Animals Reportedly Living in Feces at Defunct Roadside Zoo Deserve Justice

Target: Craig Kellogg, Director of USDA Animal and Plant Inspection Service, Michigan
Goal: Rescue animals from defunct zoo where they reportedly live in their own feces and filth.

Animals were reportedly living in horrible conditions at a defunct roadside zoo. This zoo, formerly known as Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park, was apparently in such poor state that they had to have their bear confiscated due to its health conditions. According to reports, the bear had a swollen wound on the face, resulting in ulcers. Each animal had apparently not been attended by a veterinarian for over a year. Despite shutting down their services because of the pandemic, owners James and Barbara Svoboda upheld a license through the United States Department of Agriculture, which ultimately was why an inspector came to their site.

In the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's report, six issues were apparently noted. One bobcat was reportedly obese with matted fur and there was a seemingly malnourished lion with bones protruding. In the bobcat's enclosure feces reportedly covered the litter box and it seemed like the animal could not walk normally. In the lion's exhibit, mold was apparently around the food in addition to feces covering the enclosure. The bear's exhibit was similarly seemingly unattended and unkempt. The caretakers were given a week to fix all the cited issues.

To the inspector’s dismay, the violations were apparently not addressed, and a vet was not even administered to assist any of the animals. The bear's wounds were only getting worse, per reports, with dead tissue around the eye starting to form. This was what resulted in the confiscation of the animal ultimately, however this apparent lack of overall care means the owners should have all animals taken. The animals deserve proper care, treatment, and enclosures.


Dear Mr. Kellogg,

A United States Department of Agriculture employee reported violations of a defunct zoo. Lack of compliance from the owners, James and Barbara Svoboda, apparently resulted in one of their bears being confiscated due to terrible health conditions. Enclosures were reportedly deemed unsafe for animals and humans alike, even if the zoo is no longer having visitors. The animals were seemingly not given medical care as well. We ask that you make certain each animal on the facility in Iosco County be properly treated and transferred to safer facilities.

It is quite vile that something like this could allegedly happen. With a reportedly morbidly obese bobcat and malnourished lion roaming in their own feces, these violations must not be disregarded. Please verify that they comply with federal law, and provide justice to these animals.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Wulf Willis


  1. Tony Webber says:

    Barbaric and those responsible need to be locked away for a long time living in the same conditions as their beautiful innocent animals. All animals should be treated with respect and living in their own environment.

  2. Joyce Littlefield says:

    This is inexcusable, shut this place down, get these animals medical treatment and place them in the best sanctuaries…and severely punish those who allowed this ongoing neglect and abuse

  3. These animals deserve to be cared for properly. If you don’t do something to help, you are no better than the person abusing them! Innocent animals are helpless, so help them!

  4. Melinda Maddox says:

    This is disgraceful for Michigan and their animal protection laws.
    These poor animals need to be taken from this filthy place cared for and put in a reserve.
    These so called people need to go to prison for a very long time!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. Cindy Miller says:

    I believe they should close down all roadside zoos! They know nothing about caring for theses animals & aren’t trained in caring for them, just close them all down!

  6. American Girl says:

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Get these poor animals out if there and into accredited sanctuary NOW! The inbred bastards who own this “zoo” are the one who should be in cages (Jail)! Fine them heavily and let everyone in there know what they’ve done! ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE!


  8. Humans such as these must be held responsible for their treatment of animals in their care! We have rescued many animals, when tough times come a calling we did without in order to feed our wards.

  9. Tania Connor says:

    Shut this hell hole of a place down and rehome these wonderful beasts . The henious humans that have allowed this should be jailed .

  10. Gave them a week to “fix” it? WTH? All that neglect didn’t happen in a week’s worth of time. Why and how would they “fix” it?

  11. Roadside zoos should have been outlawed a long time ago. The animals always suffer and the owners get warning after warning and do nothing! So what are you going to do about this horrible situation, take the animals away or do nothing. I’m guessing you’ll do nothing.

  12. Anyone who has an animal depending on them for food.. Water.. And proper care and does not take care of their animals is in violation of God’s law and nature’s law. They do not need the animals if all they have them for is greed and ego. It is dispicable and disgusting to allow an animal to live not knowing its natural habitat and how it really should be living.

  13. Elease M. Bradford says:

    The Svoboda’s should be punished for neglecting and abusing these innocent animals. Seems as if they were only motivated by greed and profiting off of these animals. Their behavior was despicable. I hope these animals get well and they get justice.

  14. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    These Poor Animals don’t deserve this crap & The Svobodas Needs 2 Rot in Hell 4 The Horrible Animal Cruelty

  15. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    No one was given the right to mistreat Gods animals. Any one that does will stand before the living God and Creator of all one day soon. Your end will be what you did on earth….everlasting.

  16. This is animal cruelty and neglect. ALL THE ANIMALS SHOULD BE CONFISCATED, brought to the appropriate sanctuaries and be given medical treatment. And the Svoboda’s need charges filed against them as well as banned for life for owning or having animals in their care!!

  17. It appears that the owners of the Zoo are unable to care for these animals. The fact that they did nothing after the USDA inspection should trigger the USDA to take further action and even possibly having these animals removed and taken to a place where they can receive proper care and Veterinary care.

  18. Linda Cummings says:


  19. Michelle Stewart says:

    All those animals should have been seized and treated by veterinarians immediately. The zoo must pay all the veterinarian bills. And they are never to get any of those animals back. The animals must be sent to live in sanctuaries. That zoo, all other zoos, and traveling circuses, must be made illegal all over the world. Each one of those owners must be sentenced to 20 years in prison with no early parole, that organization must be fined $1 million dollars, and they all must be banned for life from owning, working with, or even going near any animals ever again

  20. This vile severe animal abusing place must be shut down immediately with all of the animals rehomed. Legal action must be taken against these vile animal abusing cretins. Prison for these vile POS cretins is essential.

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