Potbelly Pig Allegedly Abandoned to Starve With Infected Wounds Deserves Justice

Target: Wayne County District Attorney A.G. Howell

Goal: Ensure woman accused of abandoning her potbelly pig to starve receives the maximum punishment.

A woman reportedly left her potbelly pig behind when she moved to her new home. There are no details yet on how long the pig, now named Patrick, was alone, but he was apparently severely malnourished, suffered from multiple infections, and had very overgrown hooves and tusks. Police in Damascus Township, PA arrested the suspect, Calin Joan Riffle, on counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

The pig was immediately taken to Billy’s New Hope Barn Inc. for veterinary care. Fortunately, he has made an almost complete recovery after his reported trial, besides a minor issue with balance that may stem from an ear infection. Had an anonymous tip not been called in, the case may be very different. The investigation is still ongoing.

Potbelly pigs may seem like self-sufficient animals, but they require a lot of preventative care and domesticated pets should never be left to fend for themselves. Sign the petition below to demand that, if found guilty, the accused will receive the maximum penalty for the alleged crimes.


Dear A. G. Howell,

Officers in your jurisdiction recently arrested Calin Joan Riffle on counts of aggravated animal cruelty. Police had received an anonymous tip regarding a potbelly pig, and they reported finding that he’d been abandoned by Riffle when she moved away. The pig, Patrick, was apparently malnourished, had multiple infections, and suffered from pain associated with overgrown tusks and hooves. The pig was taken in by Billy’s New Hope Barn Inc., and has made a near-fully recovery aside some minor balance issues.

While things may have turned out okay in the end for Patrick, he suffered needlessly due to Riffle’s alleged abandonment and the law should make an example out of her. Please ensure the accused receives the maximum punishment, if found guilty, both as justice for Patrick and to ensure that others do not repeat this terrible mistake.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Billy’s New Hope Barn Inc.


  1. Calin Joan Riffle needs to be put in PRISON! Abandoning a living being that was in her care is animal abuse and she MUST be punished. NEVER allow her to have animals again. JUSTICE FOR PATRICK!

  2. eleanor dunkavich says:

    Lock this thing up in a mental hospital

  3. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Just do the world a favor and kill her now.

  4. This vile severe animal abusing bitch must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less! A slow and agonising death for this filth bag is essential!

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