Stop Keeping Chickens in Cramped Cages With Corpses


Target: Jeff Martin, Manager at Hillandale Farms

Goal: Improve conditions to ensure animal welfare at Hillandale Farms.

Alleged inhumane treatment of chickens was recorded by an undercover activist who was hired by Hillandale Farms, a well-established egg farm. He states that he recorded the video over the course of two months, exposing unsanitary conditions the animals were forced to live in. The video shows dead and rotting chickens packed into caged with live chickens. It also shows cages packed so tight that some chickens’ legs are caught in the wire.

Hillandale Farms has defended their practices and conditions. They state that the undercover activist may have chosen rare instances of problems to record and that the conditions were partially due to him not doing his job correctly. However, they have stated that there is no excuse for the multitude of dead chickens in the cages, which they assert is not a usual problem.

The Humane Society of the United States alleges that even if the conditions were rare, the chickens do not have enough space in the cages and that the hens cannot even spread their wings. A representative for the Human Society insists that inhumane treatment at egg farms in rampant and that is is necessary to do something to stop it. The group also points out that Hillandale Farms made a pledge several years ago to go cage-free but have yet to do that.

Hillandale Farms is a major supplier in the area, including to the corporate company Costco. They house about 2.5 million chickens and produce around 450,000 eggs per day. Whether or not the animal abuse at Hillandale Farms is rampant, they must improve conditions at the farm. Please sign this petition to require that Hillandale Farms investigate these allegations and make necessary changes in order to guarantee proper animal welfare.


Dear Jeff Martin,

A video was recently shot at Hillandale Farms showing small cages for chickens and dead and rotting corpses inside said cages. Although the company asserts that the conditions were rare and that the video is not an accurate depiction of the farm, it is clear that some changes need to be made.

I encourage you to investigate these claims and make all necessary changes in order to ensure proper animal welfare. It is vital to ensure that cages are large enough for the chickens, as well as that the chickens do not live alongside rotting corpses. It is the duty of the company to protect these animals, and I encourage you to make all changes necessary to do so.


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Photo Credit: Tamar K.

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  1. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    I believe the animal activist with nothing to gain vs. the corporation which makes money from the bulk production of eggs.

  2. Peter Gareth Davies says:

    Evil humans.
    Any people who consume products from this establishment will all reap what they sow.
    Vegan living is the only way to truly protest this despicable behaviour.
    Have a nice day if you’re vegan…

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Chickens are highly intelligent (more intelligent than human toddlers) and social animals.
    This is absolute torture for them, and there is no excuse for this cruelty.
    If this company and Costco are so callous and uncaring about the animals that they profit from they do not deserve to be in business.
    Boycott Costco! Do not support this abuse!

  5. The people that keep these helpless animals this way have no sole and nothing but $$ in their eyes!

  6. Again, more sadistic torture by psychopaths! The poultry industry attracts them like flies. I am sick of this and the monsters that operate and work in them. They are the sickest of creeps!

  7. Catherine Alquier says:

    Another time People should respect the animals they eat, at least.

  8. STOP doing business with those who abuse animals, who treat them callously & cruelly and force them to live in squalor.

    I will NOT be buying your EGGS! —

    We want to STOP the ABUSE of ANIMALS everywhere — NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO ABUSE animals — I am here to take that right away from those thugs who cruelly abuse animals — SHAME ON YOU FOR NOT PROTECTING THE INNOCENT AND VULNERABLE ANIMALS —

    I WILL NOT BE BUYING YOUR EGGS — and I will pass this message along!

    Someone must do the right thing and speak up for the voiceless!

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