Dogs Reportedly Forced to Live Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Samuel C. Arp II

Goal: Ensure suspect accused of criminal animal neglect is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Police recently arrested a Mitchell, IN man named Trent Guthrie on counts of animal cruelty. Guthrie allegedly had been visited once before after a citizen called officials stating that he was improperly disposing of deceased animals. On the first visit, police reported finding multiple carcasses of previous pets dumped at the back of his property. He also reportedly had five malnourished dogs on the site, one chained up with no access to food or water and four forced to stand among their own feces. Police described inhumane conditions with a terrible smell.

Additionally, police state Guthrie was initially visited twice in July and warned to dispose properly of the carcasses and ensure the remaining dogs received adequate care. After allegedly failing to do so, he had one animal in failing health who was severely malnourished seized, and was subsequently arrested.

Unfortunately, the dogs appear to still be in his care. This man’s apparently clear contempt and total disregard for his animals’ health and well-being demonstrates a need to have the remaining dogs removed from his property and placed with better homes. Sign the petition below to demand that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for animal cruelty and that the dogs are taken from him to ensure their safety and longevity.


Dear Samuel C. Arp II,

A man in your jurisdiction, Trent Guthrie, was recently arrested on counts of animal cruelty and neglect. He was reportedly throwing the carcasses of his deceased pets onto the back of his property to rot, where his five remaining dogs also lived. Police reports stated they were living in squalor, with no access to food or water and residing among their own feces. One dog allegedly had to be seized due to his failing health. These conditions are inhumane and no animal should be subjected to live this way.

Police also stated the accused was given two warnings to clean up his yard and properly tend to his animals, but that he failed to do so. Please do everything in your power to ensure that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for these charges, and that the remaining four dogs be removed from his care. The animals who reportedly died as a result of his inaction and contempt deserve justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Pamela Hengst says:

    Trent Guthrie belongs in jail. I do not understand why he was given ANY warnings at all. The abuse was apparent and the dogs should have been removed at that time. I do not understand why animal cruelty laws are not enforced! Those poor dogs.

  2. I think the authorities are the biggest problem here.There will always be Trent Guthrie’s in this world for two reasons; his background information leading to this heinous consequence, the other is the outright failure of the authorities to act. Trent Guthrie should face all possible charges but there needs to be an enquiry about the failure of action that could have intervened and saved those animals.

  3. Why would you take only one animal and leave the others knowing he will not care for them? He has the bodies of deceased animals on his property, the others are malnourished and he doesn’t care about them. Are these people just plain stupid? It’s called common sense. You see these animals suffering and left them there to give him yet another chance to care for them, which he won’t. You are no better than this loser who is taking up space on this planet. Remove them all and find them loving homes and give them a chance to have a happy life. What is wrong with people?!

    • I have began to believe the judicial system, just doesn’t care…..
      It’s a shame – so many beautiful lives suffering.


    • YES!!! This guy needs to have EVRY SINGLE animal taken from him and NEVER be allowed to have an animal again! He also needs to do some jail time and pay a fine. There is something mentally wrong with him and he needs to seek help. Maybe he could get help from a phyciatrist in jail.

  4. Terry Parson says:

    stop being complicit in these murders, american law enforcement

  5. Patrica Birtles says:

    Looks subnormal

  6. Jeez – this is NOT rocket science.
    The man will not change his ways. I bet if you were to ask him, he would reply, he hadn’t done anything wrong.

    If the judicial system won’t step up ( and do the right thing) this will continue.

    These low pieces of scum – need to KNOW they have been punished……

  7. Rhonda Jones says:

    This is absolutely insane that law enforcement and government do nothing to protect these voiceless dogs. This unstable abuses man needs to be punished to the fullest and never own any pets ever again. This is heartbreaking to know how much these poor dogs indured. Pain, starvation, no medical attention, loneliness, abuse, neglect. Praying these dogs are out of his hands and get the help they need.

  8. Planned cruelty is the worst kind. Let crime dictate jis punishment. Please help thesevpoor dogs!

  9. Joyce Scarborough says:

    Justice for these poor dogs…chain this ignorant piece of trash without food or water and let him die..the same as he did to innocent dogs.

    Why aren’t we persuing Federal laws when it comes to animal abusers??? They are only getting slaps on their wrists!!

  10. Raymond Stevens says:

    This scumbag should be ended.

  11. He is the lowest scum of the earth and needs to be taken off the planet

  12. lfind it utterly disgusting and makes me puke thinking how this putrid heartless soulless pos person watch as his dogs slowly waste away and die this maggot needs to reap his own kindness ‼️🤬

  13. Electrocuted that son of B. He deserves to die!

  14. What is wrong with police. They have seen dead animal remains and dogs with no access to food & water and they leave those animals in his care. This man needs to be put away. He obviously has no regard for these dogs lives. Seize all the dogs and put this POS away for a long long time. He should never be allowed to be near or own any kind of animals as he obviously dies not care about them.

  15. Cindy Miller says:

    Why in the f..k weren’t the dogs removed the 1st time?? What are the police doing? He was arrested but he still has the dogs? Dead bodies of dogs on the property, why are theses dogs dieing?? Seriously, get ur head out of ur ass & get the dogs in a safe place, as far as him make sure he never has another animal & put him away for a very long time!!

  16. YES!!! This guy needs to have EVRY SINGLE animal taken from him and NEVER be allowed to have an animal again! He also needs to do some jail time and pay a fine. There is something mentally wrong with him and he needs to seek help. Maybe he could get help from a psychiatrist in jail.


  18. Monica Lee Koski says:

    Something is seriously wrong here that action has not already been taken to rescue these abused and endangered dogs! OMG… what does it take?…more dead dogs?! This abusive, neglectful, animal murderer should be prosecuted and given a maximum sentence, to include extensive mandatory jail time @ the very least and permanently banned from even being allowed around another animal in his lifetime! And… Rescue those poor dogs currently in this monster’s possession before it is too late!!

  19. Chain that fat slob POS up & treat him the same way. Tell him it’s a new form of diet while he is serving 20 or so years in prison.

  20. He should have to live in identical conditions without being helped. Let him suffer and die the way the dogs did. Anyone in authority that turned a blind eye and continued to allow this an other atrocities should go to jail for quit a while.

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