Kitten Reportedly Thrown Into River to Drown in Act of Revenge Deserves Justice

Target: Florida District Attorney R.J. Larizza

Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for woman accused of throwing her boyfriend’s cat in the river.

A 53-year-old Oak Hill, FL woman named Christa Thistle has recently been accused of attempting to drown a cat in the river near her home. After a altercation with her live-in boyfriend led to their split, she allegedly demanded he move out of the house and began throwing out his things. According to reports, one personal item happened to be his nine-month-old cat, Stanley. Stanley was resting in his crate at the time of the breakup and was allegedly still inside of it when he was picked up and thrown into a nearby river. Thistle’s explanation for this reportedly was that her ex “wasn’t moving out fast enough.”

The cat was apparently underwater for nearly 30 seconds before Thistle’s ex jumped in and saved him. Police arrived soon after, stating that they found Stanley “wet and shivering,” but luckily with no major injuries. They arrested and charged Thistle on counts of animal cruelty, and she is being held without bond for assault.

Stanley was taken in by the Volusia County Animal Services and is safe and cared for, soon to be placed in a new home. His alleged abuser is still residing in jail due to her apparent history of domestic violence charges. She denies the animal abuse, but justice must be served for Stanley. Sign the petition below to demand she receive the maximum penalty for this attempt on Stanley’s life, if found guilty.


Dear Mr. Larizza,

A resident of your district, Christa Thistle, has recently been arrested and charged with counts of animal cruelty for allegedly throwing a nine-month-old cat into the river after a fight with her ex boyfriend. It appears that he was locked in his crate at the time and had no chance of survival if he wasn’t rescued. Additionally, Thistle has been charged for threatening her ex, and has an apparent history of domestic violence.

These alleged crimes are despicable, and appear to show Thistle’s disregard for all forms of life around her. Please ensure she is prosecuted and receives the maximum penalty for her actions if she is found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Volusia County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Unacceptable she should never be allowed around any animals for the rest of her life. She is a threat to society and needs to serve time . Hopefully she will get hers in jail .🤬

    • I agree. And a little time in the river wouldn’t hurt either. Of course she would be rescued but let’s see what she thinks about being locked in a cage and thrown in the river

  2. joanna bogdan-fyles says:

    How can there be any question? She needs the fullest possible consequences. She will continue to act out her cruelty. How many more innocent victims will suffer from her lashing out violently?

  3. eleanor dunkavich says:

    This bitch should get her head under water for an hour and kicked in

  4. Stuff her in the crate and throw her in the river. Not only can she not own an animals, she should be required by law to disclose she is an animal abuser if around them.

    • Joyce O'Malley says:

      I think “Christa” should be thrown in the river – without any help – also fined allot of money and be given prison time

  5. so this idiot human is pissed off with her boyfriend and takes it upon herself to kill his cat…..and the cat had nothing to do with the outraged anger the pos had with the boyfriend…..why do animals always have to suffer for the “hate” in humans?????

  6. Tie this CRUEL & ABUSIVE woman up and thrown her sorry self into a river and do NOT let anyone help her out of that river!!!!

  7. No matter how angry, no matter how frustrated you become…NEVER NEVER TAKE IT OUT ON AN INNOCENT ANIMAL!!!!

  8. Christine Nuttall says:

    This woman needs to be taught a bloody good lesson….jail time I think. You never ever take out your frustrations on an animal…what an evil cow!!

  9. Of course she should be prosecuted and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law – including (and probably most importantly) disallowed from ever being responsible for carrying for any animal ever again. I would want to go as far as saying she shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of a human animal either (ie not allowed to have or care for children).

    My question though is: Why did they take Stanley from his dad, placing him in foster care? Clearly his dad loves him and he saved his life. I don’t get that part of this whole thing. Having to adjust to new people and a new environment will add to Stanley’s trauma associated with this whole event.

    • Exactly … the poor cat suffers now. He loses his human dad???? Not fair at all. After his dad rescued him from drowning after what that evil bitch did. How is that justified?

  10. Tracy Smith says:

    Forget jail–the only justice that needs to be served in this case would be for her to be locked in a crate and thrown in the river–give her a taste of her own medicine! Stanley did not deserve to be treated like that–no animal does. Animals are not trash, and that’s exactly how she treated Stanley. She needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and the sooner it’s done, the better.

  11. Rose Coffey says:

    She is denying the animal abuse charges? Whatever judge she gets needs to give her a minimum of a 20 year sentence for thinking a legal person would buy her lies. She most definitely needs confinement; no one should get away with this.

  12. I see a crate with her name on it and thrown into the same river. Let’s see how she likes it. So long won’t be missed.

  13. Drop her in a swamp full of alligators. No tolerance for someone who would do this.

  14. Julia Edinger says:

    Omg😡 I would grab that “EVIL WITCH” give that demon the same treatment,,,,,perfect punishment!!!! DEMON IS DANGEROUS,,,, PUT IT IN JAIL!!!!

  15. Samantha Frankham says:

    I hope you fall foul to drowning Christa Thistle as only then can someone as inhumane as yourself understand what you put poor Stanley through.

    God bless you Stanley, I’m so sorry for us humans, we are a vile species.

  16. What an evil person for taking her anger out on an innocent litter animal. The kitty had nothing to do with her anger toward her boyfriend yet paid the price, thank God he was able to rescue Stanley. Justice needs to be served for Stanley!

  17. Thank goodness this poor cat was rescued. That woman deserves to be drowned! People need to try harder to protect their fur babies from these monsters.

  18. Sally Grant says:

    Throw her in a cage in the river. A human fight does not give anyone, young or old, the right you to take it out on an animal. Fullstop!!! You are worthless!

  19. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Society is going down hill. No crime like this should happen. Christa Thistle in a rage throws an innocent animal into a river to drown and all because the kitten belonged to the boyfriend. What a sad society we live in.

  20. Shamona Phillips. says:

    Stupid bitch. Now you’re in jail and you’re ugly face thrown around the internet. Was it really worth it? Deal with your EX BF DIRECTLY NOT TAKE IT OUT ON HIS INNOCENT CAT!

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