Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into River to Drown in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Florida District Attorney R.J. Larizza

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for woman accused of throwing her boyfriend’s cat in the river.

A 53-year-old Oak Hill, FL woman named Christa Thistle has recently been accused of attempting to drown a cat in the river near her home. After a altercation with her live-in boyfriend led to their split, she allegedly demanded he move out of the house and began throwing out his things. According to reports, one personal item happened to be his nine-month-old cat, Stanley. Stanley was resting in his crate at the time of the breakup and was allegedly still inside of it when he was picked up and thrown into a nearby river. Thistle’s explanation for this reportedly was that her ex “wasn’t moving out fast enough.”

The cat was apparently underwater for nearly 30 seconds before Thistle’s ex jumped in and saved him. Police arrived soon after, stating that they found Stanley “wet and shivering,” but luckily with no major injuries. They arrested and charged Thistle on counts of animal cruelty, and she is being held without bond for assault.

Stanley was taken in by the Volusia County Animal Services and is safe and cared for, soon to be placed in a new home. His alleged abuser is still residing in jail due to her apparent history of domestic violence charges. She denies the animal abuse, but justice must be served for Stanley. Sign the petition below to demand she receive the maximum penalty for this attempt on Stanley’s life, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Larizza,

A resident of your district, Christa Thistle, has recently been arrested and charged with counts of animal cruelty for allegedly throwing a nine-month-old cat into the river after a fight with her ex boyfriend. It appears that he was locked in his crate at the time and had no chance of survival if he wasn’t rescued. Additionally, Thistle has been charged for threatening her ex, and has an apparent history of domestic violence.

These alleged crimes are despicable, and appear to show Thistle’s disregard for all forms of life around her. Please ensure she is prosecuted and receives the maximum penalty for her actions if she is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office



  2. Nadine brundage says:

    What an evil bitch, she belongs in a nearest mental institution. This innocent cat did not deserve her cruel rage.. No animal is safe from this one.

  3. What a horrible nasty woman taking her anger out on an innocent animal. I wonder if there was a baby in its cot would she throw it in the river too. Dont let her get away with this. She is a sicko.

  4. Ralph B Sporck says:

    This woman is awful, does not understand what life is. Perhaps she needs a shrink while she’s in prison, and hope it’s for a seriously long time. She should never be allowed to have a pet, or be able to care for one (never be a pet sitter or work in animal care center).

  5. Pamela Hengst says:

    Get better soon Stanley. Christa Thistle is a worthless human with no heart! Since she has previous acts of assault she needs prison, fines, and no contact with animals ever again.

  6. Leave to rot in a cage drop her in the river twice a day until she no longer exists

  7. Throw her in the river!! Sick scumbag trash!!

  8. Drown that monster!!!

  9. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Jail time is a must for this sicko. When she gets out force her to donate to an animal rescue for life!

  10. Michelle Stewart says:

    She should be locked up in a shark tank, given no breathing apparatuses, then thrown into the ocean/very deep water source, and left to drown (just like the poor cat-thankfully he was rescued). She doesn’t deserve to be rescued.

  11. I hope someone gets to Christa Thistle and does to her what she really deserves..Florida animal abus laws are weak and this scum Christa Thistle may walk free..
    She has no place in this world with her evil intentions to kill an innocent animal!
    throw her in the water bound with no escape!!

  12. This bitch needs the crap beat out of her in prison!!! Bless you Stanley..I hope you find a wonderful forever home.

  13. Cathy McCormick says:

    Throw the POS in prison! She is completely worthless to society! Animal abuse is NEVER tolerated!

  14. Laszlo Lendl says:

    Hang her

  15. Maria Bertrand says:

    What Christa Thistle did to this poor little kitten tells me all I need to know about her.
    She did not have to drown this little baby. There were so many other options.

    So I want her to pay to the max!!! Attempted murder is what I see..

    I hope someone locks her in a crate and dumps her in the closest river….this bitch must be registered as an animal abuser …..she must never ever come near another animal. I am asking that Stanley does not get returned to her and goes to a new happy forever home. God’s speed for a full and speedy recovery Stanley.

  16. Drown this evil bitch….and don’t let anyone rescue her!! Thank goodness Stanley was okay.

  17. Laurie Simons says:

    This person needs to be Convicted and Prosecuted to the Fullest Degree for her Horrendous Actions toward this poor, Innocent kitten!

  18. Christa Thistle is a worthless scumbag who deserves to die, either by drowning or a bullet in her chest.

  19. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    Love to meet her in a dark alley sometime.

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