Justice for Rabbit Killed on Air at Radio Station


Target: Asger Juhl, radio presenter at Radio24syv in Denmark

Goal: Demand radio station publicly apologize for reportedly killing a rabbit on air.

A Danish radio station allegedly beat a rabbit to death while on air. The presenters claim that the heinous act was done to highlight the negative and hypocritical aspects of many human-animal relationships. As deserved, and expected, listeners reacted fiercely and denounced the station’s actions. Blatant abuse of this nature must not be tolerated; an apology, as well as animal-centric donations should be demanded from the radio station.

There is a video of a presenter allegedly holding and petting the rabbit, named Alan, right before the animal was clubbed to death with a bicycle pump. Alan was nine weeks old. After this gruesome act, Alan was skinned and served to the family of one of the presenters. The radio station invited a predominant animal activist into the studio for what she thought was a civil debate about humans and their relationships with animals. Upon being told the plan to murder a rabbit for the debate, the activist attempted to rescue the victim from its fate, to no avail.

While the activist understood the point the station was trying to make, she did not condone it. In an interview, she said that murdering the rabbit was extreme and unnecessary. Understandably, the majority of listeners agree with the activist, claiming that the radio station performed this stunt to boost its ratings and are demanding justice for Alan. Demand that the radio station apologize for its actions and donate to animal charities.


Dear Mr. Juhl,

You and your colleagues allegedly recently murdered a rabbit, named Alan, on air. According to your testament, you performed this heinous act in order to highlight the hypocrisy in human-animal relationships. Murdering Alan was assuredly an extreme way to show your frustration with this matter. Your actions were extreme and wrong and Alan deserves justice.

One listener insisted that Alan was murdered on air to boost the radio station’s ratings. While I cannot speak directly to your intentions, this listener’s accusations do not appear baseless. Murdering a rabbit to show that humans are hypocritical in their relationship with animals is on par with killing an endangered species in the name of conservation: It makes absolutely no sense and any reasonings are bogus.

Mr. Juhl, Alan’s murder was incredibly cruel. However, there is still time to apologize to your listeners and make the situation as right as you can by donating to animal charities. I urge you to handle this situation with humility and regret for what you have done.


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Photo credit: Rebeccabrown1982

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  1. The human species is the vilest and most sadistic of all species on this Planet Earth.
    There was no excuse for that poor helpless little rabbit to be slaughtered with absolute cruelty on that rotten Radio Station.
    These heartless bastards must be brought to Justice and be charged with the severest consequences for deliberate animal cruelty.
    I don,t eat meat and these vile actions committed against defenseless and innocent animals by heartless and sadistic rotten subhuman monsters is an
    abomination and an absolute disgrace and unforgiving.

  2. Low life scumbags. Animal abuse will not be tolerated. I demand these vile people be prosecuted to the fullest extent and then some. I thought you were better than this.

    • Laws and convictions and punishments are,in Canada unchanged for well over 100 yrs. regarding cruelty to animals.Each country will differ. We are all enraged and have strong opinions but individuals and groups MUST learn the legal position of their country/region! Humans as a species with the ability to not only educate themselves but more importantly have, A VOICE that other sentient beings do not have. WE can and must begin at the beginning.VOTE! Sign petitions and converse on the topic, ..get to know the polititions who are sympathetic to our cause.Change will only begin when we become active and not reactionary..thank-you for reading this.

  3. Nina Shirazi says:

    So when can we club this radio host to death on the air?

  4. Maria kakalioura says:

    so, every time someone wishes to make a point takes a life while making it to -sort of- “uplift” his persuasion…???had this been the case there would be none of us left…I wonder how would this radio host take it if somebody else wished to have his point of view heard same way like this host did?
    what will next week’s topic be? human cannibalism? would the guests lightheartedly go to this host’s show? or would he club them, skin them and serve them to prove his point better?

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