100 Animals Reportedly Rescued From Dangerously Hot Hoarding Situation Deserve Justice

Target: Independence Township District Attorney Peter Keenan

Goal: Protect 100 animals removed from hoarding situation by providing mental health services to owner and banning her from future pet ownership.

A recent welfare check on a home in Independence Township, MI led authorities to apparently find 100 animals in unsanitary and dangerously hot conditions. The owner, who has not been publicly named, was allegedly in possession of 82 cats and a variety of other animals including dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and a bearded dragon. When officials arrived on scene, they reported that the temperature outdoors was in the 80’s and the interior of the house was even hotter due to a lack of central air cooling or airflow. There were also reportedly several animals dead when authorities showed up and many more who were visibly ill.

The resident of the home claimed that she took in the 82 cats to help out a regional cat rescue, though it appears the rescue never came by the house to check on them. She willingly surrendered the cats to the Oakland County Animal Shelter, who were sent by officials to pick up the animals, but unfortunately 16 of them are reported to have died either at her house or at the shelter as a result of the conditions of the home. The remaining dogs, rabbits, ferrets, and the bearded dragon had to be seized after the residents of the house allegedly refused to give them up. Local authorities have begun forfeiture proceedings.

Although this woman may have believed she was helping these animals, it appears that many suffered and died as a result of her actions and she must face the consequences if found guilty. Local officers stated the owner could face felony charges when the investigation is complete. Additionally, authorities should insist she receive mental health counseling to address the root of the alleged hoarding issue and prevent this from occurring again. Sign the petition below to demand that these actions take place swiftly to ensure the safety of these animals.


Dear Peter Keenan,

Over 100 animals were recently seized from a home in your jurisdiction. This is one of the largest cases of alleged hoarding recorded in recent years in Michigan. The house these animals were rescued from reportedly did not have air conditioning, and was dangerously hot and unsanitary. Sixteen cats died, apparently as a result of inadequate care, and many more are still recovering after being taken by the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

While this woman must be charged within the full extent of the law for felony animal neglect, hoarding is often related to mental illness and she should also be provided with counseling services if she is found guilty. Please do what you can to help both the animals and the owner recover from this apparently deadly situation.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center


  1. MAX JAIL for this dehumanized monster!!
    She must be FORBIDDEN from coming near animals ever again!

    • Naila Johnston says:


    • Denise Alvarado says:

      She’s not a monster. She’s mentally ill. If you can be so nasty about a sick human then it’s no wonder people can be cruel to animals.

      • This IS all a sad DISGRACE. Others around would have seen this absolute `car crash` happening and if this lady thought it ok, then others should NOT have. SUFFERING like this is totally unacceptable AND it always will be. Enough now, just get the animals out and to SAFETY.

  2. Sick of hearing that these people need help. They don’t need help they need punishing and hard for what they do to animals. If no consequences they will do it again and again.

  3. This monster must be removed from society forever so that she can’t harm or murder other innocents. Heartbreaking.

    • Naila Johnston says:

      Yes!! Death penalty… as murder is murder! Be it human or animal!!

      • Patricia Lamonica says:


        • Denise Alvarado says:

          Obviously, you don’t care about life if you wish an eternity of torture for a sick person. I wouldn’t trust you around an animal or a child or anyone vulnerable with your arrogant, self righteous hatred.

  4. R A De Prima says:

    Because We Care about All Living Beings and how we treat Them.
    R and TJ

  5. Every single person that lived in that house of horrors should be banned for life from owning or having any animal in their possession.

  6. Michelle Stewart says:

    She is guilty & must be charged severely and harshly. She must pay a $400,000 fine, serve 5 years in prison with no early parole, and be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again

    • Joyce O'Malley says:


    • Denise Alvarado says:

      So, god made you judge, jury and executioner? No wonder people are so cruel to animals with humans being cruel to other humans. It’s as if people who sign these petitions are full of hate and violence, yet think they are better than others.

  7. Can we just hang these mother-fucker and be done with them. If not, why not? We’re never going to get rid of animal abusers and torturers if we don’t start eliminating them off the face of the earth. Anybody out there agree or should we just keep doing what we’re doing which is practically nothing. A slap on the wrist, a find, a little jail time. That ain’t gonna do shit. That’s why this shit keeps going on. It’s gonna take some real dedicated animal lovers to take some of these bastards out before anything might change and I say might because you need to get rid of enough of them to make the rest of the low-life animal abusers wake up and think that this might happen to them. Death to all animal abusers is my motto.

  8. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Put jerks that abuse animals in a cage and let them starve!!


  10. I definitely feel that Felony charges are appropriate in this case. To take on the responsibility of this many animals is clearly irresponsible and there is no doubt that many animals were neglected and suffered as a result. I do agree that this unnamed woman be banned from owning any future pets. We can be grateful that the remaining animals were removed and seized from her care.


  12. Independence Township District Attorney Peter Keenan

    Protect 100 animals removed from hoarding situation. This vile and evil bitch must be brought to Justice and jailed for life. This bitch doesn’t need mental health services this bitch needs to be jailed for life.

    This vile and evil bitch will continue torturing and murdering innocent and helpless animals if not eradicated from the planet.
    How the hell did this evil bitch be allowed to have these precious and innocent animals.

  13. Find the sick freaks that did this –lock in car pump in hot air until they melt.

  14. I entrusted her to take 3 of the 4 kitties I rescued and had ownership of for over 1.5 years during covid! The kitty’s mom was a feral and these kitties were finally getting used to a settled life at my house. I could not keep them. The were happy and very healthy, even fixed and ear tipped too (I had it done under my care). This is the reason why caring people cannot trust just anyone. She put up a good front; made me believe the rescue was hers, even taking donations (from me too). At one point August 11 she told me the girl had been adopted out three weeks prior. Although we had good communication at that point, she didn’t breathe a flipping word about her being adopted. I questioned her because the girl was the least friendly of all three. So here we go; all my time, love, care and kitten chow for 1.5 years gets thrown out by someone who just can’t control themselves. What is wrong with you!? I demand an answer. I believe Chloe probably died. Who knows about the boys 😢😔🙏 I’m sick to my stomach with sadness

  15. Margaret Nizio says:

    Please help these animals.

  16. No moral compass=Not Human! What a disgrace! If MI is anything like Chicago&manybother places this “it”,her accomplice and the thousands of others participating in inhuman activities against living beings the law will fail us BUT if maybe ONE of these Gov. officials we have entrusted to keep everything protected and safe,reads this&has an actual heart but more importantly DOES THEIR DAMN JOB they will hang. The stats show us these types WILL repeat-FORGET non priors bs&serve up justice the first time around because it IS the only way to stop it!!! The fines,jail/punishments SHOULD FIT THE CRIMES!! I’d make the ass work for FREE for 5 years in the County’s Animal shelters,clean up dog increments in public parks that lazy owners don’t-shame on them!-&MAKE her a C.I. to capture those like themselves-birds of a feather!-then make her clean out&bury the deceased all the while their pictures are posted on billboards,light posts,etc for total public shaming! THAT might be a great start to elimination of the scum sucking shit on this planet! Shame on #LashiaStorey

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