Animals Apparently Sexually Abused by Owner on Camera Deserve Justice

Target: St. Tammany District Attorney Warren Montgomery

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of bestiality and animal abuse.

After receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, officers in St. Tammany, LA headed out with a search warrant to the residence of Kenneth Starling. What they allegedly found there was shocking, with reports of numerous videos and photos of animals being sexually abused. While they haven’t revealed more information on the contents, Starling apparently admitted during an interview to having intercourse with at least two of his dogs.

Starling was arrested, taken to the St. Tammany Parish Jail, and indicted on 32 counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officer reportedly called the actions “unthinkable and very disturbing.” Apparently, this isn’t Starling’s first offense, either: he’s been charged with misdemeanor public nuisance relating to an animal and has misdemeanor leash law violations against him. The dogs residing at his home at the time of the arrest have apparently been removed and placed under the care of St. Tammany Township Animal Control, where they will hopefully be given new homes.

Authorities have yet to release more details, but these alleged actions alone are despicable. If convicted, the accused should be given the maximum penalty for these crimes and should be banned from further pet ownership. Sign the petition below to demand officials get justice for the animals involved.


Dear Warren Montgomery,

A man named Kenneth Starling was arrested in your jurisdiction recently on counts of sexual abuse of animals. The arresting officers stated they found numerous photos and videos of animals being abused in this manner, and Starling apparently admitted to having intercourse with two of his dogs.

If convicted, Starling should face the maximum possible punishment for the alleged crimes, and should not be allowed to own more animals in the future. These alleged crimes are horrific, degrading, and cannot be taken lightly. Please do everything in your power to ensure justice is served.


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  1. Please prosecute to fullest. This is beyond disturbing.

  2. Kathy Hanigan says:

    This man should be locked up and never be allowed out in the public again. Those poor animals. Someone needs to abuse him like he did to those poor animala

  3. First, this evil cruel punk needs to have ALL of his favorite lower parts with a rusty knife, no sedation of any type. Then he must be removed from society forever as he is a menace to animals and humans. Would bet he has done the same to humans….He cannot be allowed to see the light of day outside of a tiny cell in solitary – for the rest of his life. IMO

  4. So many animal abuse casees need to be addressed, not just for the cruelty but establish if the individual charged may be a harm to his family, other people. This cases is an example where there needs to be a psychiatric evaluation and case workers to access the fammily situation. As is so many cruel behaviors where mental instablility is an issue.

  5. do the world a favor and save taxpayers money and execute the devil

    • Naila Johnston says:

      Yes!! He is satan… death!! You know this is has been happening for years!! And how many people has he raped?

  6. Pure evil

  7. This sick piece of shit needs to have his you know what cut off. Then put the asshole in prison and let him be sexually abused, but he might like it. People like this should not be on this earth. If we get rid of people that do sick things our world will be much better.

  8. This piece of excrement needs to be jailed for a very long time and if ever released, should be watched carefully. He should never have ANY animal in his possession ever again. He is a pervert and should not be around young children either. Some people should never have been born and he is one of those people. Hopefully, the poor animals will find better homes and better lives.


  10. This ‘man’ needs to be put down immediately!!! There is no fixing this sick brain – he cannot be trusted never to harm an animal again and then who is next someone’s grandmother or a child! Or can we say serial killer????? Scum like this don’t deserve any leniency!!!!

  11. Cut that mother fucker dick off and shove it down his throat so he chokes to death on it is

  12. Patricia Kozor says:

    The man is SICK!!!

  13. OK I just am at a loss for words thinking that punishment is even questionable for this deranged deranged piece of crap

  14. What a sick and disgusting individual!

  15. Cathy Harrower says:

    He must be jailed, heavily fined and prevented from ever owning animals again

  16. Execute this sick Mother Fucker, but first torture the evil scumbag fuckwad the exact same way he tortured these poor innocent animals.

  17. Castration for him and all the other sick monsters out there!!!!

  18. You will pay dearly for eternity and you will never see the day of light!!!!! You are a MONSTER!!!!!

  19. Indeed the perpetrator should face the consequences of vile, heinous action and may challenge by asking, what is the difference between a domestic animal and a farmed animal which is legally sexually assaulted to produce meat?

  20. That’s disgusting I hope they lock them up in prison forever. No animal deserves that kind of sick twisted torture cruelty

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