms. Reed has since left the company due to public backlash on her new policy.

A statement from Harvey Nichols’ upper management states that though the fur policy has changed, the company will only be using Origin Assured fur sourced from “humane and ethical” dealers.

Evidence shows that animals in Origin Assured fur farms experience treatment hardly different from regular farms. These so-called humane fur farms keep the creatures in the same small, filthy cages. Animals on these farms still suffer from disease, many with untreated open sores from unsafe cages or fights with others. Origin Assured animals still exhibit insane behavior due to prolonged confinement. Like other fur farms, these animals are also gassed or anally electrocuted in order to preserve the fur during euthanasia.

Subjecting animals to these conditions before killing them in the name of vanity is unacceptable considering the number of faux alternatives. Many conscientious big-name designers are making the change toward humane non-fur fabrics. Your signature will demand that Harvey Nichols rethink their backward decision to stock fur products.


Dear Dickson Poon, Chairman, Harvey Nichols,

It was recently announced that Harvey Nichols’ fall/winter collection will feature clothing made from real furs, which hasn’t happened in nearly a decade. In 2004, Harvey Nichols made a public pledge to become a fur-free establishment. Now, new designs will incorporate furs from rabbits, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons.

Though the furs will be sourced from Origin Assured vendors, there is much evidence that shows these have similarly deplorable conditions to that of any other fur farm. Animals in Origin Assured farms were found to be enclosed in tiny, filthy cages and suffer from disease and sickness. Like most fur farms, many animals will go insane before their death, by gas or electrocution.

No fur products are humane, and while name top-name designers are becoming fur-free, Harvey Nichols is going backwards on their initial promise.  I ask that you cancel the sale of any fur items, and return to being a compassionate, fur-free establishment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: cobalt123 via Creative Commons

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  1. What a retrograde step for one of Britain’s flagship stores.
    Last time I shop there.

  2. This is sad news. Does this store have any idea how these animals are tortured to have an unblemished pelt? They are anally or vaginally electrocuted, usually skinned while alive, and then thrown in a pile of others suffering and dieing an unspeakable death. For shame!

  3. Im against using fur!!! Theyre just greedy to the bone! All they want is money money! Well, stick that money up their a$$!!!!!

  4. We have been fighting this fur trade for a very long time and its not working. So long as fashion industry continues to glamorized furs, fur trade will continue. Now more than ever, fur fashion has become popular in China, and what kind of regulations do they have against cruelty.

    The question becomes “how can we encourage the public to stop elevating themselves with furs”. There are so many well made fake furs around, but cruel killing continues.

    Cruelty also have been and continue to practice in cosmetic industries.
    Animals suffered so much from being tested by chemicals so we humans can be beautiful.

    Please encourage each other to look for “CRUELTY FREE” product on the label.

  5. Simon Draper says:

    When you send a letter to them, include links to Youtube videos of animals being skinned alive for the fur trade. That should make anyone who has an ounce of decency left in them change their mind…I hope!

  6. If you’ve ever seen a video of what a fur farm is, and how the animals live and die, I doubt you would EVER wear fur again. Wild animals (weasels and foxes) who are normally used to miles of roaming are driven crazy by confinement in tiny wire cages; to end their short lives with a nasty anal electrocution.

  7. Despina M. Andrelus says:

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” – MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI

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