Dogs Reportedly Forced to Live Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

Target: Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Samuel C. Arp II

Goal: Ensure suspect accused of criminal animal neglect is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Police recently arrested a Mitchell, IN man named Trent Guthrie on counts of animal cruelty. Guthrie allegedly had been visited once before after a citizen called officials stating that he was improperly disposing of deceased animals. On the first visit, police reported finding multiple carcasses of previous pets dumped at the back of his property. He also reportedly had five malnourished dogs on the site, one chained up with no access to food or water and four forced to stand among their own feces. Police described inhumane conditions with a terrible smell.

Additionally, police state Guthrie was initially visited twice in July and warned to dispose properly of the carcasses and ensure the remaining dogs received adequate care. After allegedly failing to do so, he had one animal in failing health who was severely malnourished seized, and was subsequently arrested.

Unfortunately, the dogs appear to still be in his care. This man’s apparently clear contempt and total disregard for his animals’ health and well-being demonstrates a need to have the remaining dogs removed from his property and placed with better homes. Sign the petition below to demand that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for animal cruelty and that the dogs are taken from him to ensure their safety and longevity.


Dear Samuel C. Arp II,

A man in your jurisdiction, Trent Guthrie, was recently arrested on counts of animal cruelty and neglect. He was reportedly throwing the carcasses of his deceased pets onto the back of his property to rot, where his five remaining dogs also lived. Police reports stated they were living in squalor, with no access to food or water and residing among their own feces. One dog allegedly had to be seized due to his failing health. These conditions are inhumane and no animal should be subjected to live this way.

Police also stated the accused was given two warnings to clean up his yard and properly tend to his animals, but that he failed to do so. Please do everything in your power to ensure that he be prosecuted with the maximum penalty for these charges, and that the remaining four dogs be removed from his care. The animals who reportedly died as a result of his inaction and contempt deserve justice.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office


  1. I hope your dogs eat you, you disgraceful piece of buman trash. On second thoughts they must not as they will all get sick do us all a favour and drop dead as you don’t deserve to live.


  3. This is OBVIOUSLY a person with Mental issues, and this crime IS NOT Only perpetrate by this vicious and DEMENTED AND VERY DISTURBED person It is also committed by the police who instead of arresting or removing these poor animals they are his accomplice by allowing him to continue ABUSING THESE ANIMAL.
    May GOD have mercy in these poor animals because obviously the people in the town do not have any compassion for any type of living creature.

  4. Darlene Reynolds says:

    What the hell is going on with this criminal? Is he the mayor’s son? Is that why he is being coddled and allowed to continue to keep his victims? What the hell is wrong with the people in this town to put up with this?

    • My thoughts exactly…..what the hell is wrong with these officials???? maybe none of them have a brain and do not know how to handle situations like this. these animals should be all taken from this lunatic and put in proper home settings…..why do you want to let this creep continue to torture these animals??? it seems none of you have a brain that can think straight..

  5. He looks as mean and ugly as he apparently is!!!!! Perhaps he needs to spend a lot of time in jail and be surrounded by his own feces and urine and be hungry enough that he has to eat it!!!! If more people would be held accountable and were treated in the same manner that they treated animals, I bet there would be less cruelty!!!!

  6. LAW ENFORCEMENT DO YOUR JOB AND PROTECT THESE INNOCENT ANIMALS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. This is one nasty sucker – inside and out! You know, the house that had the dug out inside well cavity in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is open for tours and bed and breakfast, he could be put in there, he’d be screamin’ and make it authentic.

    Leave him in there for a few months, like he did those poor animals.

  8. This evil cretin must be exterminated.

  9. Sherry Mainquist says:

    He doesn’t look like he’s missed any meals! bread and water would be too good for him !!! tie him up outside with no food n water!!!

  10. The man does not deserve to live. Sickened. Why do people even want to have animals, if they do not want to care for them? Makes no sense.
    PLEASE kill this monster. Yeah yeah yeah, I know he’s a degenerate, mentally ill, I suppose, but do the world a favor — and certainly all those animals — and eliminate him from the world. People like this, do not change, do not rehabilitate, but only get worse.
    “Unfortunately, the dogs appear to still be in his care” ???? Did I read that right?! No human is worth those dogs!

  11. Why in the hell have these animals not been removed from his property? Who in the hell does this bastard know that allows him to continue on this rampage of animal abuse. OMG you stupid bastards who are in charge of this department get off your asses and remove the animals – this f*cker belongs in jail somewhere off the planet would be the best!!! What is wrong with people and allowing this to continue is just f*cking unbelievable!!! Fix it now!!

  12. Debra Humphries. says:

    Authorities should have investigated and prosecuted him sooner when they saw he was throwing away multiple animal carcasses. Something is wrong when there are that many in a short time period. They should not have given him a warning, either. He didn’t care about his dogs or he wouldn’t treat them this way. He should be charged with the maximum penalty and never be allowed to have another animal. He should get a stiff fine which should go to animal rescue. He should be made to dig a grave for each dead dog he threw our to rot. Make his lazy, redneck ass do some hard work.

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