Animals Apparently Sexually Abused by Owner on Camera Deserve Justice

Target: St. Tammany District Attorney Warren Montgomery

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of bestiality and animal abuse.

After receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, officers in St. Tammany, LA headed out with a search warrant to the residence of Kenneth Starling. What they allegedly found there was shocking, with reports of numerous videos and photos of animals being sexually abused. While they haven’t revealed more information on the contents, Starling apparently admitted during an interview to having intercourse with at least two of his dogs.

Starling was arrested, taken to the St. Tammany Parish Jail, and indicted on 32 counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officer reportedly called the actions “unthinkable and very disturbing.” Apparently, this isn’t Starling’s first offense, either: he’s been charged with misdemeanor public nuisance relating to an animal and has misdemeanor leash law violations against him. The dogs residing at his home at the time of the arrest have apparently been removed and placed under the care of St. Tammany Township Animal Control, where they will hopefully be given new homes.

Authorities have yet to release more details, but these alleged actions alone are despicable. If convicted, the accused should be given the maximum penalty for these crimes and should be banned from further pet ownership. Sign the petition below to demand officials get justice for the animals involved.


Dear Warren Montgomery,

A man named Kenneth Starling was arrested in your jurisdiction recently on counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officers stated they found numerous photos and videos of animals being abused in this manner, and Starling apparently admitted to having intercourse with two of his dogs.

If convicted, Starling should face the maximum possible punishment for the alleged crimes, and should not be allowed to own more animals in the future. These alleged crimes are horrific, degrading, and cannot be taken lightly. Please do everything in your power to ensure justice is served.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay


  1. Shelly Barrett says:

    Please just cut off his genitals and save animals from his abuse.


  3. Filthy perveted hard-up slob. Cut off his genitals.

  4. Seek the max for this sadistic pervert.

    Hope fellow inmates pass him around 4 or 5 times a day so he can experience what his dogs did.

  5. Warren – Please do the job you were hired to do and put this uneducated idiot Kenneth Starling behind bars! He is one sick mother fucker and has no place in society! Please!

  6. Very very sick individual needs to be away



  8. What the f***is wrong with people!!!
    Seriously straight up sick individual!!!

  9. Michael McCormick says:

    Castrate the motherfuckers. Animals are not their toys to be abused or having their fur or body stolen for the perverted, decadent pleasure of worthless humans.

  10. Sharon Osgood says:

    Sick slob needs to have a broom stuck in his rectum. He needs to be castrated and put in jail to protect the innocent animals from pigs like him. He needs to be charged with more than a misdemeanor for this sickening act!!!

  11. Kenneth Starling should be Castrated! If he walks free, I jope someone finds Ken eth Starling and does to him what he truly deserves!!
    KENNETH STARLING is a useless e excuse for a human and needs to just be dealt with severely. He has proven to commit crime over and over again. Laws are too weak regarding animal cruelty, animal vigilantes need to do to him what the laws wont.
    Cut off Lenneth Starlings Balls!!!

  12. I don’t understand why this jerk hasn’t been placed in a mental facility by now. No wonder things keep getting worse in this country; we let people like this run around and not get punished for what they do.

  13. Castration is the only solution! This monster must be stopped and right now laws are not strong enough to protect animals from such torture. CASTRATION, CASTRATION, CASTRATION, CASTRATION, CASTRATION!!!!

    That should be the law for all sex offenders! It’s time to put an end to this abuse once and for all!!!!!

  14. Pervert!! No hope!! You should be beaten, tortured and left in the same filthy conditions until you rot!!

  15. Someone like this is beyond rehabilitation. Out back, bullet to the head just get rid of him.

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    He tramatized these pets.
    Life long ban on owing or being around pets and animals!

  17. I can’t find words for how vile, grotesque revolting this is. These are not people; they are monsters … unfixable aberrations who need to be taken off the earth. What’s next? Babies?

  18. Yvette Lantz says:

    Don’t get Rabies, lol. Fuking monster.
    POS can’t get a WOMAN. I SEE WHY. Garbage

  19. This vile, diseased, slimy, pos needs to be taken off the face of this earth.

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