Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into River to Drown in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Florida District Attorney R.J. Larizza

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for woman accused of throwing her boyfriend’s cat in the river.

A 53-year-old Oak Hill, FL woman named Christa Thistle has recently been accused of attempting to drown a cat in the river near her home. After a altercation with her live-in boyfriend led to their split, she allegedly demanded he move out of the house and began throwing out his things. According to reports, one personal item happened to be his nine-month-old cat, Stanley. Stanley was resting in his crate at the time of the breakup and was allegedly still inside of it when he was picked up and thrown into a nearby river. Thistle’s explanation for this reportedly was that her ex “wasn’t moving out fast enough.”

The cat was apparently underwater for nearly 30 seconds before Thistle’s ex jumped in and saved him. Police arrived soon after, stating that they found Stanley “wet and shivering,” but luckily with no major injuries. They arrested and charged Thistle on counts of animal cruelty, and she is being held without bond for assault.

Stanley was taken in by the Volusia County Animal Services and is safe and cared for, soon to be placed in a new home. His alleged abuser is still residing in jail due to her apparent history of domestic violence charges. She denies the animal abuse, but justice must be served for Stanley. Sign the petition below to demand she receive the maximum penalty for this attempt on Stanley’s life, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Larizza,

A resident of your district, Christa Thistle, has recently been arrested and charged with counts of animal cruelty for allegedly throwing a nine-month-old cat into the river after a fight with her ex boyfriend. It appears that he was locked in his crate at the time and had no chance of survival if he wasn’t rescued. Additionally, Thistle has been charged for threatening her ex, and has an apparent history of domestic violence.

These alleged crimes are despicable, and appear to show Thistle’s disregard for all forms of life around her. Please ensure she is prosecuted and receives the maximum penalty for her actions if she is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office



  1. Raymond Stevens says:

    The filth that did this should be dumped in a cess pool with his foot in a bucket of concrete.

  2. Bette Lazzaro says:

    Women are among the worst of animal abusers. This piece of garbage should not receive any leniency at all, least of all because she is a woman.

  3. Kathleen Scherman says:

    Prosecute the POS or send her back out on the street, I can only hope that someone would put the scumbag in a tiny crate and LOCK IT, THAN with a lot of help, toss her in the RIVER!!! Byyyye!! For good!!!

  4. Lock the monster bitch in a cage and throw her into a lake or river, but don’t rescue her. Society would be much better off if ALL VIOLENT OFFENDERS WHETHER TOWARDS HUMANS OR ANIMALS WHERE TERMINATED. JUDGMENT IS COMING UPON THE EARTH SOON.

  5. Exactly what Kelly said above put this sick freak in a locked cage — add weights and drop in middle of ocean!

  6. Why did her ex lose his pet cat that he saved from the river….why is the cat in a new home?

    • I know 🙁 That’s just wrong. The poor guy loses his pet. I mean he jumped into the river to save Stanley!!!

      • Naila Johnston says:

        He may have decided it was safer for his Stanley that he have a safer and loving new home! Considering this wretch is still alive… she is a danger to Stanley in the future… and to him!!

  7. This person must receive the maximum penalty for her crime. She deliberately tried to drown a kitten to death. Animal cruelty will continue (including very possibly by this person) in exact proportion that lawmakers and judges fail to impart meaningful sentences and instead give a “slap on the wrist” fine or suspended sentence, etc. A lifetime ban on owning or interacting with animals is a must in any case like this.

  8. My question also why is he losing his cat. He saved him from the sickening sick bitch. Hope she gets what’s coming to her what a piece of s…t

  9. I’ve broken up a few times. Never thought to take it out on an animal. What a cretin

  10. This vile mentally deranged scumbag must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.


  12. Rhonda M Hodgman says:

    Eliminate this unbalanced, dried out old hag from society! give her ALL she deserves …

  13. It wasn’t fair to the ex BF to lose his cat. I mean he jumped in the river to save his cat for Gods sake.
    As for the bitch who tossed Stanley the cat into that river. You need to be locked in a crate and dumped in the river. I for one wouldn’t give a FUCK if you drowned either. I’m certain no one would jump in to rescue you .. evil CUNT

  14. What a nutjob, taking out the breakup on an innocent animal, this POS needs to be crated and thrown into a deep ocean

  15. Christine Eckerson says:

    This POS Evil human should be locked on a crate and thrown in the river!! Not sure why he lost custody of his Stanley!! Crazy world we live in

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    Wow, talk about being a callous, vindictive ho bag! This piece of garbage needs to be put in a cage and thrown in the deepest part of the ocean. She doesn’t belong in society.

  17. This piece of trash should be thrown in the river to drown, this world needs less of scum like this.

  18. Cheryl Miller says:

    Yucky person!! Punish this hagfish!! Thanks

  19. She should be charged with attempted murder, just like if it were a person. She should be held underwater in ice cold water for about a minute to give her an attitude adjustment. She should never be allowed to have an animal of her own and I hope this guy never takes her back. I hope she never ends up with a guy who has a pet because she will kill it when she gets mad.

  20. Please throw the bitch to the river and let her vanish!

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