Pit Bull Reportedly Starved to Point of Organ Failures Deserves Justice

Target: District Attorney Yvonne Rosales, El Paso
Goal: Prosecute man accused of starving pit bull nearly to death.

An extremely emaciated pit bull named Roxy was reportedly found with her ribs sticking out and her organs failing due to severe malnourishment. The poor creature was also a new mom with a litter of 10-day-old puppies.

Roxy was seen by a good Samaritan who alerted authorities to the situation. Although rescuers were able to confiscate Roxy and her puppies, a second reportedly abused dog was unable to be located.

When Roxy was taken in for medical care, veterinarians reportedly discovered that her condition was so severe that her body was no longer able to digest fats, her liver count and red blood count were low, and she had a GI tract infection. Roxy is currently being fed every hour by her foster family.


Dear District Attorney Yvonne Rosales,

A dog named Roxy was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. Roxy was apparently extremely malnourished. According to reports, her ribs were sticking out, her body was no longer able to digest fats, her liver count and red blood count were low, and she had a GI tract infection.

Although the suspect has been arrested, he’s been offered only a $2,000 bond to walk out of jail.

I ask that you and your office devote all resources necessary to ensure that the person accused of committing this horrible abuse faces a vigorous prosecution, and strict punishment, if found guilty.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pawsitive Rescuers


  1. Nadine brundage says:

    This is Texas were animals are treated like disposable trash and the laws to protect animals are as pathetic as their judges and judicial system. The low life scum animal abusers get off with a minimal fine and that’s it. I’d like to see the subhuman
    , ignorant assholes locked up in a cage, no food, no water and left to rot in the hot sun. That’s justice for the voiceless animals.


  3. This man is let off the hook for $2,000.00? What he did to this dog is pure torture. He needs to pay for ALL medical attention and bills. He needs to pay at least 10 thousand dollars and he needs to go to prison for this atrocity. If these fines can’t be paid then take his house. If his family suffers then so be it. He did the crime and now needs to pay the fine and do the time! Texas needs to join other states in punishing these people to the full extent of the law. If not these horrific acts will continue. I would like to see ALL states have a mandatory sentence for people who abuse dogs, animals, kids, and women. This man will do this again. If so then the law is impotent. This is a travesty and a tragedy which needs maximum punishment!

  4. Well said, Janice! Starve him to death and get rid of another piece of useless scum from the earth.

  5. I totally agree with you!

  6. Texas is an embarrassment with their outdated archaic animal abuse laws. Thank God for that good Samaritan! That piece of Garbage owner should be charged with multiple felonies and locked up! Bullshit that he walked out..C’mon Texas..fix your laws and do the right thing

  7. Christina Daulton says:

    He should not be allowed to walk out of jail! Just let him sit in jail until his court date — when he should be sentenced to the worst situation possible.
    He should also be made to pay back.the cost of all veterinary care and all costs of care to the foster family!
    He should be banned from having any contact with animals ever again!

  8. My little ones get feed before I do that’s how it should be period. That worthless piece of trash should be tortured. I hope and pray the baby girl and her babies pulls through.

  9. You need to start publishing these scumbags address, the courts are useless. Plenty of people will seek justice on their own.

  10. Nelleke Talen says:

    Niet alleen in Texas maar over de hele wereld komen deze afschuwelijke mishandelingen voor!!
    De straffen zijn veel te laag komen ze vrij en weer een ander slachtoffer gevonden.
    Honden, katten het maakt niet uit.
    Lijkt wel of er steeds meer dierenbeulen bij komen.
    Kijk naar die arme Roxy haar lieve ogen. Ik heb niks verkeerd gedaan lijkt zij te zeggen.
    Ik wens haar en de pups nog heel veel fijne jaren toe.
    Arme ziel eindelijk vrij van dat monster.
    Karma pas maar op jij dierenbeul ze zullen je vinden.
    Groeten uit Nederland waar ook veel dierenleed is.

  11. He or she needs the same treatment…..God Bless Roxy and her Babies .👍🇬🇧🤓

  12. American Girl says:

    Really texas? C’mon what a bunch of worthless cunts are you? 2K to get out of jail for this inbred scum? Looks like target practice time kiddies, cull this garbage from our societie. The oxygen thieves seem to be prevalent in backwoods texas!


  14. Texas should do better than this! If you don’t step up and get justice for these poor innocent animals you are no better than the person committing the abuse!!!

  15. Raymond Stevens says:

    The scum that did this to this animal should be starved to death.

  16. This was not only a crime. It was evil, sadistic, and an atrocity. A domestic animal (and a pregnant one at that) was starved to the point of organ failure! The only reasonable penalty for that is every maximum penalty within the limits of the current laws. That person must be convicted of severe animal cruelty which is a felony crime. He must, must be banned from ever owning or interacting with another animal. Not a single other defenseless animal can be in his “care” no matter what his level of “recovery”. This was a profoundly serious crime. He must receive the maximum fine, prison time, prolonged probation, and mandatory psychiatric eval and treatment preferably at his own expense. Imparting a slap on the wrist, measly $2000.00 fine and walk indicates both jaded and irresponsible at best. It is a failure to impart justice. No matter what, no other animals can be put at risk with him again. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Animals are among the most vulnerable in our society and we must be their voice and their protectors. Society keeps them and therefore is responsible to provide care, justice and most importantly, protection.

  17. Pamela Hengst says:

    Get well soon Roxy. Why is the worthless owner allowed out on such a ridiculously low bond? A closer look will find that he breeds his dog for puppies to sell for fighting. He must be put in prison, pay Roxy’s vet bill, and never be allowed to own another animal. He must also give up the whereabouts of the other abused dog. Punishment must be harsh.

  18. Michelle Stewart says:

    That other dog (and all other animals) must be seized and no animals ever returned to him. It should have been a $100,000 bond. He must be sentenced to 15 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $400,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, working with, or going near any animals ever again

  19. Yvonne – Apparently, animal abuse in El Paso is not considered to be a ‘big deal’. That is evidenced by the amount of bail that was set – a measly $2K, which is simply ludicrous! The perpetrator responsible for Roxy’s condition should be charged with attempted murder!! There were options available to this uneducated idiot if he/she did not have the resources to care for Roxy properly. This Petition is asking you to prosecute the person arrested for this crime to the fullest extent allowed under Texas law! The Animal Kingdom has just as much a right as we do to live their lives in peace on this planet, free from torture and murder at the hands of humans…

  20. Euthanize the freak that did this!!!!!

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