100 Animals Reportedly Rescued From Dangerously Hot Hoarding Situation Deserve Justice

Target: Independence Township District Attorney Peter Keenan

Goal: Protect 100 animals removed from hoarding situation by providing mental health services to owner and banning her from future pet ownership.

A recent welfare check on a home in Independence Township, MI led authorities to apparently find 100 animals in unsanitary and dangerously hot conditions. The owner, who has not been publicly named, was allegedly in possession of 82 cats and a variety of other animals including dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and a bearded dragon. When officials arrived on scene, they reported that the temperature outdoors was in the 80’s and the interior of the house was even hotter due to a lack of central air cooling or airflow. There were also reportedly several animals dead when authorities showed up and many more who were visibly ill.

The resident of the home claimed that she took in the 82 cats to help out a regional cat rescue, though it appears the rescue never came by the house to check on them. She willingly surrendered the cats to the Oakland County Animal Shelter, who were sent by officials to pick up the animals, but unfortunately 16 of them are reported to have died either at her house or at the shelter as a result of the conditions of the home. The remaining dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and the bearded dragon had to be seized after the residents of the house allegedly refused to give them up. Local authorities have begun forfeiture proceedings.

Although this woman may have believed she was helping these animals, it appears that many suffered and died as a result of her actions and she must face the consequences if found guilty. Local officers stated the owner could face felony charges when the investigation is complete. Additionally, authorities should insist she receive mental health counseling to address the root of the alleged hoarding issue and prevent this from occurring again. Sign the petition below to demand that these actions take place swiftly to ensure the safety of these animals.


Dear Peter Keenan,

Over 100 animals were recently seized from a home in your jurisdiction. This is one of the largest cases of alleged hoarding recorded in recent years in Michigan. The house these animals were rescued from reportedly did not have air conditioning, and was dangerously hot and unsanitary. Sixteen cats died, apparently as a result of inadequate care, and many more are still recovering after being taken by the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

While this woman must be charged within the full extent of the law for felony animal neglect, hoarding is often related to mental illness and she should also be provided with counseling services if she is found guilty. Please do what you can to help both the animals and the owner recover from this apparently deadly situation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center


  1. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Counseling services? Are you fucking serious. She needs terminated.

  2. Anita Yott says:

    The woman needs to be charged with neglect and cruelty! The ‘rescue’ organizations also need to be FINED and under investigation.

  3. Honestly don’t care about the mental illness or anything else – just care about the fact that the animals were living this type of existence – OMG keep them all away from her – this is beyond f*cking ridiculous!!

  4. She MUST be put in prison! How can she not know what the suffering of innocent animals looks like? NEVER ALL HER TO EVER BE AROUND ANIMALS AGAIN! She is no guardian for the animals. Please do everything to help the animals you rescued.

  5. This vile, mentally deranged itch must have the death penalty applied.

  6. Omg…these poor babies. Lock this POS up in a cement call in the desert and leave it for dead.

  7. Maria Bertrand says:

    I am so sad that animals continue to be mistreated in this way because the law is so weak!! Toughen the
    LAWS! People continue to be clueless to the fact that animals need something to look forward to every day… not just be left locked up day after day…LOCK UP ALL THESE CLUELESS PEOPLE. SEE HOW IT FEELS TO BE LOCKED IN FILTH FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

    For the little babies that died, you will get your happiness in heaven now. GOD’S speed for a speedy recovery for the remainder….

  8. Johanna Longden says:

    Am mentally ill! I don’t treat my dogs and cat this way!!!!

  9. The pup in the photo looks so worried and anxious. Can you tell me where he’s being housed and if he’s up for adoption?

    • Sperrt diese Frau genauso weg wie sie es den Tieren angetan hat, sie ist ein Monster einfach ein kaltes Stück Scheiße, ich würde solchen nur die Todesstrafe geben, sie wissen genau was sie tun! Was sind das für Gesetzte, was tun die Behörden? Nichts.Tiere sind so wertvoll und haben ein gutes Herz, arme Babys RIP.

  10. Pamela Hengst says:

    RIP all innocents who died. Get healthy soon all others. So many hoarding situations end like this. Mental illness, stupidity, all result the same: the animals suffer. Do not ever let this person own another pet!

  11. Barbara Garrison says:

    A hoarder is a hoarder, mental help won’t stop her from acquiring more animals. They are in denial- countless innocent animals are dead because of her. I’m tired of feeling sorry for these people.

  12. Nadine Brundage says:

    Hoarding of animals is a very serious situation, most of these people are mentally unbalanced and will continue to hoarding even if every animal has been removed from them. Once known these people need to be continuously checked on. So sad for all the animals who suffer because of this sickness .

  13. The owner of the apartment should be punished immediately.

  14. I’m on the side of animals ALWAYS, b/c they are defenseless against humans; however, this woman IS sick, and needs counseling IN PRISON. Her heart was in the right place, but she was stupid in not knowing what to do, and how to do it.
    As we read about these cases every day, it seems we have two problems, since cruel people will continue to exist: first, we need much more money put into services to check on and monitor people, especially when neighbors call and report concerns; second, we need to upgrade our laws, so that we treat animals the same as humans — this is difficult, I realize, b/c people put humans on a higher level b/c of biblical teachings (I don’t). ALL life is precious — we are all animals in different forms. As a matter of fact, the “lower” animals are much more realistic, doing their thing of eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, hunting for food — they do not plot and plan evil the way humans do — when they kill, it is to feed or protect families. It is BECAUSE human brains are more developed, that we spend time plotting nefarious things. The other animals are straightforward about their intentions.
    I too, feel rage and want to KILL these monsters, but that won’t solve the longterm problems. Strengthen laws and provide lots more animal police to investigate.

  15. It sounds like a person trying to help was totally overwhelmed. What serious rescue would drop off 82 animals and not check on them? This person needs a mental evaluation and a regular check by social services. Who lives in 80+ degree heat? With no ventilation? No a/c? Encourage the judge to let thus person do community service, while being seen by a professional. She must love animals so let her volunteer at the SPCA. This is a sad situation and the animals paid the price.

  16. Stopthewitchhunt says:

    You people are idiots and crazy. 80 degrees isn’t hot and there’s no way it could have been “dangerously hot” inside a house. This lady was helping a rescue. She wasn’t a hoarder. Everyone just wants to attack without doing any of the hard work. Go help out at a rescue and take care of animals other people disregarded before you judge this poor woman.

    • Neglect is cruelty says:

      You think that because she wasn’t abusing them that neglect isn’t a form of cruelty?! You are the crazy idiot here, dear. If it’s 80 degrees outside and there are over 100 animals producing body heat at over 100 degree body temp each as animals have, plus the humans in there.. like what the hell are you even talking about? Sure, her intentions were probably good, but the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and 1/5 of the animals in her care died as a result of the conditions they were subjected to. Take a seat and get this person some serious help since you must know them. Get some help for yourself while you’re at it.

    • I volunteer with animals. You are the fucking idiot here. Just like the pos hoarder.

  17. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    The main priority are the animals and making sure they are properly cared for and find loving forever homes. As for this woman, if the facts are true then she is responsible for NOT reaching out for help thereby causing the suffering and death of the animals that sadly didn’t make it. For that she must pay the consequences for her actions or lack thereof.

  18. Give her a long prison sentence with no parole and force her to pay fines to an animal rescue for life.

  19. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Unfortunately “mental illness” is the convenient “go-to” excuse for virtually everything these days. And why did “…..the rescue [organization] never came by the house to check on…..[the 82 cats]”? Surely they MUST have suspected something was amiss – how can someone adopt 82 cats in a short period of time? Aren’t they as guilty of animal abuse as she is?

  20. I totally agree with you, Stephanie!

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