Don’t Let Pets Die in Hot Cars this Summer


Target: New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo

Goal: Allow concerned citizens to free trapped animals from inside a car under extreme weather conditions.

New York is attempting to allow ordinary citizens to save animals trapped in hot cars using any means necessary before the creature dies. Doing so could save the lives of many pets.

Despite overwhelming danger, many citizens continue to leave their pets in enclosed vehicles under extreme conditions. Currently, police officers and peace officers are the only individuals permitted to use any means necessary to save an animal in distress. Urge New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass legislation designed to save the lives of animals in distress.

Though it is considered by most to be an unacceptable and dangerous practice, many people continue to leave their pets trapped in cars under very hot conditions. Regardless of the intentions or the amount of time involved, this is absolutely unacceptable. Studies demonstrate the scorching temperatures in cars even on mildly warm days. Too often, this results in the deaths of many beloved pets in a matter of minutes.

Police officers and peace officers are often unable to reach their destination in time to save innocent pets, who are forced to suffer a painful and unnecessary death. Extending current laws allowing for the rescuing of pets to citizens would ensure many lives are saved and free rescuers from any charges for damage.

Please sign this petition to urge New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to allow citizens the protection to free trapped animals from hot vehicles.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Too many lives have already been lost due to negligent owners leaving their pets in hot cars. Even a short trip to the store can have detrimental effects on an innocent pet. This needs to change. Extending current rescue laws to apply to citizens would have a significantly positive impact and save the lives of many pets in the state of New York. I urge you to take a stand for innocent lives and ensure the protection of citizens and animals.

Freeing citizens from any liability for damages incurred while rescuing a pet from a hot vehicle is vital in ensuring every necessary precaution is taken. Citizens will understand their responsibilities and feel able to step in and take action when a police officer is not available.

New York has the opportunity to set an excellent example for other states to follow. So much has been done to protect animals, yet there is still so much progress to be made. This is an important step in that process. Please ensure the protection of citizens concerned for the well being of pets trapped in extreme conditions.


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Photo Credit: grassrootsgroundswell

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  1. leta rosetree, M.A. says:

    You realize we’re only preaching to the choir – it’s the dumbasses who do this who need to be told/reminded, not us conscientious folks.

  2. I carry a crow bar and a towel to break the window. I also carry water, bowels, gloves to help the dog, and I carry a can of mace if I have to deal with an ignorant owner while waiting for the police. I have only had one ignorant ass take me to court and the judge laughed at him and said, “dismissed”. Don’t worry about being sued, worry about the animal or the baby.
    I made one guy that fought with me about the temperature in his car, wear a coat and sit in the car for 30 minutes (the time that he said he was gone). After 7 minutes he was begging to get out. Stop worrying about being sued and help the animals.

  3. Såg en film där de visade hur hett det kan bli i bilen ! De gräddade en pizza som blev bränd !! Så tänk efter snälla !!!

  4. Don’t bring your dog out driving in your car & leave them with Windows up or cracked in hot weather, you can kill your best friend!! Do not be a jerk!

  5. This should be a law in every state!! When anyone’s sees a dog suffering they should be able to do what’s necessary to save their life!!!

  6. Irena Franchi says:

    Don’t Let Pets Die in Hot Cars this Summer.


    I live in Arizona … I carry a small sledge hammer in my car … I will break your f…..g window if I see an animal or a kid in your car in the summer … I may get arrested, it will go NOWWHERE! … I will pay for your f…..g window … I WILL … AND DO NOT THINK I WILL NOT!!!!

  8. Karen Remnant says:

    Rescue the dog, lock the owner in a car and watch them bake!

  9. JINNY LEE says:

    I will do whatever I can to rescue an innocent animal or child confined to a hot car…..and face any consequences for my behavior because simply I know what I did was right.

  10. Why would anyone take their dog out in the car when it’s blazing hot?

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