Animals Covered in Oil and Lit on Fire, Smashed by Rock, and Drowned in Trash Can Deserve Justice

Target: Jim O’Neill, Forsyth County District Attorney
Goal: Pursue maximum penalty for man accused of horrific animal abuse.

A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports. Apparently, a 19-year-old man recorded himself performing these acts of abuse and then posted the videos online.

The alleged videos depicting the abuse were filmed between December 2018 and July 2019 but the arrest was just made.

While all of the reported acts are heinous, possibly the most grotesque abuse came when a squirrel was allegedly sprayed by the man with WD-40 and then lit on fire. The man is accused of allowing the squirrel to burn for two minutes and 56 seconds. This incident was also apparently filmed and shared on social media.

Another horrific act of abuse allegedly occurred when the man wrapped another squirrel in tape, placed the animal in a plastic bag, and then threw a large rock on the creature. To finish the job, the man allegedly stomped on the rock to further torture the animal.

Although the accused abuser was arrested, his bail was set at only $7,500.


Dear District Attorney Jim O’Neill,

Squirrels and a possum were reportedly subjected to horrific abuse in Forsyth County. According to reports, a man filmed himself engaging in a wide range of shocking instances of animal abuse. Reportedly, he then posted videos of this abuse on social media.

The details of these alleged crimes will shock the conscience. Allegedly, the man covered a squirrel in WD-40 and then filmed himself lighting the poor creature on fire. He also is reported to have taped a squirrel up, placed it in a bag, and then smashed the animal with a rock. Finally, he is also accused of drowning multiple animals in a trash can filled with water. All of this cruelty was then posted to social media, according to reports.

I ask that you please devote the resources necessary to fully prosecuting these alleged crimes. If you obtain a conviction, I also ask that you pursue the strictest punishment available.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Matti Paavola


  1. This is pure evil and these so called people are monsters. Punishment will find him/them, Karma always finds its own way.

  2. Roxie Wilkins says:

    Normal human beings would never ever mistreat or purposely hurt or maim an innocent animal. Please take just a moment to sign this petition. Help bring this type of monster in to face the terrible crimes they have committed.

  3. Carroll H. says:

    Yet another report of cruelty put online. Hopefully the videos will be used as evidence. Sounds like he could harm humans too. Many people who harm animals are practicing on them, before moving on to harming humans. Hopefully the authorities will be successful in dealing with the matter, sooner rather than later.

  4. Andrew Lewis says:

    Rot in hell for this. Hope you get the same. Brand this little bastards head with a mark so others will forever know what a worthless POS he is!

  5. Barbara Till says:

    What kind of person would intentionally treat one of Gods creations so cruelly.

  6. Find the sick freak that did this — douse with gasoline and throw a match . . .

  7. Those poor innocent animals. they didn’t deserve this. the pain they must have felt. Why does this happen? Why is it allowed to happen?

  8. These are only two of the horrible crimes of animal abuse this teen has committed that we know of. There’s more, I’m sure. This is not a first time offense and the teen. made a video to prove his killings of these animals. This teen is frightening even for his parents if he has them. He can not be release out into society to commit more murders. He needs mental treatment but no release from a lengthy prison sentence. He is too dangerous to be anywhere but prison.

  9. This evil,mentally deranged scumbag must have the death penalty performed and nothing less! A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!

  10. Adrienne Kaiser says:

    What is wrong with some people!! Anyone who tortures and abuses helpless creatures has no conscience!! It is only a matter of time that this monster will start to do the same with people!! Animal abuse laws in the US are not always enforced and/or prosecuted. Acts like what this monster performed will continue until animal abuse is taken seriously. Please be a helpless animal’s voice!! Please prosecute this monster to the fullest extent of the law!!! Animals need you to protect them!!

  11. james waldo says:

    Exterminate this piece of shit then prosecute the pussyass. Amen gracias

  12. WHY, WHY, WHY can’t we just do the same to evil bastards like this??? I would happily volunteer to set fire to him and watch him burn. Wouldn’t bother drowning him, just let him suffer for as long as possible…..

  13. Pieces of shit! I hope they rot in hell here on earth! They or whoever did this should be locked in small cell for life. Anyone that could do that is heartless, a sociopath and extremely dangerous!

  14. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    These Poor yet innocent animals don’t even Deserve this @ all & This Pos Needs 2 be burning in Freaking Hell 4 this!!!!

  15. Give this SOB a taste of his own medicine. Jail is too good for these creeps,and this psychopath is a blight on our society. If it were up to me, I’d donate him to a research lab and let the scientists perform their experiments on him. Let him see how he likes it. Do your job and put him away for the rest of his life so he can’t harm any other living beings.

  16. We need to remove these sub-humans from the Earth. What the hell has happened to the human race?

  17. Seriously – a 19 year old man committing such vile acts of atrocity. A just punishment would be to cover him in WD-40 and light him on fire. He can then be taped up, placed in a bag, and then smashed with a rock. He can be drowned along with other scumbag like him but not before it’s all filmed and posted to social media – would the perpetrator have bail set at $7500? I think not.
    Why isn’t this scumbag’s name and photo revealed so that he is recognised wherever he goes for the rest of his days?

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