Protect Pets from Cruel Declawing and Devocalization


Target: Oregon House Representative, Brent Barton

Goal: Ensure a ban on cruel declawing and devocalization of pets is passed without exemptions.

Oregon has the opportunity to become the first state to ban the practice of declawing and devocalizing pets; however, major flaws in the bill require immediate attention. Current exceptions include a misbehaved dog or cat, allowing the procedure to continue with very little interruption from outside sources. Any owner may declaw or devocalize their pet by simply stating its misbehavior. This is unacceptable. Urge Oregon House Representative Brent Barton to revise this initiative immediately and vow to protect innocent animals.

The practice of declawing is currently outlawed in several cities and countries. It is considered highly dangerous and painful and often results in dramatic shifts in behavior. The procedure is commonly compared to that of cutting off a human finger at the first knuckle. Pet owners are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of this awful procedure and further research leaves many horrified.

Should Oregon leave the current bill as is, very little will be accomplished. Owners will still be able to declaw and devocalize their pets by simply pleading a weak case. This major flaw leaves this initiative entirely pointless unless it is immediately revised to remove such vague exceptions and clearly define emergency situations.

Please sign this petition to request the revision of this inadequate measure.


Dear Mr. Barton,

Though the intentions of Oregon’s ban on declawing and devocalization are admirable, it does little to accomplish its goals. Owners will continue to declaw and devocalize their pets and veterinarians will receive little to no regulation. Please revise this initiative immediately and vow to accomplish the goal of protecting pets from unnecessary agony.

Much more detail is necessary to reserve exceptions for emergency cases only and not when an owner simply grows tired of their pet’s behavior. The practices of declawing and devocalization have both proven extremely painful and unnecessary. Both procedures can significantly alter a pet’s behavior and decrease its quality of life.

Given the brutal nature of these procedures, it is of the utmost importance to ensure they rarely take place. A more successful piece of legislation would eliminate vague language and clearly define emergency situations to ensure loopholes are not present. In addition to the protection of pets, it is necessary to give veterinarians clear guidelines to follow. Both medical professionals and the public must be aware of what may or may not take place in special circumstances.

Please revise the current measure to include specifics and ensure Oregon’s pets are protected from harmful and unnecessary procedures.


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  1. NO Vet should ever be ALLOWED anymore to perform either of these vicious mutilations on animals!!!!!!! BAN THE PRACTICE OUTRIGHT WITH NO EXCEPTIONS EVER!!!!!!!!!!! And if you use a vet who agrees to do these, FIND ONE WHO DOESN’T INSTEAD!

  2. Remind me, what century are we in?????

  3. Debra Diana says:

    Buy some scratch poles. No procedure should be done to animals that wouldn’t be done on humans, period, end if story! And all vets that condone these procedures should lose their license.

  4. Heather Brophy says:


  5. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    This is simply a legalize form of animal cruelty and shold be banned everywhere. Whats the matter with humans!

  6. leta rosetree, M.A. says:

    So-called declawing involves cutting off the entire first joint – an excruciatingly painful, cruel practice leaving the cat unable to properly balance, walk, or jump,. This practice has long been banned in most of Europe. What is wrong with people here in the U.S.? If someone doesn’t want a complete cat, they need to buy a white rat or a rabbit or something else. Animals became as they are by reason of natural selection and survival of fittest with defenses needed to evolve in that specific way…those that didn’t have what it took to survive, didn’t survive. Humans have no right to play God…the CREATOR created life as it is for a reason.

  7. leta rosetree, M.A. says:

    ALSO: this website/blog is used and seen by those who write what is presented here. WE need to do more than preach to the choir – we need to get out there and educate those who are misinformed and ignorant, who neither know nor UNDERSTAND the viewpoints presented here.

  8. This procedure needs to be banned! I have cats, none declawed & I have many scratching posts that work fine! Any place they want to scratch, just put a scratching post up! Don’t you know declawing is cutting off the first knuckle & very painful!!

  9. Sydney M says:

    How would any of us feel if we had our fingernails and / or vocal chords ripped out ?!?!?! People who think that there is nothing wrong with this should never be allowed within 100 feet of any animal, let alone own one. Seems there are too many so-called humans who are so insensitive, heartless and selfish … that it’s a wonder our society has progressed at all.

  10. Lucy Kelly says:

    People who cut their live animals up to suit their owners’ requirements are cruel, and they should not be allowed access to animals!

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