Animals Apparently Sexually Abused by Owner on Camera Deserve Justice

Target: St. Tammany District Attorney Warren Montgomery

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of bestiality and animal abuse.

After receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, officers in St. Tammany, LA headed out with a search warrant to the residence of Kenneth Starling. What they allegedly found there was shocking, with reports of numerous videos and photos of animals being sexually abused. While they haven’t revealed more information on the contents, Starling apparently admitted during an interview to having intercourse with at least two of his dogs.

Starling was arrested, taken to the St. Tammany Parish Jail, and indicted on 32 counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officer reportedly called the actions “unthinkable and very disturbing.” Apparently, this isn’t Starling’s first offense, either: he’s been charged with misdemeanor public nuisance relating to an animal and has misdemeanor leash law violations against him. The dogs residing at his home at the time of the arrest have apparently been removed and placed under the care of St. Tammany Township Animal Control, where they will hopefully be given new homes.

Authorities have yet to release more details, but these alleged actions alone are despicable. If convicted, the accused should be given the maximum penalty for these crimes and should be banned from further pet ownership. Sign the petition below to demand officials get justice for the animals involved.


Dear Warren Montgomery,

A man named Kenneth Starling was arrested in your jurisdiction recently on counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officers stated they found numerous photos and videos of animals being abused in this manner, and Starling apparently admitted to having intercourse with two of his dogs.

If convicted, Starling should face the maximum possible punishment for the alleged crimes, and should not be allowed to own more animals in the future. These alleged crimes are horrific, degrading, and cannot be taken lightly. Please do everything in your power to ensure justice is served.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. Kill him

  2. Put SCUMBAG POS Kenneth Starling behind bars for 40 years minimum! Let this POS sexually assaulted daily like he did to these poor dogs!

  3. Chop his junk off! This freak is a menace to society and the animal kingdom. What a filthy, depraved monster to hurt innocent animals in such an ugly way.

    • Agree with you. Hope these poor animals will be adopted by good people.

    • I agree. There is no excuse for what this sick POS did to the dogs in his care. These so called humans who do this kind of thing to animals are beyond repair and shouldn’t be allowed to live in society with people or animals. He should suffer the maximum punishment for each count of abuse, be medically castrated, and put away for a very long time. There is no rehab for these sick psychos.

    • Carolyn Laporte says:

      I agree with you completely. What a SICK poor-excuse of a human being. And he needs to be kept out of society, behind bars for the REST of his life. I am SICKENED by his actions. Despicable. Lock him up and throw away the key!

    • I totally agree with you!!!!!!!

  4. Sick bastard .Poor babies trusted him .I hope he gets a bad disease and dies slowly .He should be in jail so they can pass him around sick jerk . Throw away the key .

  5. This guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, never allowed near an animal ever again, and never allowed to post anything on the Internet ever again!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. He is a piece or trash! Cut off his dick and throw him in jail for a long, long time!

  7. Clearly his manhood or lack there of bothers hum- cut it off.

  8. Cut this lowlife’s dick and balls off then his arms. This sick lowlife bastard Kenneth Starling must be brought to Justice and jailed for life.It wouldn’t surprise me if this sicko psycho monster bastard doesn’t rape other innocent and helpless animals for his sick pleasure.Probably precious and helpless
    innocent cats and other precious animals this monster bastard has tortured to death by sticking his filthy dick up their little innocent arseholes.
    If I could get to this vile and evil bastard I would stick a red hot pocker up his filthy arse and leave it there until this filthy lowlife monster bastard died in agony. Kill the filthy animal torturing murdering monster slowly. This filthy bastard Kenneth Starling will continue raping and torturing innocent
    animals (sentient beings) if not erdicated from the planet.Kill it slowly.
    And these vile and evil animal torture and murder videos are being allowed to spread like wildfire to all corners of the internet as social media platforms such as vile and evil YouTube, Facebook,Tik Tok and other vile and evil social media platforms continue to let this sadism and evilness to happen.
    The vile and evil social media giants must take action immediately against this horrifying trend of animal torture and murder videos being permitted online, shared by the evil public and even monetised.

    This sadism and evilness committed against the precious and innocent animals (sentient beings) Worldwide must be stopped immediately and all the animal torturing murdering monsters must be caught and put to death.

    God save the lives and souls of these precious and innocent sentient beings.

    RIP the thousands who have been deliberately tortured to death by these psychopathic monster bastards from hell.They must be put to death.

  9. Michelle Stewart says:

    He deserves to be castrated. Then thrown into solitary confinement for life with no early parole. In solitary confinement, he would be deprived of everything. Let him suffer for the rest of his life. Never let him own or go near any animals ever again. Banned for life

  10. Can’t think of words to describe this thing!! What it is & the huge crime he committed!! I hope he gets his thing bet his legs cut off & he’s killed very slowly & painfully.

    These poor innocent dogs who trusted him!!!! 😠😠☹️😢 What a depraved disgusting monster!!

  11. This PERVERTED MONSTER must be CASTRATED!  This perpetrator is a DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTER and should get the HARSHEST PUNISHMENT possible.  Countries that allow PERVERTED SUBHUMANS to operate freely, are fully responsible for the extreme sufferings of both children and animals involved, who are the innocent and helpless victims!
    Please  PROSECUTE this SUBHUMAN LOWLIFE to the fullest extent of the law!  PERVERTS should not go free in the streets but be closed in prison FOR LIFE or sentenced to DEATH !! 
    He must also be FORBIDDEN from ever OWNING animals again! These horrifically abused defenseless dogs must BE REMOVED from this PERVERT! This is an extremely DEBASING and DISTURBING case of animal abuse!!! These animals DESERVE JUSTICE!

  12. This crime is extremely disturbing. It is unthinkable that a man would rape animals in his care by forcing intercourse on them. What kind of human being would do this? This is beyond sick. I certainly hope that this man receives proper punishment through the legal system and that Justice is served for those dogs. Not only should this man be required to seek mandatory counseling by a psychiatrist but he should never be allowed to own another animal in the future after committing such a heinous crime.

  13. Please include castration of this POS. He’s very dangerous to society.

  14. His crime of beastiality is beyond imagination -but he filmed it. To watch it again? One hears stories of men who work with sheep and other animals raping the poor animals. Too much testosterone!!!Castrate him.

  15. Cathy McCormick says:

    Beyond sickening! Beyond Disgusting! Beyond Repulsive! This POS deserves to be castrated and thrown into prison for the remainder of his pathetic life!

  16. PLEASE KILL HIM!!!!!

  17. Please kill him!

  18. Kill the bastard! Straight and simple, kill him with a rod up his backside!!!

  19. What this Fuck’n shitbag dis to these poor defenseless animals is DISGUSTING!!! They trusted him with there life’s!!! This Douchebag should be raped over and over again, then Fuck’n killed!!! Die ASSHOLE!!!

  20. Fillet the FUCKER’S BALLS, TESTICLES, throw them into the Gulf of Mexico, and GOD BLESS THE MARINE ANIMALS who enjoy chomping on these SADISTIC STARLINGS BODILY APPENDAGES!!! YEAH!!! 💪🇺🇸😈 RENEE CARIGLIA

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