Animals Covered in Oil and Lit on Fire, Smashed by Rock, and Drowned in Trash Can Deserve Justice

Target: Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney
Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of horrific animal abuse.

A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports. Apparently, a 19-year-old man recorded himself performing these acts of abuse and then posted the videos online.

The alleged videos depicting the abuse were filmed between December 2018 and July 2019 but the arrest was just made.

While all of the reported acts are heinous, possibly the most grotesque abuse came when a squirrel was allegedly sprayed by the man with WD-40 and then lit on fire. The man is accused of allowing the squirrel to burn for two minutes and 56 seconds. This incident was also apparently filmed and shared on social media.

Another horrific act of abuse allegedly occurred when the man wrapped another squirrel in tape, placed the animal in a plastic bag, and then threw a large rock on the creature. To finish the job, the man allegedly stomped on the rock to further torture the animal.

Although the accused abuser was arrested, his bail was set at only $7,500.


Dear District Attorney Jim O’Neill,

Squirrels and a possum were reportedly subjected to horrific abuse in Forsyth County. According to reports, a man filmed himself engaging in a wide range of shocking instances of animal abuse. Reportedly, he then posted videos of this abuse on social media.

The details of these alleged crimes will shock the conscience. Allegedly, the man covered a squirrel in WD-40 and then filmed himself lighting the poor creature on fire. He also is reported to have taped a squirrel up, placed it in a bag, and then smashed the animal with a rock. Finally, he is also accused of drowning multiple animals in a trash can filled with water. All of this cruelty was then posted to social media, according to reports.

I ask that you please devote the resources necessary to fully prosecuting these alleged crimes. If you obtain a conviction, I also ask that you pursue the strictest punishment available.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Matti Paavola


  1. Pamela Levernier says:

    The asshole’s name is Caleb Daniel Dewald of Forsyth County North Carolina. Google it to find his ugly ass face.
    Anyone living nearby willing to bring a little karma to him?

    • Karma doesn’t exist because God DOES exist. Karma denies the existence of God.
      But, this servant of Satan won’t be so enamored with fire when he’s burning in hellfire for all eternity when God requires his evil soul.

      • Joseph Craft says:

        Well put because an evil spirit is all he is, to destroy what is helpless is mankind pleasure yet it’s God’s creation and he is sitting high looking low!

      • Jeffrey Poupard says:

        If this doesn’t prove to you that there is no god, no one can help you. If he did exist, he’d be either impotent or malevolent. Both are shitty. These extreme psychopaths need to be eliminated. The only thing they do is perform acts of cruelty, nothing else. No need for them

      • Dont be silly…..of course karma exists, as much as you do. Such evil is done by man…always has been, his Karma will find him, after all he has made it by doing such wicked, evil actions.

    • I would love to get my hands on this f—er!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    What a horrid disgusting monster this useless pos is. He doesn’t deserve any mercy. Get him out of society. Filthy piece of crap.

  3. Pamela Smith says:


  4. Serial killer in the early stages! What a disgusting ass POS. STOP watching these videos of animals being tortured or you are just as bad as scumbags like the POS that filmed and abused those innocent animals. Karma is a bitch!

  5. I say cover this POS with WD40 and set him on fire! What site was he posting these videos? There should be charges filed against anyone that allows animal abuse videos to be posted on their site!

  6. There is no punishment by any judge that will be enough for what this piece of shit did. He is clearly mentally sick and needs to be destroyed. No jail, no bail, no slap on the wrist because they were “only animals” will be good enough punishment. It’s WHAT he did that is so stomach turning. He’s literally criminally crazy.
    He should be kidnapped, taken far out to the woods and everything he did to those poor creatures should be done to him. Only slower.

  7. Jane B Todaro says:

    This guy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, never allowed near an animal again, and never allowed to use social media again!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF SAM HILL IS THE MATTER WITH SOME PEOPLE??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I read all the comments on this site that this piece of shit needs to be killed, but the question is: “who’s gonna do it”. A lot of people want to talk tough but they’re not willing to do the deed. If someone thinks this sonofabitch needs to be eliminated, then why don’t THEY do it themselves . They always want SOMEONE else to do it. And then let that “someone” go to prison and suffer the consequences of being in prison. The average person doesn’t want to go to prison so they’re not gonna do shit. Just talk is all. It make’em feel good but their not getting the problem solved, which is letting this sonofabitch continue walking on this earth and hurting and torturing and killing animals with little or no consequences whatsoever. So, just keep talking with no action to back it up and people will continue torturing and killing animals just because they can, knowing pretty sure that no one is going to hunt them down and eliminate them from this earth. One thing is for damn sure. The law ain’t gonna do shit about’em. Maybe a slap on the wrist and that’s it and that’s not stopped any animal torturer and murderer from hurting and killing any animal they feel like killing.

    • All animal torturers and animal murderers must be brought to Justice and sentenced to death. This must be introduced into all Animal Protection Laws.
      It is time all the animal loving humans on this planet made the Governments Worldwide to start protecting all our precious and innocent animals and wildlife by charging these psychopathic animal and wildlife torturing murdering monsters to suffer the DEATH PENALTY.

      • Milantia Roy says:

        All animal torturers and animal murderers must be brought to Justice and sentenced to death. This must be introduced into all Animal Protection Laws.

  9. The ONLY justice, in this particular case, is to tie the monster up with steel cables, cover the perp with oil and light him on fire, and then drop a large boulder on him after a couple of minutes, and holding his head under water until he stops kicking. This degenerate should never EVER be allowed out in society, again.

  10. If he posted a video. Have the name.
    U do protection to abused


  12. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Same treatment for this savage evil demonic barbaric humanbeing pleasse!!!!!!!

  13. PLEASE find him and put him in jail he is a monster.

  14. Justin Wall says:

    I would prefer to see the cunt hanged by the neck as his feet swayed in the wind. Nothing less will do to avenge the horrifyingly painful deaths of those poor animals. $7500 fine is a start but nowhere close enough. We also need to bring to justice those motherfuckers who gave this POS an audience.

  15. This person is an abomination to both wildlife and humanity! Stop him before he starts in on people!!

  16. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Is the perpetrator perhaps connected to ISIS/ISIL/DAESH? Because that’s what they do – but they do it to humans. Perhaps he is in training to join them, after first honing his “skills” on animals.

  17. What a fucking MONSTER! He needs to be put away for a very long time before he starts torturing children.

  18. This guy is a hateful monster! He deserves to be punished in a severe manner!

  19. Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney
    This psychopathic 19 year old monster lowlife animal torturing murdering bastard must be put to death.Kill the evil lowlife pos by burning this monster to death making sure this lowlife pos dies in excruciting agony the same as this monsters innocent and helpless victims endured.

    A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports.
    A vile and evil psychopathic monster 19-year-old lowlife pos performing these vile and evil acts of torture and murder and then posted the videos online.Kill it before more innocent and helpless animals are deliberately and heinoulsy tortured to death. This vile and evil 19 year old pos is definately a psychopathic depraved pos and must be tortured to death. This pos is a future Serial Killer and must be
    eradicated from the planet.KILL IT! KILL IT!! SLOWLY.
    How many other precious and innocent sentient beings have been tortured to death by this lowlife vile and evil monster?

  20. Carolyn Douglas says:

    This CRUEL EVIL VILE POS needs to suffer tenfold the same horrors he inflicted. He needs to die as NO beings animal or human are safe with him creeping around. NO DEALS OR PAROLE. Sentence should be death or solitary for life – NEVER TO BE RELEASED. IN MY OPINION

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