Protect Wolves From Second Extinction Event Due to Illegal Hunting

Target: Lea Wermelin, Minister of the Environment for Denmark

Goal: Stop illegal killing of endangered wolf populations by angry hunters.

Denmark’s seemingly extinct wolf populations experienced a resurgence when a migrating wolf pack entered the nation a few years ago. The pack was bolstered by European Union protections that have helped these animals grow their populations in several lowland European countries. Tragically, however, once they enter Denmark these wolves’ average life spans shorten to just two years. Illegal killings by humans are likely to blame.

Of the initial wolf pack that first ventured onto Danish lands from Germany, only one-third remain alive today. Nearly half disappeared. Across the country, 48 percent of wolves are believed to have perished. This average is ten times higher than the mortality rate for wolves in neighboring countries. While no definitive cause has been identified for this trend, researchers theorize that hunters routinely target the predators because they view them as competition for prey like deer. In other words, these hunters may be willfully endangering an already endangered species and violating the law so that they may continue killing other animals unhindered.

Sign the petition below to demand Denmark more strictly enforce protections meant to safeguard living beings at risk of annihilation.


Dear Ms. Wermelin,

In Denmark, predators have seemingly become the prey of law-breakers who flaunt authority. Denmark went for nearly two centuries without a single sighting of one of nature’s most majestic and beautiful creatures: the wolf. Protections granted by the European Union gave these beautiful animals a new chance at life.

Now, just a few short years later, the wolf could once again disappear from Danish lands…this time for good. Hunters are the suspected culprits for a decline that has rapidly ravaged nearly half of Denmark’s fledgling wolf population. Hunters who fancy themselves “sportsmen” should not mind a little competition for prey. The wolves do not have the benefit of guns or fancy traps, and they should not be punished for satisfying their natural hunger instincts—as opposed to killing to put a trophy on one’s wall.

Any individual or group who deliberately kills a wolf is knowingly violating the law. Please create stronger systems to identify these criminals and punish them accordingly.


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Photo Credit: Vincent MA Janssen


  1. Some moron want to blame Biden on these wolves?

  2. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunters!

  3. Illegal hunting may well be the cause. Ignorance is second in line. Wolves are not monsters but those who hunt them are! Why? Wolves keep the eco system of the land in check. Grazers eat away land, soil goes into rivers along with toxic poisons from agriculture and animal agriculture. The land becomes barren. The truth is ranchers are mostly at cause for the demise of the wolf. Ranchers want to graze their cows nonpublic lands for free. They blame the wolf for eating a cow or two. This happens occassionally. The wolf is to the land what the shark is to the ocean. They keep everything in check and functioning as nature intended. Climate change is just beginning and nature is fierce. We need wolves, shark, whales, beavers, etc., or humans don’t stand a chance of making through this crises. I feel illegal hunting has gone way too far. If anyone calling themselves a hunter is found illegally hunting their license should be revoked for life. That might possibility help stop some of this straight up murder. Guns are frightening, bombs are, nukes are, but all pale in comparison to the wrath of nature. We need animals, not hunters. Bt the true enemy is the trophy hunting. All our animals are disappearing. Why? In America we allow UPS and Fed Ex to deliver body parts to the front porches of trophy hunters. This must be stopped and, sadly, we Americans are at fault.

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