Dying Poodle Thrown in Dumpster Deserves Justice

Target: Sheriff John W. Mina, Orange County, Florida
Goal: Find people responsible for throwing abused poodle into dumpster.

A severely injured poodle named Griffin was wrapped in a pillowcase and thrown into a dumpster by unknown abusers. Although Griffin was rescued and provided medical care, he succumbed to his injuries. The people responsible for abusing and disposing of Griffin in this horrific manner are still at-large.

Bystanders reported witnessing an unidentified couple drive up to the dumpster and throw in a pillowcase with something moving inside of it.

“It looked like something might have been moving around inside the bag, so the people that were there, the witnesses, they ran over to the dumpster just out of curiosity and they noticed that it looked like there was an animal,” reported Orange County Animal Services spokesman Bryant Almeida.

When animal services arrived, they transported Griffin to a clinic where he received emergency care for his injuries. Unfortunately, despite the efforts made to save Griffin, he died a short time later.

Sadly, this is not the first case of a badly abused poodle in Orange County this year. Only a few months ago, another poodle was found with her mouth taped shut and hogtied inside a plastic bag that was abandoned behind a local business. That abuser has also not been found and it is unknown if the cases are related.


Dear Sheriff John W. Mina,

An innocent animal was recently found wrapped in a pillowcase inside a dumpster. The poor dog, named Griffin, was severely injured. Despite the best efforts of rescue services, Griffin died a short time later.

Witnesses report seeing a couple drive up to the dumpster and then dispose of Griffin in a pillowcase before driving off. This is, unfortunately, not the first time a poodle has been found badly abused this year. Only a few months ago, another poodle was found nearby with her mouth taped shut and hogtied inside a plastic bag that was abandoned behind a local business. That perpetrator has also yet to be found.

Please devote all necessary resources to finding and capturing the people involved in this cruelty. Until the abusers are brought to justice, more animals will remain at-risk of a similarly horrible fate.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Orange County Animal Services


  1. The scumbag who severely abused and killed this poor defenceless dog must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.I am ready,willing and able to help perform this procedure!!

  2. You’ll never find the person who did this unless there’s some sort of video cameras around the area that might have caught it and if this person is caught they should go to jail and not be allowed to ever own an animal or be around animals ever again if they ever get out of prison which they shouldn’t

  3. What the fuck!!! Cant the poor dog get some dignity??!!!!

  4. Totally agree with Michelle Taylor…and I would gladly help her get rid of whoever did this. Hopefully, Karma will get them if nothing else does.

  5. There must be some CCTV at other businesses that you can aquire to find these fiendish and sadistic people. Please use all your resources to find and stop these animal abusers

  6. Is there no one in FL that will find and end these sick excuses passing as “human”?

  7. Hopefully the good Lord exacts justice!! Soon. He will. There was a case in my town where a degenerate killed a dog at the airport with a shovel that he worked. Not much done to him, however, a few months later he fell into a huge industrial lawn mower. The powers that be brought about justice. This was many years ago, wish this kind of justice happened every time to all of the inhumane monsters

  8. Again with Florida – what the hell is the state just full of animal abusers. Who in the hell would ever throw their dog out like yesterday’s trash – WTF is wrong with you assholes – the poor dog deserved to live out his/her life with love and compassion not thrown in a god damn dumpsters – you bunch of F*ckers!!!

  9. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to poor, innocent Griffin and the other poodle. I hope the low-down despicable people who abused and abandoned these fur babies are caught ASAP and severely punished. They had other options, like bringing them to a shelter or giving them to someone who was willing to take care of them. These animals, weren’t trash, but living beings who should have been treated with care and compassion.

  10. Marcelle Picholis says:

    Well what do you expect from these “so called human beings ” who ate really monster’s in disguise. Karma will get you sooner or later. God will decide your fate! Lock them up and let the animal loving inmates give them a taste of their own medicine. See how they like that! Dispicable pieces of garbage. May you “rot in hell”.

  11. I hope you find all them asshole and do them the same way they killed that poor baby

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