Dogs Reportedly Forced to Live Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Samuel C. Arp II

Goal: Ensure suspect accused of criminal animal neglect is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Police recently arrested a Mitchell, IN man named Trent Guthrie on counts of animal cruelty. Guthrie allegedly had been visited once before after a citizen called officials stating that he was improperly disposing of deceased animals. On the first visit, police reported finding multiple carcasses of previous pets dumped at the back of his property. He also reportedly had five malnourished dogs on the site, one chained up with no access to food or water and four forced to stand among their own feces. Police described inhumane conditions with a terrible smell.

Additionally, police state Guthrie was initially visited twice in July and warned to dispose properly of the carcasses and ensure the remaining dogs received adequate care. After allegedly failing to do so, he had one animal in failing health who was severely malnourished seized, and was subsequently arrested.

Unfortunately, the dogs appear to still be in his care. This man’s apparently clear contempt and total disregard for his animals’ health and well-being demonstrates a need to have the remaining dogs removed from his property and placed with better homes. Sign the petition below to demand that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for animal cruelty and that the dogs are taken from him to ensure their safety and longevity.


Dear Samuel C. Arp II,

A man in your jurisdiction, Trent Guthrie, was recently arrested on counts of animal cruelty and neglect. He was reportedly throwing the carcasses of his deceased pets onto the back of his property to rot, where his five remaining dogs also lived. Police reports stated they were living in squalor, with no access to food or water and residing among their own feces. One dog allegedly had to be seized due to his failing health. These conditions are inhumane and no animal should be subjected to live this way.

Police also stated the accused was given two warnings to clean up his yard and properly tend to his animals, but that he failed to do so. Please do everything in your power to ensure that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for these charges, and that the remaining four dogs be removed from his care. The animals who reportedly died as a result of his inaction and contempt deserve justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Maximum prison time & more. If this subhuman gets out force him to pay donations to an animal rescue for life. He must never be allowed to be near another animal or own one again!

  2. Animals have died because they weren’t taken away from this smug sack of shit! Please do the right thing and get All the animals out of his realm, then make sure he is prosecuted for his cruelty, sad when we leave animals to become more victims of asswipes like this one!

  3. This cruel, Evil, POS SOB,needs to be tightly tethered to a 2′ very heavy chain in an area with no shelter – trees,shed etc- and no food…If he was already arrested once for cruelty and has done nothing to improve the situation there must be someone ‘higher up’who agrees with this kind of horror…IN MY OPINION. These animals must be saved NOW…they don’t deserve these horrors and don’t deserve to die this way. THE ABUSER/KILLER DOES DESERVE TO DIE THIS WAY…IN MY OPINION…

  4. Any animal under scumbag Trent Guthrie‘s care NEEDS TO BE SEIZED NOW!!! Put this scumbag POS in prison!!!!

  5. Desiree A. Reid says:

    This fat bastard doesn’t look like he was starved…. Lock him in an escape proof shed out in a sunny field with no water or food!

  6. Treat this bastard Trent Guthrie the same way he treated his dogs. NO food, NO water; he’ll be dead soon!

  7. What is wrong with these brain-dead, incompetent authorities that they leave living, feeling animals to continue to suffer at the hands of this sub human POS?? What are you waiting for? You are complicit in torture and murder while you leave these innocent animals to suffer hell on earth and slowly die in agony at this death camp. This bastard should be behind bars for life – along with all you so-called authorities who are sitting back doing F all and letting it happen!! This is beyond belief. Get the poor creatures out of there NOW, you morons. SHAME on your spinelessness.

  8. American Girl says:

    WTF is wrong with you hick idiots over there? 2,3X & he wasn’t yet arrested or these innocent animals taken away? What kind of inbred mentality is that? This inbred bleached haired 2″ dick needs to be taken out of society permanently! Get your lazy asses over there and find these poor dogs a good home! He should be heavily fined, put a lien on his property if need be etc… This mutant is an oxygen thief, treat him as such. He should be permanently banned from EVER owning any animal again!

  9. This fucking fat ugly prick that doesn’t miss any meals by the looks of him should Have his balls tied up and strung up to a tree until they fall off

  10. Patricia Burgos says:

    This POS deserves to be chained up, starved and left to live in his own feces, just like what he has done. POS!

  11. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Why on Earth is this guy allowed to still have animals in his care? Is American Authority lacking common sense? Under no circumstances should any animal that relies on human care be in the care of someone who has neglected and starved animals. Reckless, irresponsible, and careless are words that come to mind not only regarding the suspect who was arrested for animal cruelty but also Law Enforcement for not seizing the remainder of these animals.

  12. Victoria Romero says:

    I hate animal abusers. There is no need for them .

  13. How the hell are these animals still in his care?

  14. Marilyn collins says:

    I agree with all the animals lovers on this page

  15. Lock up Trent Guthrie and throw away the key. He has no place in civilized society. And why are thee animals still in his care?! That is a HUGE failing of the authorities. ***PLEASE REMOVE ALL ANIMALS FROM TRENT GUTHRIE’S CARE IMMEDIATELY!! AND BAN HIM FOR LIFE FRIM OWNING OR HAVING ANY ANIMALS!!!! ***

  16. Julia Edinger says:


  17. This animal abuser is a DEHUMANIZED, DESENSITIZED, SADISTIC and PSYCHOPATHIC MONSTER. ALL animals shall be REMOVED from him and given the care they deserve NOW.
    ANIMAL NEGLECT shall be treated as any human neglect. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS of human psychopaths — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME! MAX JAIL!!!!!!

  18. Instead of wasting taxpayers money to put this ugly fat slob in jail. Just kill him and chop his fat ass into food for animals.

  19. How in God’s name could you leave those dogs with him!! Rotting dead dogs in the backyard, dogs without food and water, standing in feces. What the hell are you waiting for! This low life scum should be locked up and never be allowed to own animals again for the rest of his miserable life. Do something now!

  20. natasha polychuk says:


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